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New review! 285 - Tekken 5

This week we finally reach one of the great fighting games from my childhood, the incredible Tekken 5!

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My kid has been unwell for 2 years (Long Covid), & watching her dealing with so many ups and downs & pacing herself whilst still learning & creating has been so impressive. She's doing well as a beekeeper, and now she's working with a friend to make Fortnite creative maps.

If you or your kids play Fortnite (the game is rated age 10 and up), search 'Slime Tycoon' for the most chill, fun, and wholesome gameplay experience.

Very proud mum.

#fortnite #fortnitelovers #videogames #videogame

A picture of a beautiful landscape in a video game. Pink trees, mountains and a blue River full of lily pads.

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2024 gaming backlog, no. 17 - Soul Blade (PS1)

A surprisingly technical fighter - I expected the first in the Soul Calibur series to be a bit jankier! Slower combat than I like and dodgy voices, but an impressive set of modes and a really fun core combat system!

#RetroGaming #retrogames #videogames #videogame #soulcalibur #fightinggames

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I wonder why that happened 😂

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Du haut de ces consoles, trente et dix ans vous contemplent.

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"After The Markup first reported on how Ohlala regularly translated misleading far-right websites like The Gateway Pundit and Newsmax into Vietnamese, more than a dozen Vietnamese community members asked The Markup to dig further. They wanted to know why she was broadcasting in Vietnamese and why her videos were so heavily pro-Trump. Several community members also shared suspicions that she was a Russian agent..."

#aapi #aanhpi #misinformation #disinformation

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Who remembers the Golden Look Look Books of yesteryear?

From #Mario to #Zelda to #PacMan - there was lots of #VideoGame editions to enjoy.

Find them all catalogued on our site 🌟

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...techniques of the eight main characters from the original game were further balanced for competitive play. 🥇
The Mega Drive/Genesis release has a size of 24 Megabit and includes an additional game mode based on Hyper Fighting with a turbo mode. 🥊

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

#RetroTrivia #retrogaming #gaming #videogames #videogaming #videogame #StreetFighter #MegaDrive #Genesis #Sega #arcade

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Maybe it's just me but the amount of levels, scores, currencies and what not in is overwhelming 😵‍💫 I wish it was a bit more simplified.


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Had another fun evening of playing with my buddy! I'm finally getting some decent gear!


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New review! 284 - Her Majesty's SPIFFING

It's an adventure game, inspired by Brexit and Monkey Island. What could possibly go right? As it turns out... very little.

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This trilogy of "GAME BOY ESSENTIALS" books collect articles from

Ranging from seminal classics to forgotten titles; they offer in-depth analyses of the good and bad games you should play to understand the universal appeal of the .


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Had a blast playing with my buddy this evening. Having a snack and then off to bed!


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...Mystic Quest in Europe. Sword of Mana was the fifth release in the series. 🏹
The gameplay of Sword of Mana is an expanded and modified version of the original gameplay with elements added from later games in the Mana series. ⚔️

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

#RetroTrivia #retrogaming #gaming #videogames #videogaming #videogame #RPG #JRPG #GBA

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For this , have you yet checked out the trailer for our latest short point'n'click game, PsyCam?

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A #VideoGame version of Calvinball that merges cards, dice, D&D, and other games with a frenetically dynamic rule system would be:

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Arcane Cache: Review to "A row of chairs abandoned on the beach"

The sound design and graphical arrangement is minimal, the (often randomly chosen) texts are written greatly – they are highly poetic, beautiful, fey ...In „A row of chairs abandoned on the beach“, humans do consequently become coast, night, and sky – but the world is turned into a living, equitable, and vivid instance in return.

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Today we're checking out , a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home. Thanks to Newfangled Games
for the game key 🗺️


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Will start a little series here about me browsing this Club Nintendo issue from July 1995 (Nintendo Power in the US). 📖

I explicitly bought this one recently because I have so fond childhood memories. It must have been one of the few I owned and therefore read endless times. I still remember so much of the content and now I'm excited to refresh these memories.

The cover shows Asterix & Obelix, a PAL exclusive game series. 🐗

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The magazine continues with an article about the Street Fighter II Game Boy port. 📖
Never played this game as a kid, not even on other platforms. The only fighting game I experienced back in the days was Tekken 3 on PS1. 🤼‍♂️

To compensate here I luckily can point you out to the short video about the Street Fighter II Game Boy port I published on Mastodon recently:

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Club Nintendo magazines often came with guides about the presented games. So it is with Mickey Mouse V: Magic Wands! in the issue I have in front of me. 💫

Do you remember using one of these guides to successfully proceed in a game you were stuck before? 🔍

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