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The Worst PC Ports of 2023 - A DF Direct 'Special' (www.youtube.com)

The trend of disappointing PC ports was problematic in 2022 and it's with a profound sense of disappointment that 2023 wasn't that much better. Looking to highlight the issues, John Linneman and Alex Battaglia compare notes on the worst three PC ports of the year - but before that, they share a few examples of PC titles that...

Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2023: The John Linneman Collection (www.youtube.com)

It's been another fantastic year for game quality and as is the Digital Foundry tradition, staff members step forward to deliver their own picks for their favourite titles of the year. For 2023, we're kicking off with John Linneman's personal selection and - spoilers! - you should expect to see a number of games here we didn't...

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I only joined the mag as a mod 2 weeks ago but i havent seen too many clickbaity titles. Got rid of 1 anyway. I try not to post it if its like that and I post the full body description.

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Used to have cablemod cables. The clips would slip out the psu and push the connector out. Changed over to custom made ones that are handmade locally. Pexon. Much better. Also at least here on kbin/lemmy I can write this without 4 different Cablemod PR mods trying to get me to delete the post unlike reddit.

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Thats instant grounds for breaking Consumer law here in the UK. I'd be returning the TV and if they didnt accept. Small claim court.

PCIE is the Future, The Discord Issue, & You'll Own Nothing | Discussion w/ Wendell of Level1 Techs (www.youtube.com)

Wendell of Level1 Techs came by, so we had an unplanned, wandering discussion about the future of connection technology and PCs. This is just for fun and thought. The star of the show is PCIE as the future for everything, but we also explore topics of technology and software ownership ("you'll own nothing and be happy"), Valve...

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As always with the Crown Prosecution service in the UK they love to bully and make an example of Autistic people. Only added by corporation running the court system, The CPS' Prosecution barristers are known to enjoy a life of luxury and gifts from them but you cant touch any of it.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PC vs PS5 Graphics, Optimised Settings, FSR 3 Breakdown (www.youtube.com)

In our final video for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Alex Battaglia goes into more depth on the scalability of the game, tests out the improved-but-still-flawed FSR 3 implementation then dives deeply into optimised settings, where - as usual - the PlayStation 5 version of the game offers up a bunch of suggestions in retaining...

The Intel Problem: CPU Efficiency & Power Consumption (www.youtube.com)

A lot of you have requested that we run power consumption tests for gaming on CPUs, so we've finally done that! And alongside fulfilling that request, we also wanted to tackle a comment from Greg, our recurring antagonist commenter, who "requested" CPU efficiency testing. These benchmarks look at the efficiency and raw power...

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