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Via Democracy Docket:

BREAKING: 11th Circuit allows to hold public service commission (PSC) elections using a system that a lower court ruled harms Black voters and violates the Voting Rights Act. Georgia has not had a PSC election since 2020 due to ongoing litigation.

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of course they do.... 🤮

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@GottaLaff ugh GA… we have to keep on! This is why we have to vote blue. Democracy is not safe. It’s not a scare tactic

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Here we go again!
It was long night for Georgians🇬🇪 our gov tries to accept Russian law against nation's will.
Last year we won! This year we are tested again.
Being russias neighbour is THE HELL!

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’s Lieutenant Governor to Face Inquiry for Role as Fake Elector

, the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., had been disqualified from pursuing the case against Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, but another prosecutor said he would now take it over.”


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"Mr. Jones has since defended those actions.

“I mean, what people were doing — and this isn’t something that’s new — people were asking questions about elections,” he said in a September 2023 interview."

You know, just like people went into the Capitol for sight seeing on Jan. 6

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@GottaLaff Little news about the GOP super-majority GA legislation, signed by Gov. Kemp, that made the 6-week heartbeat abortion ban law some time ago. They gerrymandered the state's voter districts again with the courts' approval and passed an insane law allowing GOP to get rid of elected Dem. prosecutors.

This is what MAGA states use to force "far-left prosecutors" to submit to GOP extremist, sexist, racist laws. by

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If you know someone who needs medical care but cannot pay for it, look into the Financial Assistance Policy of your local medical providers. For instance, Emory will provide full "emergency and medically necessary" care for a family of 2 with under $25k of income (in addition to other situations as well).

This financial assistance is supported by the Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund.

The billing office will not necessarily tell you about the availability of financial assistance, nor is this information always clearly posted in the hospital.

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Via Anthony Michael Kreis:

Judge McAfee only has one opponent now, eliminating the possibility of a runoff. --> Attorney running for Fulton judge seat disqualified for not showing up to hearing over residency #Georgia

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Georgia Woman Goes On Highway Shooting Spree, Says God Told Her To Because Of Eclipse: Police

#arrested #georgia

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@br00t4c Thank goodness no one was killed.

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Watchdogs: Sanctioned Judges Use Court to Shield Themselves from Anti-Corruption Verification - something to hide, perchance...? #georgia

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A #FultonCounty judge on Thurs denied a motion from #Trump & several of his co-defendants seeking to have the #Georgia #ElectionInterference case thrown out based on #FirstAmendment challenges.

Trump & others had argued, in part, that the Fulton #indictment violated their #1A right to challenge the 2020 presidential election results.

#law #criminal #conspiracy #Racketeering #RICO #obstruction #fraud

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: “Even core addressing matters of public concern is not impenetrable from prosecution if allegedly used to further activity."
"The State has alleged more than mere expressions of a nature. Rather, the charges the Defendants w/knowingly & willfully making false statements to public officers & knowingly & willfully filing documents containing false stmnts & misrepresentations within the jurisdiction of state depts & agencies.”

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also wrote that he was unble to find "any authority that the speech & conduct alleged is speech."
The protection afforded specifically by the Petition Clause of the -which allows the ability to communicate w/govt ofcls- "does not extend to allegedly petitions.”
"In other words, the does not insulate speech allegedly made during fraudulent or conduct from prosecution under the guise of petitioning the govt," he wrote.

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Desperate cowards 🤦🏻‍♀️

“Lawyers for several defendants in the #Georgia criminal case against #Trump and others have been weighing whether to press for a gag order against Atlanta-area prosecutor #FaniWillis, especially if efforts to disqualify her fail, sources familiar with the strategy discussions told CNN.” #legal

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Via Anna Bower: 1/...

In Fulton County, Mark #Meadows asks Judge McAfee to hold an evidentiary hearing on his motion to dismiss based on Supremacy Clause immunity.

The request raises the possibility that Meadows could take the stand in #Georgia for a second time—this time with cameras in the courtroom. #legal

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2/ Bower:

You can read Meadows’s reply brief on his motion to dismiss based on Supremacy Clause immunity and request for an evidentiary hearing here:

One more observation: Meadows has not yet appealed the 11th Circuit’s rejection of his efforts to remove his state criminal case to federal court.

But yesterday’s filing notes that the time for him to file a petition for review with the Supreme Court has not yet expired.

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Gosh, a blatant attempt to delay everything. What a surprise.

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When the Number of Bedrooms in a Home Keeps Parents From Getting Their Kids Back

Even after resolving other safety concerns, parents in can wait for months to be reunited with their , often because of what advocates say are stringent requirements sought by the state’s Division of Family and Children Services.

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💪🏼“2 weeks after Fulton County DA #FaniWillis survived a bid by defense lawyers to have her disqualified from #Georgia election interference case, she has all but taken over the case personally, focusing intensely on legal strategy and getting her team in fighting form for trial.

In signif move along these lines..Willis has decided to play a leading courtroom role herself in the sprawling conspiracy case against #Trump & 14 co-defendants” #legal

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@GottaLaff She truly is one badass woman!

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I can see why trump is trying to put this DA especially in his rear view! DA Willis seems to be the only sitting law enforcement official who will publicly point the finger at trump as the one who IS (and SHOULD BE) on trial for trying to end our democracy. The indictment by her office was a masterpiece, as was her removal hearing testimony. You GO, DA Willis!

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Via Tamar Hallerman:

Breaking: #Trump & 8 other defendants in Fulton election interference case appeal ruling that allowed #FaniWillis to stay on case

They argue, among other things, that Judge McAfee erred when he determined Willis didn't have personal stake in the case

The appeal isn't a surprise-- defendants asked McAfee for permission to appeal, which he granted earlier this month.

It's not [sic... now?] up to #Georgia Court of Appeals to decide whether to take up the appeal #legal

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@GottaLaff they will continue to appeal, appeal, appeal until after the election

GottaLaff, avatar

@Snowshadow Oh w/o a doubt. Stall stall stall.

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Brian Pritchard, Georgia Republican official and Election Denier, receives a $5,000 fine for voting illegally NINE TIMES, while we have #CrystalMason out here being sentenced to 5 years in prison for trying to cast a provisional ballot 😡 >>>


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@_ohcoco_ Two times people have casually confided in me how they cast extra votes using family members. Five guesses which party they cast for?

_ohcoco_, avatar

@Bon_Jardin The GOP continually bleat on about illegal voting, yet they are the ones who regularly get caught doing so 🙄

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Of course he does! How many appeals does this fucker get? The justice system cannot handle a Trump--vote in Democrats and we can fix it!

Trump appeals ruling letting Fani Willis stay on election interference case

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His 750-person team of lawyers must work on an assembly line basis…motion, appeal, motion, appeal, motion, appeal ad infinitum.

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"Fulton County DA Fani Willis plans to take a lead role in trying Trump case"

"Two weeks after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis survived a bid by defense lawyers to have her disqualified from the Georgia election interference case, she has all but taken over the case personally, focusing intensely on legal strategy and getting her team in fighting form for trial."

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It turns out that Trump swamp creature Brian Pritchard, who repeatedly railed about voter fraud after the 2020 election, voted illegally nine different times and was illegally registered to vote. #Georgia

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Yes a small fine and no jail time for voter fraud, the main bogeyman of the MAGAt GQP. Disgusting.

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Say it with me: Everything out of their mouths is a lie and/or projection/confession.

“A judge ruled that the Georgia Republican Party’s first vice chairman, Brian K. Pritchard, violated state election laws when he voted 9 times while serving probation for a felony check forgery sentence”

Judge rules Party vice chairman voted illegally

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@GottaLaff thinking about that lady who was sent to jail for years for voting in the wrong place. A Black lady of course, because the States is institutionally racist.
Expect this white boy will get a slap on the wrist and even cry about that, considering how thin skinned white boys are.

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@Lazarou 🎯

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Fmr #Trump atty #JohnEastman plans to appeal his #disbarment.

His lawyer says it's unfair Eastman should have to fight #criminal charges in #Georgia w/o being able to earn money as a #lawyer to pay his #legal bills.

This is like a convicted drug dealer saying it’s unfair he can no longer sell crack because he has to pay his lawyer.


#law #TrumpCoup #ElectionInterference #MAGA = #MakingAttorneysGetAttorneys

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Fmr atty 's status in California has been updated to reflect that he's both charged with in & marked for "inactive" status beginning Saturday as a result of his ruling.


Trump Attorney John Eastman updated suspended law license status

shansterable, avatar

I see MacDonald's is hiring in the Atlanta area for "up to $15 an hour" and "flexible scheduling with a side of always being valued."

Eastman may have to apply for Medicaid to get health benefits, though.

Bonus: Eastman can personally make a burger for Trump when he comes to town.

#USPol #USPolitics,-GA-jobs.html?vjk=81726277fdf43ce1

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Judge is holding a hearing on several pending pretrial motions in the case, including a -related motion from Team

This is the 1st hearing since McAfee ruled on the disqualification motion, which defendants have until Mon to appeal.

It's also the 1st hearing w/o special prosecutor as lead for the DA's office.

streaming live here:

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lol. The last #Trump #Georgia #criminal #RICO defense argument was that charges should be dismissed because the term #FakeElectors was a legal conclusion & disparaging.

DA prosecutor got up for his turn & started by saying, “the words ‘fake electors’ do not exist anywhere in the indictment.”


#law #ElectionInterference

Nonilex, avatar

The #Georgia DA prosecutor went on to argue that case #law & GA statutory law supported the use of characterizations in indictments.

Another great line from the DA atty Will Wooten was that all indictments include #legal conclusions, that’s what indictments are.
If indictments aren’t allowed to have legal conclusions, then I guess we can’t have indictments anymore.

#law #Trump #RICO #ElectionInterference

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#GOP ofcl who falsely claimed #2020election was stolen voted illegally 9 times, judge rules

A #Georgia #Republican ofcl who pushed false claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” was found to have VOTED ILLEGALLY NINE TIMES, a judge ruled this week.
#BrianPritchard, first vice chairman of the #GeorgiaRepublicanParty, was ordered to pay a $5k fine, as well as investigative costs, & be publicly reprimanded.

Nonilex, avatar

#BrianPritchard had been sentenced in 1996 in #Pennsylvania to 3 years’ probation for #felony check #forgery charges. His #probation was REVOKED THREE TIMES — once in 1999, after he moved to #Georgia, & again in 2002 & 2004. In 2004, a judge imposed a new 7-year probationary sentence on Pritchard, thus making him #ineligible to vote until at least 2011 in Georgia, where state #law prohibits #felons from voting.

#GOP #2020election #Republicans #GeorgiaRepublicanParty

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they are certain there is voter fraud, because they do it

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Via Hallerman:

Judge McAfee is holding a hearing on several pending pretrial motions in the election interference case, including a 1st A-related motion from Team #Trump

It will stream live here:

Special prosecutor Anna Cross is also here.

For the defense it'll be Trump and David Shafer's legal teams driving the hearing.

Another thing we'll be watching for is any hints from Judge McAfee about a trial date. There are a whole lot of moving parts #Georgia #legal

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@GottaLaff I love how all these trials involve someone walking in to court and saying "Your honor I move that we skip this whole thing and all just go home."

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@ottaross AKA, I’m above the law

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