Is there any one else who feels like their life has been disrupted by this whole debacle with Reddit.

I really do like KBin and Lemmy and the fediverse on the whole, but development is still young and the userbase still growing. KBin is still basically early access, and Lemmy is buggy. I spent alot of time in reddit and I'm feeling the pain of trying to ween myself from it. Just wanted to here community perspectives and see how...


I found similar when I left my country of birth, that many people don't keep in touch, even if I tried to maintain a connection. Out of sight, out of mind.

What did you bond over with your friends?

ABCDE, to nostupidquestions

"The magazine from the federated server may be incomplete. Browse more on the original instance." - why does this appear and how can I turn it off? I cannot log in to other servers to post


@T156 This is very odd then; I thought this was meant to be all linked together, albeit on different servers. I didn't see any notifications for your post, I had to manually find it in my profile.

So... if I want to post anywhere else I have to sign up for more accounts, which may result in needing lots of them with different user names etc? I don't get what this federation thing is then if it's all not linked together properly. I saw the explanation that Gmail doesn't need an Outlook account to message them, yet here I do?

I also get this when I click the error-looking link: 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? reason: Unexpected token 'T', "Timeout oc"... is not valid JSON


If you haven't seen a sale before it's usually a heck of a lot of stuff (feels like the whole site).


Coffee always does it for me. Regular roughage is always good with plenty of greens.

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