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What can I do daily to improve my on-the-spot cognitive abilities?

Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn’t like it. The person is fine now but if I had...

Impact of Vidalista 60 Mg on Mental Well-Being

As its primary function of treating erectile dysfunction (ED), Vidalista 60 mg tablet can also positively impact mental well-being. By restoring confidence and satisfaction in sexual performance, Cialis Vidalista 60 can alleviate stress, anxiety, and other psychological factors associated with ED. Improved sexual function can...

Tips for falljng back to sleep

I wake up at 3am to 4am daily as a neighbor makes noise walking their dog. This cannot be helped. Once I am awake, my mind won’t stop going over details about everything from the mundane to the critical. Often, I am able to fall asleep again after three or more hours of wakefulness, but only minutes before I have to wake for...

[SOLVED] What do I do if my order has been "To be sent" for days now?

So, I bought a Google Pixel 7a. I ordered it from Prime Gadgets, through (I live in Greece). Ever since I placed that order, it’s been on “To be sent” for several days. To make matters worse, yesterday, the ETA changed from (22-2-2024 to 26-2-2024) to (23-2-2024 to 26-2-2024). What should I do?...

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