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A wonderer and a wanderer.

I love connecting (to) #people and I talk a lot.

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tommi, to random Italian
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Non avrei mai pensato di doverlo dire, ma, data la tragicità della situazione, mi sento proprio così:

menomale che c’è il #PD

(…che io comunque non ho votato, ma sono super orgoglioso di come ho votato e che il mio voto non sia stato perso sotto la soglia di sbarramento)

#elezioni #elezioniEuropee #elezioni2024 #elezioniEuropee2024

tommi, to italy
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I’m working as the polling station supervisor of my little town, #RivaLigure, #Italy. Alongside the #EuropeanParliament, we are also electing the new city council. There is a huge competition: only one civic list 🚀

Glad to have nice people as scrutineers, and my dad is the polling station president. I was expecting the worst, but actually it’s not bad at all—so far. Still ~26 hours to go! 🤯

#elections #EU24 #EuropeanElections #ballot #vote #voting #elezioni #amministrative #ElezioniEuropee

Cartello che recita “sezione elettorale n.2”
Papà mentre timbra le schede elettorali delle comunali

aral, to SmallWeb
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Quick heads up: Kitten’s installer/downloads will be offline for a few minutes as I recreate kittens.small-web.org (the site that new Kittens are deployed to when they’re born) as it was originally on Ubuntu and sites deployed by Domain are now using AlmaLinux. Also, I am setting Kitten’s API version to 0 (it was initially set to 1) to signal that it is prerelease. When the version is back to 1 it will be because API version 1 is stable.


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Wow @aral, thanks for developing them!

I did not know about #Domain, and at a first glance it reminds me a lot of @yunohost!

Did you consider integrating Domain with YunoHost, or make them interoperable? I believe it would be a huge win: #YunoHost is very mature and many years in the making, I believe a new and ambitious project such as Domain could truly benefit the stability and features of such a big software, while I think the YunoHost community would really enjoy the participation and help.

Maybe you could start by opening a thread on the forum, and we can see what people think 👀


#selfHosting #Debian #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom

tommi, to random
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Lady Gaga rules

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Don’t worry, @sirodoht, I will never stop being in love with Dua Lipa

AnarchistArt, to random
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@sirodoht we should print thousands of them and hang them all over Europe.


tommi, to music
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Damn it, I really have to admit it now, after the fourth time I listen to it.

The latest album by deluded me.

It has the same—promising—spirit that makes the group good, but it lacks the musical empathy of There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.

They could’ve kept it simple, but they overdid it and I believe they failed.

Success warped them for the worse.

I stay hopeful.

tommi, to CSS
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Hey @piccalilli!

I found https://buildexcellentwebsit.es extremely insightful and inspiring! It pushed me to finally completely restructure my personal website’s #CSS, after many years of mess.

I used the awesome https://utopia.fyi to generate the vars, (actually, I am using the SCSS library).

Unfortunately, though, I find the massive use of all those calc() and clamp() functions to be quite heavy in terms of performance… #Lighthouse gave the website a very bad performance score (see screenshot). It even seems that while scrolling the page it lags (😳) even if it’s super simple and built with pure #HTML and CSS!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? 🤔

Thank you so much for all the interesting things you share! ❤️🚀

(The current unstable development version of my website is at https://dev.tommi.space/, I am using the homepage as reference)

Cc: @j98 + @trys

#WebDesign #WebDev #browser #BuildExcellentWebsites #PersonalWebsite #CSSGrid #PageSpeed

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Thank you so much, @trys! 🤩

Indeed, by temporarily commenting-out the background animation, I drastically reduced the performance score.

Do you have any readings/videos you suggest to learn more about the impact of the paint layers on performance, but more importantly of how browsers’ rendering stages work?

@piccalilli @j98

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Exactly what I was looking for!
Thanks again, @trys! Have a wonderful day.

MadameMollette, to random French
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Plein d'images et de vidéos comme ça qui circulent en ce moment.
L'image ultime du capitalisme colonialiste, quand un monde fou paye pour piétiner l'Everest et inscrire ce trophée sur sa bite, plus de monde qu'à Nocibé une veille de fête des mères


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@MadameMollette C’est complètement fou ! 🤯

thj, to random
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10,000 people on the Spanish island of Mallorca protested against mass tourism on Saturday. "Mallorca is not for sale!"

One particular provocation is all the foreign-owned vacation homes on the island, that the local population can't afford to rent.

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@thj All Europeans should be protesting like this, starting from .

Cannellarogers, to random Italian
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Mi si sta contorcendo tutto quanto nella testa l'agenda le cose da fare le cose da dire la pressione capitalistica il tempo e lo spazio che non ho quello che le altre persone non hanno quello che hanno ma fingono di non avere o almeno non lo investono in me la pressione costante a far entrare tutto e proteggere qualunque cosa altrimenti temo non lo farà nessun altro non ho più virgole non ho più raziocinio voglio solo vrgrhegbnnnnn

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Belin, puoi dirlo forse. @Cannellarogers

osprey, to random

Kicking off my account at unconference @offline! Hello Fediverse and Autonomous Zone

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Yeeeeah! 🚀

Welcome @osprey ❤️

bencardoen, to Pixelfed
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The nice thing about Pixelfed/Mastodon is that I often open it to post something, yet end up spending an hour or more looking at the amazing, invariably uplifting, informative, positive and uniquely human content that's being shared, before remembering, 'right, I wanted to post this one photo'. That never happen{s|ed} on other social media. #pixelfed #Mastodon

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…or maybe in other social media it happened way too much…


tommi, to Palestine
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I stumbled upon a nice person painting a lovely umbrella with the 🇵🇸 flag colors while strolling around Park, in ❤️


tommi, to internet
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I created my first !

Its title is Knitting Our Internet, and it is quite messy and ugly, but I consider it the essence of what I have been studying/working on for the past couple of years.

I am very grateful to @zelf, who hosted the zine making workshop at , stimulating me to create this.

I am thinking non-stop about next steps. For sure I will be creating a website for the homonymous I have been hosting in many different occasions—currently named https://tommi.space/fedilab/ on my website, but very incomplete and not updated.

Then maybe a little story/novel about the history of the and the current , , movements?

(In the pictures there is a couple of pages missing in the middle, couldn’t add more images to the post)

My hand holding the zine with Tempelhof Park in the background. PAGES 2-3: The title of this section is written in black at the top: “The internet right now”. There are red lines of paper sticked to the pages with tape, and intersecting in the middle. On the left, a big all-caps writing with the text: “Who is here?”, with an arrow pointing at the intersection point. On the right, a little writing in purple reciting: “you are here”, with an arrow pointing to a dot placed at the extreme of one red stripe.
My hand holding the zine with Tempelhof Park in the background. PAGES 6-7: The title of this section is written a big all-caps writing in red, with the text at the top: “The internet right now”. A bunch of words are written randomly around the pages: “sprinkly”, “fun”, “green”, “intense”, “weird”, “welcoming”, “decentralized”, “small”, “open”, “complex”, “collective”, “cozy”. On the bottom-right, a tiny text in black: “and many more nice things that are different for everyone and can’t fit in here”
My hand holding the zine with Tempelhof Park in the background. END PAGE: A small writing: “…It’s an eternal WIP” A big all-caps writing with the text: “Let’s build it together”, then, written in smaller size: “Want to chat about it?” Then my Fediverse username and my website. All the writings are in red, and at the top and bottom of the page there are alternating skewed yellow and black stripes, mimicking the symbols of a work in progress.

tommi, to fediverse
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True lovers are so easy to spot!

@liaizon had the best idea to turn people we are meeting here at into friends!

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@GustavinoBevilacqua @liaizon Of course I did, eheh

tommi, to random
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Just discovered @phanpy, thanks to @liaizon for making me find out about it, and to @cheeaun for developing it! 😍

btw this is one of the many great conversations I am having at unconference at @offline 🚀

gubi, to random Italian
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Spariti dai sondaggi i due partiti dei califfi di , Lega sotto il 10%, c'è di che essere cautamente ottimisti nella speranza che l'Unione Europea non esprima un Parlamento di estrema destra.

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@gubi Fratelli d’Italia non è di estrema destra? 😳

@tommi@pan.rent avatar

@gubi Belin… che ansia

aral, to SmallWeb
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Kitten bugfix release:

Please upgrade to the latest release that fixes a regression introduced into sessions object with the latest JSDB¹/JSDF² upgrade:


Persisting arbitrary objects to sessions is a supported workflow and this regression broke that.

e.g., See the Kitten Count Sessions example: https://codeberg.org/kitten/app/src/branch/main/examples/kitten-count-sessions/index.page.js


¹ https://codeberg.org/small-tech/jsdb#javascript-database-jsdb
² https://codeberg.org/small-tech/jsdb#javascript-data-format-jsdf

@tommi@pan.rent avatar

Hey @aral, we have been talking a bit about you and #Kitten here at p4p in #Berlin!

I would love to play around with Kitten, but I don’t really know where to start, since I get easily overwhelmed, my attention span is super limited, and my technical knowledge even less…

Do you have an intro/howto video?

@tommi@pan.rent avatar

@aral Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Once these hectic days will be over, I will definitely dive into some testing.

Thanks a lot, have a lovely weekend 💕🍉🚀

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