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Whatever is going in my head, usually #transit stuff, #carfree lifestyle #bikesf, #LGBT, I'll share on my #gaylife events since our community in #SF is vibrant. Oui je parle franC.
📖: https://sfba.club/@psoul

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psoul, to random
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Nothing in LA greets you better than getting stuck in a traffic jam straight out of the airport

psoul, to random
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Sitting on a 737 Max 8/9. They assigned me the exit row.
Wish me luck🤞

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I survived 😮‍💨

psoul, to random
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Thanks to the @TheWarOnCars for convincing me, a San Francisco resident, to write to Hakeem Jeffries to tell him and his staff how much I am upset with the recent congestion pricing saga going on in NY...
I can't believe democratic party leaders are casually tossing aside 30 years of activism in the hopes of making a trump voters happy...
Then they'll blame progressives for voting for Jill Stein or abstaining...

psoul, (edited ) to SanFrancisco
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Y a-t-il des #français à #SanFrancisco qui accepteraient d’être #mandataire pour les #électionseuropéennes ce weekend?
Je ne suis pas dispo et je ne peux que faire #procuration à quelqu’un inscrit dans la même circonscription et je connais aucun autre Français ici…

Looking for a surrogate / fiduciary to vote for me in the european elections this weekend since I won’t be able to make it to the consulate. Must be EU citizen and able to go to the french consulate in SF on Saturday.

#elections #europeennes

psoul, (edited )
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“Votre mandataire n’a pas besoin d’être inscrit sur la même liste électorale que vous. Le mandataire devra cependant se déplacer le jour du scrutin dans le bureau de vote dans lequel vous devez voter.”

En résumé la procuration c’est du pipeau… Quand pourra-t-on voter par courrier comme aux EU? Ou au moins avoir une fenêtre de deux semaines pour pouvoir voter?

#français #SanFrancisco #mandataire #électionseuropéennes #procuration #elections #europeennes

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Merci pour les reposts. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas pu trouver quelqu’un à temps. Je ne vais pas pouvoir voter, à moins que je puisse voter dans un autre bureau de vote que le mien, dans ma circonscription, par exemple LA.

Je vais écrire à mon député, Christopher Weissberg, pour faire part des limitations qu’impose le système de procuration actuel.

Il serait souhaitable que le mandataire puisse voter dans sa circonscription au nom du mandant.

#mandataire #électionseuropéennes #procuration #elections #europeennes #france #consulat

psoul, to news
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I’ve reached the point today where I read too much and social media and I now feel extremely depressed…

The worst was reading a reddit or Lemmy thread quoting settlers in 1600s america saying how abundant the oceans were. “You could walk on herrings all the way to Greenland”

It reminds me of a passage from “How Everything Can ” by Servigne & Stevens saying that in the 1700s, per hour at sea, a fishing boat caught more fish than today. That’s despite all the tech we have like radar, engines, giant fish nets…

That book radicalized me in a way.


psoul, to random
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It’s getting hot outside. Time to close the windows because motorcycles are too loud.

psoul, to cycling
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Hey #biketooter,
The city of #Wilmington #Delaware is considering capping a portion of #I95 that runs downtown. A friend with connections might be able to get #DelDOT’s attention to add in their analysis the #removal of that portion of the highway, similar to Minneapolis, Rochester, Dallas etc.
Does anyone know of transportation groups in the Wilmington community or other cities who’d be able to help us in that conversation?
#HighwayRemoval #LivableCities #TheWarOnCars #climate

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@NewNordicNormal @TheWarOnCars that you! I’ll try to get in touch with them

psoul, to fediverse
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I have 6 :
San Francisco Mastodon
French Mastodon
Art Mastodon

I might merge the pixelfed into the mastodon•art but pixelfed has cool features in the roadmap so…

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@kingrat omg yes haha. I need to add my reflection on Dune btw.

JoeUchill, to random
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Can I use gasoline to cook spaghetti faster?

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@JoeUchill Zoolander was an AI

psoul, to random
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My power is out in the mission

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Traffic lights are out on 17th and Guerrero

JustChapman, to random
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As a musician, I beg of you - PLEASE do not use Spotify. The ONLY people that make money on Spotify is Spotify. Support artists, not capitalists.

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@JustChapman I listen to electronic music for which singles and remixes make it impossible to keep up with using physical media.
Bandcamp would be an option, but discovering new artists is unfortunately better for me on Spotify.

I also like listening to podcasts by the labels, it helps discover new artists.

psoul, to random
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_L1vY_, to random
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I usually follow anyone back and it's very rare that I intentionally unfollow a mutual, but I just unfollowed someone whose account I realized is primarily promoting grind culture. Absolutely not.

No, I do not have 12 working hours on weekdays and 16 more on weekends to "create wealth." Sick of this pervasive ableist, capitalist, anti-humane attitude.

"You SHOULD be able to--" no I shouldn't and I can't! That's the whole thing. Let me rest FFS.

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@_L1vY_ preach. Thank you. My goals in life are not career related. People should stop pushing their obsession with wealth and status all the time.

Go drink 5 cups of coffee to make money for your boss if that mais you happy and let me just chill, party or play video games.

psoul, to random
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Just found at that the bay area’s two statistial metro areas, SF-Oak and San Jose, are more densely populated than NYC-Newark one.


wooliex, to random
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Why do some languages have gendered nouns. It's just an all around terrible idea.

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@wooliex well it depends, un vélo, une bicyclette, une table, un tableau

davidrevoy, to random
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@davidrevoy cette planche voit ses personnages s’approfondir bien plus que dans certains films, comme Star Wars episode 9.

This strip has more character development than some movies, like Star Wars episode 9.

Luk, to random
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Ok je comprends mieux les raisons de la révolte en #nouvellecaledonie #kanaky (version courte : il était prévu de reparler de comment faire rentrer les gens arrivés là bas depuis 1998 après les élections locales, le gouvernement a décidé d’inverser le calendrier et tout changer sans rien demander aux locaux) https://www.radiofrance.fr/franceculture/podcasts/la-question-du-jour/nouvelle-caledonie-qui-aura-le-droit-de-vote-9231530

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@Luk merci d’avoir partagé ce petit rappel à l’histoire.

paul_denton, to random French
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Attal dépassé par le conflit en Nouvelle-Calédonie? Matignon rappelle que "Gaby" a travaillé sur l'Outre-Mer au cabinet de Marisol Touraine. "C'est mignon", ironise un conseiller. Curieusement, ses anciens collègues que j'ai interrogé discrètement ne se souviennent pas de son action pour les Outre-Mer. "En vérité, il ne veut pas s'en mêler pour couler Darmanin", persifle un bon connaisseur du dossier. Le sens de l'Etat, toujours...

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@paul_denton on y ceoit vraiment que c’est une manœuvre politicienne pour couler Darmanin?
Attal, chef de l’officine?

psoul, to random
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It’s funny how minimum wage in the US is given per hour. In France it’s per month. Right now it’s ~1400€ per month after taxes, assuming a 35h workweek (french standard).

In the USA, you are only supposed to be looking forward to living for the hour. That’s it. Cross the bridge when you get done with that hour.

Oh and in France minimum wage is indexed on inflation. But not any kind, inflation measured for the 20% lowest income households.

Alright americans, go live your best rich person hour from two years ago.

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