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I'm a queer Quaker software engineer who writes Elixir and Erlang. Former Ubuntu developer. I enjoy languages, Argentine tango, historic costuming, photography, and textile arts. Washington Spirit & USWNT fan ⚽.

Soy una ingeniera de software cuáquera y queer que escribe Elixir y Erlang. Era desarrolladora de Ubuntu. Disfruto los idiomas, bailar tango, el vestuario antiguo, la fotografía y el arte textil. Hincha de Washington Spirit y la selección femenina de EEUU ⚽

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maco, to privacy
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If you have to show your national ID or passport to get a SIM card in EU countries, does that mean that burner phones don't exist there?

Does this create a privacy risk for people dealing with stalkers and such?

maco, to random
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Omg 🎶 Solidarity Forever 🎶 from the stage at #PyConUS!!!

On that note: more tech unions, please and thank you!

hynek, to random
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hey psst svcs stickers spotted at n the PSF sticker table! #PyConUS

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@hynek so uh…what is it? Because Google gives me “superior vena cava syndrome” & a furnace manufacturer. And if I try “svcs tech thing” that doesn’t make it any better.

kjaymiller, to random
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Anyone bring their family with them my wife and 5yo will be stuck in the hotel all bored if there’s no one else to hang with?

Also I’m only hoping for family friendly dinners so they can enjoy Pittsburgh as well.

Once they turn to bed I will go back out and do the Con Thing.

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@kjaymiller the Carnegie Science center is just across the Allegheny, past the stadium. It’s AWESOME! There’s a planetarium, an IMAX, and all sorts of neat exhibits.

treyhunner, to random
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What tips do you have for folks thinking of trying out Mastodon during this year?

3 of my tips:

  1. Follow the hashtag (yes you can follow a hashtag just like following a profile!)
  2. If you post and realize you forgot the hashtag, don't delete your post. Just edit it!
  3. Consider following the hashtag also. Many folks use it without realizing that is the official one.

What tips do you have?

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@bitprophet @treyhunner @ivory ice cubes (iOS) let’s you set up tag groups, so I have one with the three common PyCon tags all blended together

(Also, as a bilingual person, I love that it double checks with me “this post is marked as English but looks like Spanish. Which language should it be marked as?”)

maco, to languagelearning
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I finally figured out a uvular trill!!!

“You can’t learn new phonemes as an adult” is a lie.

I mean, I was already sure of that, because my Spanish pronunciation wasn’t always this good, but I couldn’t say for absolute certain which sounds in Spanish and Japanese I didn’t have as a child. (Some sounds that are in Spanish but not English are in Rusyn, which was occasionally spoken in my house.)

But I DEFINITELY could not make a uvular trill a week ago.


mattblaze, to photography
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Spanish Steps, Kalorama, Washington, DC, 2023.

All the pixels at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mattblaze/53335651417

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@mattblaze I was thinking “Kalorama? Those look like the ones next to the Quaker meetinghouse. That’s Dupont Circle.”

Well, that address IS next to the meetinghouse. I had no idea so far south was considered part of Kalorama!

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@mattblaze I think of Kalorama as closer to Adams Morgan (more like where Kalorama Park is, I guess)

javi, to random

Look, USians, I don't want to step into your internal politics, but you see, 45 years ago, we spaniards had the occurrence to write in our constitution that the head of state (the king) has immunity from prosecution for anything they do while they are in the job, and now we have an ex-king with a Wikipedia page that includes a "alleged corruption" section 55 paragraphs long.

And it's only "alleged" because he can't be taken to court even with the piles of evidence that exist.

Just saying.

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@SteveBellovin @javi @cstross our constitution was written barely a century after the English Civil Wars and Interregnum. Of course they knew heads of state can be crap.

Adam_Cadmon1, to random
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Always felt like forensic science was a little iffy...listening to Robert discuss some of the foundational cases that established its use in the American legal system disgusts me.

Bottomline, it's mostly subjective analysis. All of it. And the people who suffer are the people well off racists think should suffer.

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@Adam_Cadmon1 I took a forensic science class in college, and the professor repeatedly went over “this should only be used to rule someone out, not to positively identify.”

He went extra hard about that for hair samples. You can say “oh, this hair was a natural blonde, so let’s rule out all the brunettes” but not “the hair matches.”

linguistgoneforeign, to linguistics
@linguistgoneforeign@mastodon.social avatar

Language learners, I have questions! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I have noticed that when I speak Japanese (currently my weakest language, A1) and try to fetch some words, at times my head turns to my second weakest language (currently Finnish, B1).

And it's not the first time! Back in the early days of Finnish, I would revert to French; and same thing happened with German when I was learning French.

Have you noticed a similar pattern when speaking your weakest language?

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@linguistgoneforeign yes!

I've seen people talk about it as the native language mode and the foreign language mode. You can get into foreign language mode, but then it's a jumble.

I'm hoping that getting my Spanish to B2 before starting Italian will keep me from saying Italian things in Spanish. Like, there should be enough Spanish in there to avoid the gaps that other languages jump into, but we'll see.

masukomi, to random
@masukomi@connectified.com avatar

Person talking about a product they are demonstrating:

“ADA compliant means it is 12 mm or less thick. This is 3/8 of an inch thick.” 🤦‍♀️

To add insult to the stupid American stereotype, she was speaking with a southern accent.

When will the scourge of imperial measurements end?!

Accent context: Outside of the US that accent is exotic, like a thick British accent to people in the US. Inside of the US, it has a bad stereotyped association with uneducated and/or stupid people.

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@masukomi did the tone of voice also suggest she thought 3/8in was more than 12mm?

NudelnAlDente, to random
@NudelnAlDente@mstdn.social avatar

Can anyone recommend the app for practice?
I'm at intermediate level with . Reading comprehension & speaking are ok, but I'm struggling when listening to others - it's like my ear/brain is not primed for it outside of certain scenarios, e.g. at the shops.
I tried an online intercambio yesterday but it was a bit too advanced for me & most of the others I can find on meetup.com where the times work for me are either beginner or advanced.

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@NudelnAlDente haven't tried that app, but what did it for my listening was reading along while listening to audiobooks and ramping up the speed each time I stopped needing to read along.

The "Guardianes de la ciudadela" trilogy by Laura Gallego is 50 hours long.

futurebird, to random
@futurebird@sauropods.win avatar

Have you ever tried to measure a cat with a tape measure? It will make you question the solidity of dimensional space.

Pica, small cat
Height: 22 to 47cm
Girth: 33 to ??cm (ouch cm)
Length: 37cm
Length w/ tail: 66cm
Weight: 5.9 pounds/ 2.7 Kg
Max Length (Dangle): 74cm! oh no

she's getting longer.

Rate of Enlonganmentation
dML/dt: 1.2cm / second

No signs of increase stopping. Cat keeps increasing.
All clear! ALL CLEAR!
Soon she will be in all locations.

This was a bad project idea.

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@nazokiyoubinbou @tuban_muzuru @futurebird I heard it as a sequence of smaller boxes until you find the smallest it fits in.

Do not attempt the water displacement method because instead you get the volume of the angry creature that lives inside the cat. (This was part of the advice I heard years ago.)

maco, to spanish
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If you’re a U.S. citizen registered to vote, and you speak English + another language that’s spoken by 5% or more of your local population (tip: in most cities, that’ll include Spanish), consider signing up as an #election worker.

The law requires that anywhere with 5% or more speaking a given language, every polling place needs at least one person who speaks that language.

In my area, the number of polling places is directly limited by English-#Spanish #bilingual poll workers.

mekkaokereke, to random
@mekkaokereke@hachyderm.io avatar

Honest question for white people that don't consider themselves racist:

White nationalists have been vocal about their attacks on DEI. These are literally the same people that talk about Charlottesville, Jan 6th, and ethnic cleansing.

They've laid out exactly how they plan to destroy DEI.

  1. Make false claims that DEI is about giving unqualified Black people an unfair advantage

  2. Work with racist politicians to use this as a pretext to make all DEI programs illegal.


@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@mekkaokereke I don't have any Black coworkers, so I don't really fit the poll. I'd be 1000% shocked if my Black coworkers at previous jobs didn't know I support DEI, because I'm the type to look at the company DEI report and complain about retention numbers. (Can't just recruit then not support!)

I think for the silent ones, not knowing how to vocalize it could be an aspect. Like you don't want to sound like the dad in Get Out saying "I would've voted for Obama a third time," ya know?

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@mekkaokereke (I'm sure other teams in the company have Black folks on them, but my team isn't really US-based.)

jacob, (edited ) to random
@jacob@jacobian.org avatar

I'm waking up to a lot of Discourse on here about Git so of course here's my take:

I am increasingly uninterested in saying that tools are "good" or "bad”. It's all just so contextual.

But I can't think of a tool that I've used as long (over 10 years I think?) and as frequently (daily), that frustrates me this much and that I make bad mistakes with this regularly (monthly at least). Something about Git just DOES NOT fit my brain. (This is not an invitation to explain git to me!!)


@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@glyph @jacob oh I can tell you a specific point of confusion I have. When I'm doing something where I want to go back in time… like a rebase or amending a few commits back… etc. I'm never quite sure if I should put the hash of the fucked up commit or its parent

hrefna, (edited ) to random
@hrefna@hachyderm.io avatar

In the annals of things no one cares about but which are vaguely interesting to me: how my brain parses pronouns.

I got into a fight a while back with someone because I insisted that I don't have pronouns. That's not how pronouns work for me. My pronouns are preferred.

I use pronouns, but I don't "own" them.

(You can own your pronouns, they can be yours and you can "have" them, this is about me)

The analogy I use is that they are a pointer to the thing, not the thing itself


@maco@wandering.shop avatar

“Like thinking of a string as an array of integers” hiiiiii Erlang

danirabbit, to random
@danirabbit@mastodon.online avatar

Something about HRT I don’t feel people talk enough about are changes in smell. Particularly I can smell men extremely intensely and it’s disgusting. Y’all smell so bad. And I smelled some of my old boy clothes and they smelled too. So it’s not like a hygiene thing. Men just smell. So there you go, enjoy that knowledge

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@danirabbit do you find other scents are stronger too? I remember my psych prof said estrogen strengthened the sense of smell, and so when there was a gas leak at her house, and her husband claimed she was imagining it, the guy from the gas company was like “no no, she has more estrogen, I believe her. Just tell me where you smell it, miss."

amaditalks, to random
@amaditalks@wandering.shop avatar

It really is hard to overstate how sleazy and inexcusable it is to churn out a constant stream of non-news stories (vaguely disguised op-eds, really) about Biden being too old to lead, based on nebulous feelings and speech foibles that aren’t new.

His age isn’t going to change and barring death or calamity, neither is the reality that he’s going to be the nominee up against a rapist fascist who promises to burn everything down. Pretending this is a real choice is journalistic malpractice.

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@amaditalks and having a stutter is neither new nor age-related

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@amaditalks the number of times my mom has called me by my brother’s name and I’ve called my husband by my brother in law’s name…

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@amaditalks I feel like with years, I’m ok, but relative time…oof. The other day I said “your wife got that dog like 2 weeks ago, right?” to @federicomena then went “wait…you were out of the country when that happened…and you weren’t traveling two weeks ago…in fact I got your postcard last week, so…two months ago?”

shauna, to Mexico
@shauna@chaos.futbol avatar

Hey @uswnt fan friends, long time no see!

The Women's Gold Cup is starting up tonight. vs currently on, then vs at 10:15pm ET. You can watch on Paramount+ if you haven't canceled your subscriptions already

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@shauna @uswnt it's also in Spanish on Hulu

masukomi, to random
@masukomi@connectified.com avatar

an ad on ali express promises to take the photos you send them and.... do nothing to them? for a fee?

@maco@wandering.shop avatar

@masukomi crop and round the corners?

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