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Let Them...The idea behind this way of thinking is that negative people are going to do what they are going to do, so you can take back your power by letting them. You don't need to use your precious energy to fight their negativity.


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OK, I know this is silly. But last night I really wanted to talk to you about the aurora...

[NEW BLOG] #relationships #communication #ThisIsNotActuallyAboutTheAurora

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"As a society, we don’t have well-trodden paths and norms for #polyamorous relationships."

Today's fabulous NEW guest blog is about the search for contentment when our standard scripts don't seem to have the answers. #relationships #polyamory #poly

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@girlonthenet Northern Boy, thank you for this:

“What I’ve worked on in the past is how to navigate my feels whilst we’re still without the words and norms for my life.”

Various of my squeezes are navigating various things and I don’t have a norm to talk about it in the way I can if it’s my (nesting) partner going through something. It’s tricky.

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The latest obsession for celebrity fans is the romance between actor Callum Turner and singer Dua Lipa. It's just the latest example of a so-called parasocial relationship, where fans feel like they genuinely know celebrities, leading to feelings of ownership, protectiveness, and sometimes disappointment if a romance ends or a star does or says something "wrong." Here's a story from Stylecaster examining the phenomenon. But we want to know, do you think this is really a fresh phenomenon, or is it just regular old fandom and celeb culture with a swanky new name.

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@CultureDesk I have never heard of either of these people before just right now.

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@btrinen Yes, mastodon is possibly not the audience for stories about these particular celebrities though the influence of celebrities and fandoms is very interesting in general — Kpop fans disrupting Trump rallies in 2020 and so on!

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Embrace balance and harmony in relationships today. Focus on enhancing mutual understanding and respect. Strengthening these connections brings peace, joy, and deeper bonds.

#balance #relationships #harmony #understanding #peace #haloandherb

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Blue Lace Agate is a calming stone that enhances communication & understanding. It promotes emotional healing and strengthens relationships. Hold during meditation or keep close to encourage peace and clarity.

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It's Valentine's Day so here's a little note from us. Whether you're celebrating or not, our @Flipboard @theculturedesk Magazine, Valentine's Ideas For Everyone, has something for you, from stories about the lure of divorce and how the pandemic is affecting our sex lives, to easy craft ideas for kids, and Ina Garten's romantic playlist.

#ValentinesDay #Relationships #Love #Lifestyle

Video of the Flipboard logo transforming into a heart, then with the words "Built With Love" and "Happy Valentine's Day."


If your ex walked by right now with their new partner, what would you do?


@deweyritten Considering my last ex was in 1992, I would probably play video games with their kids.


@deweyritten I think a lot of us here are fully over our exes. My answer now would be to say hi, catch up a little bit, and then open group chat with the ladies to dish.

But when it was fresh, with most of them, I'd say hi, try to smile, break into tears, possibly throw up, and run away.

Actually, I say that, but the last time I unexpectedly ran into an ex (while seeing off a fresher ex who was moving), albeit both solo, I pretended I didn't recognize them. So I guess I don't actually know how I'd react.

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Is true possible without crippling pain?

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Al momento se si va SUL PROFILO DELL'UTENTE che ha traslocato il defollow del migrato non funziona, e la community degli sviluppatori ci sta lavorando sopra qui:

Ma nel frattempo c'è un workaround per fare il defollow: basta andare nelle IMPOSTAZIONI PERSONALI del proprio account tramite l'interfaccia WEB:

Chi ha provato ci ha confermato che funziona.


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"'... this is just as large an existential threat as climate change.'

And if we can't find a way to curb the spread of the virus and halt the increase in cases of long COVID, [Putrino] says, those effects will bite sooner than we think."

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@currentbias This is so much easier than climate change to deal with - and comparatively so much cheaper. The 1st step is to share knowledge about how it spreads and its dangers (to the majority of people). 2nd step - masks, ventilation, vaccination & tests.
3rd step work on better treatments for Long Covid & vaccinations that prevent the spread completely.

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@currentbias "The partners of some patients, he says, will acknowledge the difficulty of their situation but "lean in and say, 'I'm committed to you; our relationship hasn't changed, just your circumstances have'." Others, though, "have gone in the other direction, and said, 'Well, I never really signed up for this, this is the end of the relationship'. And unfortunately, the negative reaction is much more common.""

So few people understand what they're signing themselves and their kids up for.

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"Study identifies warning signs of violence in romantic relationships"

"Many women and men begin new relationships never dreaming they could later be enmeshed in a cycle of intimate partner violence.

Now, a new study finds there are early behavioral warning signs from a partner that suggest the risk for violence is there. And the more signs a person sees in the partner, the higher the potential risk."

#violence #relationships #marriage #romance #power #control #trauma


With Sprinkles on Top offers a positive and empowering resource for talking about and working through sexual differences. With empathy and understanding, Dr. Goerlich addresses hopes and fears on both sides of a desire divide and provides shame-free guidance for relationships of different shapes and orientations.

#stefanigoerlich #bibliolifestyle #nonfiction #relationships #selfhelp #book #bookstagram #littlefreelibrary #bookdrop #adult #adultbooks #bookstodon @bookstodon

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If you've been noticing people exiting your life lately, some as quickly as they entered, that's the South Node being in .

Let Libra cook. It's for your highest good. Libra values integrity and relationships(career, friendship, lovers, family) being released with the SN energy is exactly what some of you need to move further into your purpose.

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I can only avoid ‘catching feelings’ if I stop doing anything affectionate or sexy with men. And where the fuck is the fun in that?

NEW blog, about 'catching feelings' - complete with EXTREMELY cute art by @stuart_cb #relationships #love #feelings

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That is a fucking gross sexist meme, and it's not funny.

The same wouldn't be said about a guy.

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The hottest moments in my life haven't come just from ticking weird kinks off an arbitrary bucket list.

My favourite sex stories - kinky or otherwise - grow from intimacy.

Today's blog:

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@robyneatseverything mate fuck, thank you. I don’t think I’m 10% of the writer you are so this means a lot ❤️

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@girlonthenet I can't cope with those kind of compliments so early on a Monday ❤️

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