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Many people dread small talk (not us, now tell us about your vacation plans). Human connectivity researcher Georgie Nightingall says it can be a way of building deeper connection, trust and curiosity. “You can actually realize that you do want to know more rather than having that sense of like, I’m just asking for the sake of asking,” she told Vox. Here are some tips on how to improve your small talk abilities. We want to know, how do you feel about the art of chitchat?

#Language #Conversation #Relationships #Lifestyle #SmallTalk

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@CultureDesk I studied linguistics and do understand the function of small talk. However, my brain doesn't work like that and I'm honestly not interested in shit nobody cares about. Instead, I want to know about the things that excite and inspire you, things that actually matter to you, big talk. Because that's where we could truly connect. Instead people spend two hours with irrelevant bullshit, hiding their true selves, not even trying to connect, because they're so afraid of rejection.

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@levampyre There's definitely a case for big talk rather than small talk but perhaps some people need to be eased into that gently — tell me about your new car before you tell me about your relationship with your mother 😂

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