I love Politics, Books, Movies, Sports, & Music Junky! Mom of 3Teenage Boys! Happily Married Living the Good Life! She/Her , Old Soul Hippie 🌻✌🏻🍄#Incense #Meditation #GenX
LGBTQ+ Ally 🏳️‍🌈 Long Island, New York 🗽 Giants/Yankees/Islanders
Fun sized and Feisty 😈

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realTuckFrumper, to random avatar

‘Chaos Follows Him’: Nikki Haley On Why Trump Can’t Be Reelected, Insists Americans ‘Deserve’ to be ‘Proud’ of Their President


@realTuckFrumper at least we agree on that. Everything else not so much. She can go scratch!

MarvinFreeman, to random avatar

@stew_sims @MarvinFreeman I agree. I hate that feature. Bring back the buttons!!!

SRDas, to random avatar

What dis?
(Wrong answers only)


@SRDas a Tic-Tac holder

smooz, to random
RickiTarr, to random avatar

Just to balance things out, tell me an artist, that as far as you know, seems to be a decent person, as well as a great artist!


@RickiTarr Dave Matthews

gratefuldread, to music avatar


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  • smooz,

    @gratefuldread oh no!!!!!! 😥

    NorcalGma2, to random avatar

    So proud of my husband today.
    The VA is making him go for another zillionth appointment so they can decide he isn't really disabled again.
    They wouldn't talk to me, so he had to call to make the appointment.
    I heard him standing his ground that whoever he sees has to wear a mask. He said he won't be exposed to Covid for this, so they have to accommodate him, or he won't go. He was firm, and after he said he is immune compromised and Covid could kill him, they finally agreed.
    Masks should be common sense when meeting with someone with non hodgkins lymphoma.
    He did good.


    @Caiotekit @NorcalGma2 I hope he’s okay!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


    @Caiotekit ugh!! You poor thing! I lost my father to Alzheimer’s. I know how hard it is. Sending hugs!

    rdfranke, to photography

    "It's Monday and I'm Bored", a short play featuring Nick the Abyssinian

    Nick: Hey you.
    Me: Yes?
    Nick: I'm bored, it's raining outside and blocking the sun.
    Me: Observant cat, good boy.
    Nick: Fine, you can get up and feed me.
    Me: Tell your mom.
    Nick: I did and she told me to go tell you.
    Me, calling out: Kathy did you send Nick down to tell me to feed him?
    Kathy, calling out back: Nick who?
    Nick: You both suck, you know, sometimes.
    Me: I need to get coffee anyway, let's go.

    Nick the Abyssinian sitting on my desk looking out my office window.


    @rdfranke what a beautiful Abyssinian!! I had one for 21 years. She was the best cat ever!!!

    smooz, to random

    We streamed Chesapeake Shores on peacock. It’s a hallmark show. I freaking loved it. Wish it didn’t have to end!!! Such an easy awesome show to watch. Loved the whole family! So sad we finished it. 😥

    RickiTarr, to random avatar

    It's been a minute since I've done a music question, so here goes:

    Who is an artist/band that you're annoyed you like?


    @RickiTarr Jason Aldean 😡 I loved him before I knew he was a MAGA. It’s so hard to turn him off when his old stuff comes on.

    ErickaSimone, to mastodon avatar

    . Time to make a comprehensive list of that are without you even realizing they are Christmas movies.

    Die Hard (the default)
    Batman Returns
    Gremlins (yeah I think it counts)
    Iron Man 3 (but I don’t remember it to confirm)
    …and one I just realized… Edward Scissorhands.

    Boost and add on. I want to see what you geniuses come up with.

    smooz, (edited )

    @ErickaSimone Serendipity

    50years_music, to random avatar

    @50years_music word!!!!!!

    smooz, to random

    LI doctor, wife who appeared on reality show charged with using castmates' names in prescription drug scheme The Fort Salonga couple allegedly wrote fake oxycodone prescriptions in the names of personalities from the Bravo series.

    This was my Urologist!!! 😱 he left the practice a few months ago and I was trying to figure where he went!!! Now I know!!! So f’n crazy!!!!! I saw that man for 15 years!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    GottaLaff, to Ohio avatar

    “A 13-year-old in #Ohio is facing criminal charges after allegedly crafting “a detailed plan” for a mass #shooting at a synagogue in September, according to court documents obtained by CNN” #GunViolence


    @GottaLaff what about his parents????

    50years_music, to random avatar

    What album absolutely needs to be played in the order it was intended?


    @50years_music Abbey Road and The Wall by Pink Floyd

    mothership, to Jokes avatar

    @mothership 😂😂

    CAETFOOD, to random

    Not having it today, blocking everyone who mentions my dirty mirrors. I've been cleaning shit for days and I'm exhausted.

    I got no mental energy for ableists going "cLeAn YoUr MiRrOr".
    Clean it yourself.
    I'm up and dressed, that's the best i can do.
    Your sense of aesthetic is none of my fucking business. Must be nice to have enough energy that your only worry is cleaning a dirty mirror.


    @CAETFOOD people suck! I’m sorry you experienced this. Apparently they all shit vanilla ice cream.


    @CAETFOOD I agree! people shouldn’t assume anything about you. If they have nothing nice to say they should just swipe through. Why stop to make someone feel bad? You’re doing a great job. I appreciate your posts.

    smooz, to Dogs

    Had to share…my groomer took a photo of my dogs today. I can’t!!!!! 😍 #dogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffediverse


    @LikeItOrLumpIt thank you!!! 😊


    @jeroen thank you! I’m a sucker for a cute face! All Adopted! 💜


    @WecanbeGyros 💜💜💜


    @Diamondjoy I know! I can’t believe that She was able to pull that off! That’s funny you called him a noodle. His name is Macaroni! 😂


    @clayrivers a mix of Maltese, pug, miniature pintcher. The one with the twisted head is from the same litter. I adopted them together. The one up front is a Chihuahua, Shih Tzu mix

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