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Designer & Researcher by day:

AHRC TECHNE DTP #PhD (doing) @ Kingston School of Art + Crafts Council UK (sometimes lecturer)

Research on #design #craft #makerspaces #sustainability #anthropology

Blogging about #research, #SocialDesign, #DesignJustice & #tech

Illustrator by night:
occasionally accepting #illustration #commission

Former #architect & Founder at AK0 - architettura kilometro zero

#Vegan since 2007

Love #cats #coffee #bonsai #manga

I draw & get political. A lot.

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alx, to animals
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I’m back after 5 days visiting my family in Rome, and that’s how work looks like today.

alx, to philosophy
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alx, (edited ) to drawing
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Bored at Heathrow drawing bored people for my boring sketching series “Waiting”

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OK, I'm probably too much into international politics, but I am now listening to an audio drama with angels, demons, and the antichrist, and I can't tell you how weird is that they call Beelzebub 'Bibi'. And I can't help picturing Netanyahu every time. As Beelzebub.
Tbh, I preferred the one in Good Omens.

alx, to art
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New studio work-in-progress:
New floor ✅
Next step:

Repainting the walls and restoring this amazing drafting table I got for free at the refurbish. Mechanics works perfectly, but the surface needs some attention.

I don’t miss doing architecture, but I really missed a drafting table.
I can’t wait for this new studio coming together, it’s my big project of 2024!

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I really really am tired of wasting time looking for alternative digital services.


alx, to ai
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there is no end of the gruesome news that investigations keep uncovering.

Imagine if this wasn't 'the most moral army' in the world.


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"the White House said there is no evidence that Israel struck the aid workers deliberately, despite the fact that a full Israeli investigation is still pending."

Then, my question is how bad is the military training of the ''most moral army' that keeps killing civilians, humanitarian workers, healthcare personnel, patients in hospitals, journalists, and even the hostages they are supposed to rescue. Are we really keeping arming such awfully incompetent soldiers?

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You know the situation is truly dire when get the news more accurately than non-satire media outlets.


alx, to uk
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This strange sensation when moving around Devon with public transport feels kinda like when I was doing a bus trip in Ecuador, with bus stops being more a feeling than a properly signposted designated place

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"“There really are two things going on at once. We are mourning the loss of the mother and we are trying to help the young one to find her family,” the Ehattesaht council said in a statement. “It really is something that rings home for Native people: this loss and this struggle for the next generation.”"


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It took sometimes to finally complete my reading, and thank you @kissane for such a well-informed analysis.


alx, (edited ) to random
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It’s end of March here in South Devon, UK. Spring break is starting in around 36 hours. It’s snowing and the Met Office website is in total denial because it keeps saying it is raining

#spring #snow

alx, to SpiderMan
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saint_rebel_ukraine_, to random
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Meanwhile their missiles are terrorizing us day and night.

Russian missile attack hit Dnipro hydroelectric dam.

The Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was on the verge of blackout after a massive missile attack on Ukraine this morning cut one of its power lines.

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@saint_rebel_ukraine_ amazing how they get frustrated over Ukraine but are completely fine with Israel keeping on their razing of Gaza, which have also created all a series of trade disruptions.

alx, to random
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"2023 was a watershed year in the history of "
The Lemkin Institute published their 2023 report and just reading the list of content on their Twitter is depressing and infuriating at best.


aral, to random
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I bet the Tories are wishing they’d trademarked conservatism right about now.


#labour #thatcher

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@aral that's so depressing.

alx, to random
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One of the most balanced essay on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I know many don't like YouTube, but for anyone interested in politics, follow this podcast.


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he also has a whole breakdown critique of the Dawn of Everything

(following up on the thread https://climatejustice.social/@breadandcircuses/112111448378653586 - I saw it yesterday but didn't participate because I still need to finish the book)

@pvonhellermannn @breadandcircuses @RadicalAnthro

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@pvonhellermannn 🤣 nice to know I'm in good company :)

pvonhellermannn, to random
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Susan Neiman: ‘I wanted to revive Jewish intellectual life in Germany, but now I don’t think they really want it’ – The Irish Times

alx, (edited )
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@pvonhellermannn I agree that all the condition about "not being the right kind of Jew" is worrisome, however, from a philosopher saying "the woke idea that has gotten around that Israelis are white and Palestinians are people of colour is ridiculous” highlights big flaws in her understanding of white supremacy, which describes a power dynamics, not an ethnicity. White supremacy can be and is embraced by people of colour, hence the criticism of Israel as 'white'.

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Frans De Waal was enlightening in many ways, but I think the concept that will stuck forever with me is his criticism of the general attitude of comparing humans to chimps, using them as an evolutionary explanation for our violent hierarchical social structure. De Waal stressed how we share the same amount of genes with Bonobos, 'The Forgotten Ape', and there's no evolutionary reason why we couldn't have been more Bonobos, instead of Chimps: a 'make-love-not-war' ape. Imagine that.

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@dustcircle yep, I also was a very big fan of his work.

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