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London's longest running evening class, studying What it means to be human at UCL Anthropology dept. We are FREE, on Tues eves term time. Account run by Camilla Power. Radical anthropologists include Chris Knight, Ian Watts, Jerome Lewis and Morna Finnegan
#anthropology #socialanthropology #evolutionaryanthropology #archaeology

New term starts Jan 9, 2024

Vimeo collection of previous talks

Artist: Diego Rodriguez-Robredo

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Another important pre-print from #VivekVenkataraman and colleagues on the 'Woman the Hunter' debate:
'Woman the hunter? Female foragers sometimes hunt, yet gendered divisions of labor are real'

#huntergatherers #sexualdivisionoflabour #anthropology #behaviouralecology #women #prehistory


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Vivek's twitter 🧵 really worth seeing on this:

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The winner of the 'Dance your Ph.D' competition: #Kangaroo time by Canberra scientist Dr Weliton Menário Costa.

Brilliant. Wish this had been a thing when I was doing mine!


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Fascinating story of #Shuar shamanism being deployed in organizing mining unions

#Amazonia #Ecuador #labour

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Why #reciprocal cooperation is found among humans but rarely among other animals: the effects of groups.



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@Wen @collectifission not reciprocal cooperation apparently (which is quite complex, it needs to be iterated, takes a lot of calculation). Other forms of cooperation exist: Plenty of kin selection, as well as costly signal cooperation. Reciprocity maybe in vampire bats, some perhaps in chimps/great apes. But it is very liable to breakdown which is why the group effect matters?

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#Sami support for #Gaza

"Their own struggle for Indigenous rights and self-determination has turned the Sami into vocal advocates for the Palestinian cause.

“There is an instant urge to stand up for people who are being displaced from their homes,” Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen, a Sami activist and artist widely known for her singing, tells Al Jazeera.

"...Indigenous peoples all over the world have stood up for the Palestinian people because our bodies know the pain of being displaced from our homes and forced out of our own lands,” Isaksen says."

#Indigenousrights #displacement #discrimination https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2024/2/24/also-forced-from-our-homes-the-norwegian-sami-and-the-palestinian-cause

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A very high #fullmoon waxing tonight, waning tomorrow night


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#PennySpikins, a proper expert, reviews the #Palaeolithic horror film 'Out of Darkness' as the story of a 'dysfunctional outcast party' of modern humans traipsing across Europe 45,000 years ago. Superior production values but absolutely no clue about how nomadic #huntergatherers usually behave!


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Retired teacher #SailenSarkar spends his time gathering stories from the last survivors of the #Bengal #famine of 1943. Three million people died.


RadicalAnthro, to Bolivia
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'The UK government can never accept that nature or Mother Earth has rights, a British government official from the environment department has told the UN.'

'...asked to consider a draft resolution by Bolivia on “living well in balance and harmony with Mother Earth and Mother Earth centric actions," ...the US, the EU, Canada and the UK spoke against the resolution, saying they had not been given sufficient time to consider a complex issue that Bolivia had submitted at the last moment.'

#MotherEarth #Pachamama #Bolivia

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#Whale song mechanics discovered -- and why anthropogenic noise disrupts their behaviour:
'Humpbacks and other baleen whales have evolved a specialised "voice box" that enables them to sing underwater.
'The discovery...also revealed why the noise we make in the ocean is so disruptive for these ocean giants.'


RadicalAnthro, to ADHD
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Study comparing health and genetic differences in settled and nomadic groups of the #Ariaal of N. #Kenya. A mutation associating to #ADHD may be favourable for the nomads.

'In modern children diagnosed with ADHD, the genetic mutation generally correlates with restlessness and distractibility. And in those Ariaal children who had settled into sedentary Western behaviours, the gene was linked to poor health and distracted classroom behaviours. But in those Ariaal who still practised a traditional nomadic life, the gene mutation was linked to strength and better nutritional health.'


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@passenger @HeavenlyPossum that is a very interesting perspective for a world going into rapid climate and social collapse.

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@passenger @HeavenlyPossum @BillySmith I seriously dispute this was a big selection pressure in our H sapiens species hunter-gatherer past!

RadicalAnthro, to Hawaii
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Miriam Keo was among 11,000 people displaced by devastating wildfires on Hawaii last August:
"My outlook changed during the pandemic, but the fire was the last straw for me … I don’t want to serve tourists any more. This isn’t what our ancestors would want,” said Keo, 40, who recently resigned from the hotel after 16 years to work at a composting company. “I want to be a better steward for my people and Āina. I want to show my kids that there’s an alternative to the corporate tourism we’ve been under for so long, and food is a big part of that.”

' ...thousands of people are still stuck in hotels, eating the same set menu week after week with no comforting Hawaiian dishes like poi (starchy porridge) or luʻau (baked or steamed meat and fish wrapped in taro leaves) or even popular local dishes that reflect Maui’s cultural diversity such as pork and watercress soup. The strict rules forbidding food preparation and not being able to share a meal with loved ones have taken a physical and emotional toll.'

#Hawaii #Lahaina #recovery #Āina


RadicalAnthro, to Malaysia
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FREE community #fediscience, please boost!

Tuesday Feb 27, 6:30pm London time
we have #IvanTacey (Plymouth) on

'Batek Shamanism: healers, warriors and cosmopolitical diplomats'

All welcome!
FREE, LIVE @UCLAnthropology and on ZOOM


Ivan will be speaking in the Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd Floor of the Anthro building.

NB due to building work, you need to use the main entrance of the Archaeology Institute round the corner in Gordon Square. Please plan to arrive between 6:15-6:30 if possible.

#Batek #shamanism #Malaysia #huntergatherers #postforagers #healing #cosmology #anthropology

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Ivan Tacey is a sociocultural anthropologist who has worked with Batek hunter-gatherers of Malaysia since 2006. His current work challenges ahistorical, apolitical and gender-blind accounts of #animism associated with the 'ontological turn'.

On Feb 27, 6:30pm, he will be speaking LIVE in the Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, UCL Anthropology Dept. You can join us on ZOOM (ID 384 186 2174 Passcode Wawilak).

Ivan writes: "This talk draws on longterm fieldwork among Batek Dè’ and Batek Maia hunter-gatherers /post-foragers living on the edges of the rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia. It presents the main activities of shamans and the vivid cosmotopographies revealed in their soul journeys. I suggest these reflect longterm historical relations with various outsiders and the influences of Malay, Arabic and European ideas and imagery. By incorporating the perspectives of Others and drawing on the perceived power of specific entities and places (human/nonhuman, local/faraway), shamans reconfigure their contemporary and historical relations within a realm where they hold considerable power. The creative potential of mythopoetic story-telling and embodied shamanic experiences does not refute modernity or obliterate history. Shamans draw upon the power of modernity and history to remake socio-spatial and temporal relations with an array of human and nonhuman others."

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Resilience of #Bali's traditional culture and religion in the face of over 5 million foreign tourists.

Most interested in'"sanghyang dedari”, a sacred trance dance for girls that is designed to counteract negative supernatural forces.'


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Front of the #London march today

#PSC #StoptheGenocide #Gaza

RadicalAnthro, to london
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Join the #JewishBloc tomorrow in #London and march for #Rafah!


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@aral thanks! Sorry, rushed...

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Nice paper. Researchers ask #Indigenous people lining in 'small-scale' societies about their 'life satisfaction' and find it doesn't actually depend on money!


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This is well interesting modelling, looking at the effects of and rules on the outcomes of diversity. It yields genetic markers potentially discernible from contexts.

"Matrilineal kinship generates low male and female haplotype diversities that are statistically indistinguishable from each other, while female diversity in bilateral kinship with matrilocality is significantly lower than that observed in male diversity. Furthermore, mtDNA diversity generated by patrilineal kinship is very high."


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