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Medien im Fediverse

Auf der Suche nach einem Publi­kum gehen eini­ge Medi­en den Schritt ins Fedi­ver­se. Ein Ver­such, unab­hän­gi­ger von den gro­ßen Gate­kee­pern zu werden.

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We are getting ready to expand our Torment Nexus experiences in your region.

To help bring these experiences to you we will kidnap your firstborn, based on our legitimate interest.

This means you have a right to object. If your objection is honored we might return your firstborn at some point.

We have updated our firstborn policy. Pray we don't update it any further.

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"Cox said that Emu can make “really amazing quality images” thanks to “Instagram being the data set that was used to train it” which he described as “one of the great repositories of incredible imagery.”"

This is a great reason for people to switch over to alternatives like

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Grayson Murray's Final Instagram Post a Nod to PGA Rise Prior to Death


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Ben Napier Details 'Cryptic Post' With Full Explanation

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"Families in Uvalde took more legal action Friday on the second anniversary of the Robb Elementary School attack, suing Meta Platforms, which owns Instagram..

"On Instagram, the shooter was being courted through explicit, aggressive marketing. In addition to hundreds of images depicting and venerating the thrill of combat, Daniel Defense used #Instagram to extol the illegal, murderous use of its weapons"

^ This is one reason to #BoycottMeta

#meta #uvalde #guns

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Was Kevin Kühnert sagt: Die #CDU sammelt Unterschriften gegen ihre eigene Spitzenkandidatin...

#SPD #Instagram #Europawahl24

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Uvalde families sue Instagram and Call of Duty maker over deadly school attack

#instagram #uvalde

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Instagram posts - Bird flu outbreak in US isn't timed for November elections; it began in 2022

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idf have just informed netanyahu they want victory over hamas and they will not leave rafah and they refuse to follow the defense chiefs orders to withdraw

idf is angry about oct 07, 2023 rightfully. they lost friends and family.

video on #instagram

lc is mine; any mistakes are mine. #AmYisraelChai

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"Meta's chief product officer, Chris Cox, told Bloomberg's Tech Summit on Thursday that it uses publicly available photos and text from the platforms to train its text-to-image generator model"

For anyone using Threads, you're warned

#Privacy #Facebook #Instagram #Threads #Surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism

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I just listened to an #instagram video about the stress of booking a flight from Barcelona to Paris… the Ryanair airport is very far from Barcelona and absolutely not worth the price of tickets BUT… you can take a direct train from Barcelona to Paris that takes 6 wonderful hours for $126 fucking Canadian dollars 😭😭😭😭 my god I miss living over there sometimes. The overnight from Barcelona to Milan was a fav train I took a few times #travel #publictransit #ottawa

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Message important à faire tourner ! ⚠️

Meta (instagram et facebook) veut utiliser nos données (publications, photos, vidéos et messages publics) pour entrainer des IA génératives.
Vous devez répondre à ce formulaire pour justifier votre refus :

Pour les artistes : vous pouvez justifier en parlant du droit d'auteur et du fait que vos œuvres et publications ne sont pas libres de droit.

Pour tout le monde : justifier votre refus par le risque de détournement et d'usurpations d'identité (deepfakes etc).

La page complète sur le sujet de leurs AI est ici :

#meta #instagram #artist #mastoArt #art #noAI #data #DonnéesPersonnelles

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I have now ported the majority of my #Instagram posts to the Fediverse using the import feature of @pixelfed. Check out my photos on #Pixelfed @florianr. For my Reels it seems like I will have to wait for the release of @loops, I hope that it will have an import feature too @dansup.

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Pues resulta que #Instagram va a utilizar ahora toda la información que publiques en ella (fotos, comentarios, pies de foto) para entrenar la IA de Meta (es decir, Facebook).

Y bueno, te puedes oponer, si te enteras y rellenas un formulario escondido y con errores (hay que poner Spain en vez de España que es lo que sugiere el desplegable).

Y, aún oponiéndote, si otra persona comparte tu contenido y no se ha opuesto, lo utilizarán 🙄🙄

Total, que estoy tardando en borrarme Instagram... 🙄😅

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A woman is calling for more in after she had to be carried off an plane in a badly broken aisle chair, an experience she says was & .

Tori Lacey, 26, chronicled the troubling incident on her & pages, where she usually posts content about her exploits as a person who uses a .

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Desweiteren überlege ich, ob ich morgen auf dieser Privacy-Konferenz ein wenig livestreamen soll mit meinem Meta-Headset auf Instagram. 😜

evawolfangel, avatar

Ich habe das mit dem Live-Stream per -Glasses auf von der -Konferenz übrigens ernst gemeint. 😎
Habe auch schon jemanden identifiziert, den ich gleich versuchen will, spontan zu interviewen: Erik Neuenschwander, Apples Director of User Privacy spricht gerade auf einem von Apple organisierten Panel über Privacy im Metaverse. Das passt doch perfekt. 😜

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I just recently abandoned by account and also I've stopped doom scrolling .

I'm one of those "meme friends", you know, someone who does the for you, and I just stopped one day and released an IG story saying "do your own damned doomscrolling".

This is because Instagram is now filled up with and . For every 30-40 of useless garbage and mindrot, I got maybe 1-2 good videos/reels.

The internet, including social media, is filling with .

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Simone Biles Has Had Enough of Fans "Blatantly Being Disrespectful" to Husband Jonathan Owens


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Instagram posts - X account posted helicopter emoji after news of the crash involving Raisi broke, not before

#instagram #israel

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