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Interesting, Antarctica has a Level 2 "Exercise Increased Caution" advisory from the U.S. State Department. (and has for awhile?)

"Exercise increased caution in Antarctica due to environmental hazards posed by extreme and unpredictable weather and limited emergency services."


@ai6yr I sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula a half-dozen times with a scientist I was working for as a project engineer a while back. Almost every time there was some kind of medical emergency that required us to detour to a nearby outpost for a medical evacuation flight. One time, the fog was so thick everywhere that we had to transport the patient all the way back to South America. It is incredibly difficult to get back to civilization from most parts of Antarctica. #Antarctica

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"On May 20th, 2024, an measuring 380 square kilometers (~147 mi2) broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in .

The ongoing loss of Antarctic ice is one of the clearest indications of rising global temperatures and a dire warning."

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Urgent meeting held at desolate Antarctica airbase amid fears over Russian control

#antarctica #media

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Widespread seawater intrusions found beneath the grounded ice of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica. This makes the glacier more vulnerable to melting from a warmer ocean than anticipated, which in turn will increase projections of ice mass loss. Paper:

h/t @MichaelEMann

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At the poles, more heat radiates out into space than is absorbed from the sun.

Rocket Lab launches NASA cubesat to study heat lost from Earth's poles

"The PREFIRE duo "will criss-cross over the and measuring thermal infrared radiation — the same type of energy emitted from a heat lamp — that will make models more accurate and help predict changes caused by ," Rocket Lab wrote in a mission description."

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An iceberg named A-83, 380 sq km in size, broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica on May 20.

"This calving event results from a prolonged weakening of the ice at the McDonald Ice Rumples and progressive eastward extension of the so-called ‘Halloween Crack’ into the ice shelf."

In 2021, the Brunt Ice Shelf produced an iceberg called A-74 followed by an even bigger berg, named A-81, in 2023.


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No showers, no privacy: What it’s really like to live in Antarctica.

CNN reports on the experiences of the few thousand humans who can say that they have lived in Antarctica.

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Lake Bonney hut in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

My personal favorite camp on the continent. Fashioned out of a “jamesway” that was used in the Korean War. It’s a little more gritty and DIY than other camps, which gives it its charm and explains why I love it.

Inside of the jamesway with trash cans and drinking water.
Inside of a jamesway with basic tables, chairs, and kitchen supplies.

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This instrument is just one of many parts of the first-of-its-kind in the , launched in January in partnership with , & .

The monitors temperature, water depth, oxygen & chlorophyll levels in the water. Paired to a , the observatory transmits every 30 mins to .

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Satellite radar data uncover 'vigorous melting' at 's

""Thwaites is the most unstable place in the Antarctic and contains the equivalent of 60 centimeters (nearly 24") of sea level rise. The worry is that we are underestimating the speed that the glacier is changing."

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Things you probably don't know about me. #1 I love antarctic science and stories. So much that I have pretty much every book written about the heroic age. I also have this. It's a picture drawn by Dr. Edward Wilson, who accompanied Scott on both his polar expeditions. This is a picture drawn by Wilson as a gift to his sister on her birthday in around 1880. I love it! #antarctica #captainscott

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Isle of Wight-size iceberg breaks from Antarctica

#antarctica #uk

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#ClimateCatastrophe #Glaciers #SeaLevelRise #Antarctica



NEW STUDY: "#Ocean water is pushing miles beneath #Antarctica’s “#DoomsdayGlacier,” making it more vulnerable to melting than previously thought, according to new research which used radar data from space to perform an X-ray of the crucial glacier."

"...scientists have estimated 👉its complete collapse could ultimately lead to around 10 feet [3 meters]of sea level rise👈 — a...

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...catastrophe for the world’s coastal communities."

"....we have solid observations of what is going on.”

"In a separate study, also published Monday, researchers from the looked at the reasons for the record low levels of sea ice surrounding Antarctica last year...used to predict the potential speed of recovery from such extreme sea ice loss and found that 👉even after two decades,...

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...not all the will return.👈

“The impacts of staying low for over twenty years would be profound, including on local and global weather,” , a co-author on the [] study, said in a statement."

"👉The in — nicknamed the “” because its collapse could cause catastrophic sea level rise👈 — is ...

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#ClimateCatastrophe #Glaciers #SeaLevelRise #Antarctica


...the world’s widest glacier and roughly the size of Florida.
It’s also Antarctica’s most vulnerable and unstable glacier, in large part because the land on which it sits slopes downward, allowing ocean waters to eat away at its ice."

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NSIDC: The Call Of Antarctica - Leilani Raashida Henry and Ted Scambos #Antarctica #Cryosphere #Glaciers

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Hope you all have a good start to your week!

... Sunrise in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica ...
(c. Paul Pichugin)

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