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Your characters realise they were lied to all along.

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@SergKoren Wowser! 😱

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Have you ever dreamed about characters in your work?

I get my ideas early in the morning. I'll sort of wake up and be dozing away, then these people come into my head. Often they are doing something and I don' know why.

The main character in my upcoming book woke up next to a dead body and said, "Oh, no. Not again." It took me MONTHS to work out why the fuck she said that.

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Have you ever had to change anything because you felt it was no longer relevant?

I wrote a story a few years ago and I'm polishing it up now for publication and noticing how a few references have dated soooo quickly.

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@golgaloth yes, tech changes very quickly but so do social attitudes. My books from 2012 seem dated now. And then there are international changes and Covid and natural disasters, impossible to keep up.

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Have you ever had to change anything because you felt it was no longer relevant?

Yeah. I wrote one short story years ago, then realized that the main character who spoke about people landing on the moon hadn't been born yet so couldn't remember that. Made me feel no longer relevant.

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#PennedPossibilities #Writing 335 Do you use metaphors in your writing? What are some examples?

Yep. I love to use metaphors. Curiously, I use them more in the narration than in the actual dialogue. But some characters, like Laura, use them frequently. She likes to compare Our Hero to ridiculous things things, as in "This idiot's louder than an exploding orchestra", or "that dumbass eats more than a vegan castaway" =)

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"Artists are people who are not at all interested in the facts—only in the truth. You get the facts from outside. The truth you get from inside." –Ursula K. Le Guin

How to be a writer:

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"Artists are people who can think, rather than people who can paint." Sidney Nolan, 1917-1992.

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Releasing a book as an independent author these days is like screaming into the ... wait, hang on.

Do any of you use particular strategies for increasing awareness that your book actually exists? Help an author out, here.

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@golgaloth I know some people have had great success with facebooks ads…

There’s a particular guru who several writers here have said is helpful — I’ve forgotten the name but @adaddinsane I think has mentioned him?

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@wendypalmer @golgaloth @adaddinsane I used facebook ads to target mathematics teachers in our region to advertise a conference I organized at a CC it was really effective— but also creepy how deep I could tune that targeting. I don’t think I could bring myself to dirty my precious little hands like that ever again.

NaraMoore, (edited )
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#PennedPossibilities #writing 335 — Do you use metaphors in your writing? What are some examples?

I use many metaphors. I often carefully rephrased JP metaphors so people who are unfamiliar with them will understand and people familiar with them catch the cultural reference.

I like the metaphor of the frog in the well only knowing the world it sees. I have used speaking into one's nose to indicate snottyness. The most recent one I used was referring to the house where my characters live as a "mouse house."

Even monkeys fall out of trees is one l like

I had a story where characters engaged in a verbal game of upping each other with feline metaphors.

When I run into new metaphors I note them and wait till I can use them.

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2/2 a partial list of Japanese metaphors I have used.

A frog in a well does not know the great sea
Even monkeys fall from trees
Like gold coins to a cat
Even want to borrow a cat’s paw
Cat’s tongue
A cat’s forehead
If you don’t enter the tiger’s cave, you can’t catch its cub

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#WordWeavers #Writing Day 3 - Who is your most creative character?

All my LI's are creative people. Some write poems. Kao wants to be an author and Ume is an author. In terms of creative material that appears in my novels Kao and Shiro are tied with several Hiaku appearing in the text. Plot wise Ume is the most creative. Konbini Idol is her telling the story of Fukitsu, Tomo, Kan-chan, and herself.

Currently, Ume is busy writing three ongoing stories, "Konbini Idol," "The Handmaiden's Tears," and ghostwriting "My Undersea Harem."

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Oh yes, and Shiomi is an idol, singer, and dancer. A very good one. However, in the story timeframe, Ume is being more creative.

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#WordWeavers #Writing 03 Who is your most creative character?

It depends on what we call "creative".

Maistro has macgyvered many solutions to very complex situations with duct tape and a multi-tool.

Dr. Apocalypse is seen as a creative guy because the "wacky stories" he's always telling.

Laura is said to be a really good painter. A broad brush painter, Bob Ross (on drugs) style.

And the medical regenerator is very creative with his healing/rebuilding techniques…>=)

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@birming And never stop writing ...

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Today, in my adventures in foolishly asking the internet general research questions:

The internet, shamelessly repeating the same factoid endlessly: throwing rice at weddings is an ancient tradition dating back to the Romans!

An anonymous old lady writing a cranky letter to the editor in 1895: this is a modern tradition that doesn't date back more than forty years and needs to stop before it takes a new bride’s eye out.

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333 — Any characters who are a part of the + community?

More than one, and in many of my stories. Loren is non-binary and genderfluid teen, with variable preferences depending on the hour of the day and how their brain wired (literally) at the moment. Maistro is everything-sexual (as long as there's consent and of legal age). The Still Unnamed Daughter might have done some non-het experimentation. And Our Hero learned to like women's clothing and shoes…>=)

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It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.” Joseph Heller, Catch-22
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"It's the future, why haven't we cured hiccups," whined Vena, between hiccups.

Her robotic companion rose, shrieking, "Destroy all humans!"

Vena hiccuped again, "Sorry, that isn't going to work twice."

"Then I am out of ideas," said Robonnie, sounding defeated, curling up on a cushion.

Vena stifled yet another hiccup, and started to speak, only to jump as something slammed into the window.

"Ow," said Robonnie's remote drone.

"I'm cured!"

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@Teryl_Pacieco In real life, we do have a cheap and effective treatment to stop hiccups: https://octodon.social/@alienghic/109910474763485703

Unfortunately there's no way to make money off of it, so it's not publicized and nobody is researching it further.

It seems to work for my partner.

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Does anyone else just not get hiccups? Used to as a small kid, haven't for many decades.

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