Science Fiction

Dune: The History Of The Spacing Guild Navigators (

Many new concepts and ideas are introduced in the earliest chapters of the series, but a key part of the Dune universe is the Spacing Guild Navigators. In a universe that thrives on interstellar travel, this group holds a pretty important position. They don't usually take center stage, but their lore and history are as dense as...

Former editor at Science Fiction World, Chi Hui, reveals bullying, misogyny, stealing of wages and credits, and more at the magazine (

Reading Diane Lacey's open letter about the (self-)censorship scandal of the Hugo Awards, the impetus of collusion/slating from Chinese publishers stood out. zionius actually dug further and presented evidence that the guilty party appeared to be Science Fiction World, which was involved in the Worldcon. So I thought I'd type up...

The 2023 Hugo Awards: A Report on Censorship and Exclusion (

What my colleague and co-author Jason Sanford and I are going to outline in this lengthy report will most certainly not be the final word on the extraordinary events and actions surrounding the 2023 Hugo Awards that were adjudicated and presented by the 81st World Science Fiction Convention held in the city of Chengdu in China...

Netflix Saves Star Trek: Prodigy From Cancellation (

Sci-fi fans of all ages were devastated when Paramount+ canceled Star Trek: Prodigy in the summer of 2023, but now the series is back with an unexpected new home. Netflix secured a deal to stream the show after it was dropped from Paramount+, with the chance to produce new episodes if it did well. According to a report by The...

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