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Become a valiant Stellar Warrior like Johnny Lightsword -- if you manage not to overdose or get shanked in a homeless tent city -- in Neofeud 2! Neofeud 1: #indiegame #scifi #Steamdeck #adventuregamefriday #IndieGameDev #gamedev #steamdeals

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New brain rot: Dune Part II

"But I was very skeptical. The trailers seemed to indicate a train wreck. They were full of explosions, angry screaming guys and the taglines about war. Dune was never about war. War was in there, but it was never the point. But cinema, SciFi especially, loves special effects, and big-booms are amongst the most used. I dislike a lot of SciFi movies from the USA, as the (so called) spectacle is all there is."

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@mms I watched the first one on a long flight, and it seemed to be a hymn of praise to power and aristocracy. Whereas I recall Herbert's books were supposed to be about the environment.

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Looking for a fun SciFi book series with psychic cats? Yes, I’m hooked.

“That was war for you, like a game of musical chairs where seats kept disappearing until only one was left, and people rarely stopped to ask who the hell was in charge of the music.” ― Valerie Valdes, Chilling Effect

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My originals are long gone but I have the entire collection in digital format. Starblazer was pulpy but oh so good and often the highlight of Saturday afternoon trip to the news agency (news stand in the US)

Image of a Starblazer comic cover - Cosmic Outlaw

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@evildrganymede @iamgerardthomas

I'm not sure. Wikipedia says Cubicle 7 Entertainment lost their license for Starblaze in 2014.

I got a PDF version from Drivethrurpg a while back. But it seems to be no longer available there.

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What pre-1985 science fiction are you reading?

Now a column and reading/writing update on my site:
#scifi #sciencefiction #history #books

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@Kierkegaanks I know. I’ve read it!

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@Kierkegaanks @SFRuminations

Yes. Heinlein's novel Sixth Column aka The Day After Tomorrow is a drastically re-written version of John Campbell's All. Done with Campbell's permission.

For instance: in Sixth Column the freedom fighters invent a crazy religion as a cover story. They pretend to believe the religion in order to fool the invaders.

In All, the freedom fighters actually believe the ridiculous religion they invented.

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Artist Mal Dean (1941-1974) was born on this day. List of covers and interior art:

L, 1969; R, 1969


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@SFRuminations the drawing with the helicopters over the pools is stunning!

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@RJB_Mallacore hey @TheSpaceshipper you might like this.

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Fun fact 1 - I run one of the biggest independent scifi communities on the Internet.

Fun fact 2 - I'm doing author interviews on

Fun fact 3 - I'm the perfect vehicle for #scifi author exposure.

Interested in being interviewed on DM me - I'll explain how it works.

#sciencefiction #author #writingcommunity #writing

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New installment of my science fiction in translation series with Rachel S. Cordasco -- today we head east of the Iron Curtain to 1960s Romania with Vladimir Colin’s “The Contact” (1966).
#scifi #sciencefiction #books #Romania #history

The original collection that the story appeared in. A huge fossil looms over a building?

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Check out this amazing sale of Indie scifi, fantasy, and horror books! Today through Monday only.
My future ice age book, The Calling, is included in this sale, but since it’s tricky to find amongst so many books, I’ll drop the links to both my book and the overall sale below. Happy shopping!💜

#scifi #fantasy #indie #horror #writing #reading #readers #books #book

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J'ai lu Quantika de Laurence Suhner, dans la douleur !
De très bonnes idées, mais c'est bourré de poncifs ! Elle a poncé toute la SF ! Trois gros volumes à supporter son style, qui peut passer du lyrique au désuet entre deux vulgaritées. Pesant aussi les flash-back à répétition qui sont parfois des répétitions des précédents....
Et c'est téléphoné, tu saisis le truc 5 chapitres avant la "révélation" voir avant le tome suivant !
Et c'est gavé de stéréotypes sexistes...
#SciFi #SF

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@brunus j'ai essayé comme ça, mais quand je rajoute de l'eau, je trouve que le fond a beaucoup trop infusé, et avec la plupart des thés il a mauvais goût, même dilué.

Comme quoi, il y a plus d'une manière de boire du thé 🙂

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@matthieu Les feuiiles vertes que tu vois dans ma tasse c'est du thé au jasmin assez parfumé, celui là ça ne me gène pas de le boir limite amère losqu'il a trop infusé. J'en ai de bien plus léger dont j'apprécie le goût subtile.
Et j'adore voir les feuilles de thé dans ma tasse...c'est très chinois ça aussi. 🙏

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Jonathan Fast (1948-) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Boris Vallejo. 1979; R, Bruno Elettori, 1980
#scifi #sciencefiction #books


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@Richard For my recommendations, check out my site! that's where I write-up my views on SF. I have not read any of Fast's, or his more famous dad, work.

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@Richard The best places to start on my site if you're not a regular visitor.

My 2023 in review:

My 2022 in review:

Both of these posts provide a rundown of all my recent reviews, review series, projects, etc.

All my reviews are organized by rating and review here:

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Theodore L. Thomas (1920-2005) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Hoot von Zitzewitz, 1965; R, Kelly Freas, 1959

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Nein, nicht der Captain in den Eiswüsten des Ganymed...

(Ed Valigursky, 1958)

#scifiart #scifi #oldscifi #sciencefiction

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