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Senior Developer at https://mastodon.social/@turtlesec ★ High Energy Physics PhD from Uni Oslo and CERN ★ Linux ★ Python ★ Open Source ★ Unicode Unicorn ★ ISO 8601 Enthusiast ★ Consumer of Sci-Fi ★ Hobby Writer ★ Born at 336 ppm CO₂ ★ she/they, Dr.

Open Source: https://novelwriter.io, https://fosstodon.org/@novelwriter

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veronica, to Sleeping
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My watch says "actual sleep time 9h 13min", and I really needed that. I've been on 3-5 hours most nights since the cursed daylight savings change three weeks ago.

#Sleep #DST

DanielaKEngert, to random German
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I finally received full voting rights at at C++ plenary level as a German national body delegate.

Before that, I could vote in the groups and subgroups below (where the actual work is done), but not on the contents of the C++ standard document.

Feel free to heap all your scorn on me, I'm a partner in crime now.


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@DanielaKEngert Congrats!

rebeccawatson, to random
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seems like the 4 horsemen of atheism are dying in the order I liked them, just like the beatles. richard dawkins is gonna stab ringo starr to death in 2065 mark my words

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@rebeccawatson Oh Dennett died.

I'm not sure who I dislike more of Harris or Dawkins, but I can't stand either og them.

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@xarvh Yup. Dawkins is an asshole through and through, while Harris is a racist+ that tries to hide behind pseudo-science and "just asking questions".

unnick, to random
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you know what? fuck it. i will unchain myself from the shackles of my past. im above them. i no longer need them. they are not on my side and never were. i will face them. i will permit them to pass over me and through me. and when they have gone past i will turn the inner eye to see their path. where they have gone there will be nothing. only i will remain.

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@unnick @root You know, this is how the Internet Archive works. Until someone closes that browser ...

hugovk, to python
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🎲 Do you like Python's little CLIs? For example:

$ python -m http.server
$ python -m webbrowser example_url
$ python -m uuid
$ python -m calendar

What about adding one to random?

$ python -m random curry "fish n chips" tacos

$ python -m random 6

$ python -m random 2.5

Give your feedback on my proposal at

If there's support we might be able to get it into 3.13 before May's beta cutoff! 🤞

#Python #Python313 #CLI #random

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@hugovk Never used those actually. I have at least one ipython terminal open at any given time. It is my default calculator! 😊

nextcloud, to random
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University of Oslo chose Nextcloud to set up an on-premises research platform, allowing users to share and collaborate on data and text files securely!

Now, researchers can work with files without their data going to commercial cloud providers.
Here's how they did it:


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@nextcloud Oh, I know her! So random. 😊

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@rwdf @nextcloud Oh, right! Never met @francis in person actually. I recognised the name I thought, but didn't make the connection. 😁

veronica, to random
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I have to use Windows for work, and it sucks. It is mind numbingly unresponsive compared to what I'm used to.

I recently got the "New" Outlook and Teams, and I'm wondering if all newer Microsoft software is built on a shared framework called "Microsoft Bloatware".

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If my CPU fan starts to go WHOOOOSH on my own computer, and I didn't start a job, I get suspicious and start investigating. 🤨

On Windows, that's a chance every time you click a button ...

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@DanielaKEngert Nope, all business as usual. It's a mid range laptop. I've stripped away all the bloat I can find, so it's improved.

What prompted this was Outlook starting at startup, which took ages, even though I've switched off as much startup junk as I can. Outlook and Edge apparently ignores my settings, so my computer was unusable for the first while.

The bloat is everywhere though. Spawning Python processes takes forever too. Everything is just so inefficient.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@DanielaKEngert I have no control over the CPU cycles used for scanners as this is all policy controlled. So much nonsense is policy controlled. I can't even change the default search engine in Edge. 🙄

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@tmr232 I liked Windows 2000 and XP. It's been downhill from there.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@WizardOfDocs @tmr232 I've mostly used Linux for the last 15 years. I've occasionally had a Windows partition for playing WoW, but even that worked well on Linux last I played. I've also used Linux for work from ~2010 up until my current job, 2021, so I've used every Windows since 3.11/NT3.51 except 8. I still keep Windows VMs around for when I need to build something.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@IngaLovinde @tmr232 I mean, I have Thunderbird installed on my own computer, and it has none of that bloat, is very responsive, and much more user friendly. What the hell is Microsoft even doing?

veronica, to discworld
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It's nice to see that the users of my app are noticing that the window title of my fatal error dialog is quoting error messages from Hex, the computer at Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork. 😁

Thankfully, the error is in a pre-release at least. Crashes are not nice.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

Here's the code that generates them. I would like to add more!

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@sarahdal I have to show my love for Discworld and Pratchett. I cited him in my thesis too. 😁

veronica, to random
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Yay, fire alarm at 06:37 this morning. 😴

Neighbour making toast. 😁

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@eivind @atlefren Yeah, if the alarm is triggered inside a unit, there's a delay of 2 minutes. It gives anyone setting it off by accident a chance to stop it and save us the money.

The company that installed the system did a training session with everyone after we moved in. I guess that's a one off thing as the building was new in 2022.

jon, to random
@jon@vivaldi.net avatar

The Norwegian government wants to ban Crypto mining. I hope they do and that others follow. It is time for this nonsense to stop.


@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@Rathmox @jon I also disagree with the "not much we can do" claim. The proof of work model that is the cause of the incredibly wasteful mining is not even required. There are other models, and some currencies have successfully switched. This is a design choice.

I mean, putting aside the point that crypto has little or no practical use aside from speculation and money laundering in the first place.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@Rathmox @jon Yes, proof of stake is a better model. However, it doesn't make crypto more useful. Just less wasteful. It is still inefficient and high risk.

Also, exchanges aren't exactly law abiding. Something most people reading the news should be aware of by now. They are also not the only way to convert money. Especially not for criminals.

veronica, (edited )
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@Rathmox @jon I absolutely want my savings to be held by a well regulated bank. My issue is not with centralised banking, but with it sometimes lacking proper government oversight.

I absolutely do not want my savings to be held on some esoteric ledger where if I lose my key, I lose my money, and where stolen or mis-transferred money cannot be returned. That's a nightmare system.

I also don't want my mortgage in a deflating currency.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@Rathmox @jon Yes, regulation is great. But let's focus on governing the system that already works, and not on some libertarian tech bro fantasy system.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@Rathmox @jon Cutting the power is an excellent start.

Alice, (edited ) to random
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I would never do standup comedy for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is because I've learned almost everything by reading and I have very bad intuitions about how words should be pronounced so I think it's best for everyone if I just keep typing in this box and everyone else can keep assuming I pronounce these words properly.

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@andthisismrspeacock @Alice It did bother me when I listened to an audio book a while ago, and the person reading didn't know how to pronounce "Ensign". They clearly haven't watched enough Star Trek, and that's a shame!

astrid, to random
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LEDs: light-emitting diodes
incandescents: light-emitting resistor
antenna: light-emitting inductor
electrical fire: light-emitting fuse

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@astrid laptops: light emitting cat beds.

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