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Pirate Politician, Software Developer, MA Musicology (he/him)

Culture, Math, Sociology, Philosophy, Music, Demoscene, Games, #NAFO, Writing, Disc Golf, Skateboarding.

Not here for snarky comebacks. A slur is not an argument.

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gimulnautti, to Finland
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I’m old enough to remember communist parties in democratic . They were .

But just because we now have electoral gains by the parties farthest left in countries like and , doesn’t mean it was a far-left victory.

The people on the are going to try and make it sound like it. Be warned.

These parties are ”pure left”. Actual left, not playing left.

What makes them different is they don’t apologise for being like the centre-left parties often do.

parismarx, to tech
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Germany’s AfD is so extreme it was kicked out of the far-right grouping in the European Parliament last month, but Elon Musk thinks their policies “don’t sound extremist.” That’s because he’s also a fascist.

gimulnautti, (edited )
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@parismarx Hah. Stupid he is.

Always so overt about trying to be covert.

In Finland we have a saying: ”This thing is visible enough to be seen by a blind man with a walking stick.”

gimulnautti, to Finland
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#Finland knows where it’s at and how to vote.

Huge loss for the vatnik #truefinns party in #europeanelection2024.

Center-right Kokoomus and Progressive-Left Vasemmistoliitto were the big winners here.

However, I hear the French still have a problem knowing the difference between trolls that Russia bankrolls and local politicians.. 😓


gimulnautti, to random Finnish
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fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - Confident #Putin warns Europe is ‘defenceless’
By Steve Rosenberg

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@fulelo This guy is seriously drinking his own kool-aid! 🤡

gimulnautti, to metallica Finnish
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#Metallica Helsingissä herätti eilen aika erilaisia tunteita kuin 30 vuotta sitten yläaste-ikäisenä.

Fiilis oli oikeastaan välillä enemmän megachurch kuin metallikonsertti, ja siis hyvällä tavalla.

Hetfieldin välispiikit oli ”Metallica family” hommia, susta välitetään, tai sit höpsöjä vitsejä

Moshpitit pyöri ympyrää ja käsien puiminen oli hypnoottista kuin jostakin Barakasta olis katsonut uskonnosta rituaalia.

Mut kukaan ei ottanut itseään turhan tosissaan. Siinä se tärkeä ero sit olikin✌️😄


JamesGleick, to random
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Trump is testing the mainstream press. He’s saying in every way possible: Yes, I really am going to be a dictator. Yes, I really am going to dismantle the democratic institutions that have defined this country for 250 years. Yes, this really will be the last election, if I win it. And by the way, of course that means the end of a free press.

Now, how are you going to cover this political season? https://mastodon.social/@indivisibleteam/112576597337880208

gimulnautti, (edited )
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@JamesGleick It’s amazing how little people know about what democracy stands on.

It has been a ”masks off” moment in more ways than one.

Not just from the wannabe dictators, but from the crowd as well.

They never wanted to live in a democracy, actually, now that you look closely. They want a different kind of society, which they will still call ”freedom”.

Even if it won’t be, but they will still trust the leader and blame the scapegoat class on it not being free.


gimulnautti, to random
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I mean, I get it, I truly do, no need to explain.

But there are times when the simpler parts of my brain, not privvy to postmodern reasoning skills, still ask:

”Why am I surrounded by these idiots who derive logically that Israel must be good from the fact that Hamas is bad?”

Then I remember.

kellogh, to random
@kellogh@hachyderm.io avatar

it’ll be fascinating to read a hindsight analysis of the debacle in 5 years. i think it represents a significant business failure, maybe a critical one. i know there’s a lot of undercurrents and dynamics at play, it’ll be a great case study down the road

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@kellogh I can’t even start to describe how many more ways there are to hack an AI assistant than a regular old program. 😅

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@kellogh good stuff, man 👍😊

gimulnautti, (edited ) to random
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

I believe numbers of deaths carry an important significance about who is morally on the right side of a conflict.

Many want to believe otherwise so hard, they can’t tell the difference anymore.

#freepalestine 🇵🇸

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
@WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

I can't be the only guy who cringe and brace before reading a comment section for a woman youtuber almost regardless of the subject?

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@WhyNotZoidberg you’re not

gimulnautti, to random
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Save Palestinians from Hamas, oust Bibi & his ultra-orthodox government allies in Israel who made sure Hamas stays in power in Gaza!

Save Israelis from Bibi & his ultra-right allies who are using the threat of Hamas to strip civil liberties and dismantle any checks & balances limiting their power!

#freepalestine #freeisrael #netanyahu #ultraright

afterdawn, to vr Finnish
@afterdawn@mementomori.social avatar

Hyvästi haaveet toimivasta junanetistä?

VR ehti saada jo oman kalustonsa verkon parannuksen lähes maaliin. Nyt piti vielä parantaa tukiasemien kattavuutta radan varrella. Rahaakin oli varattuna, mutta Lulu Ranteen johtama LVM keskeytti hankkeen ilman ennakkovaroitusta.


#vr #juna #junaverkko #nettiyhteys #lvm #ministeriö #uutiset #teknologia #tekniika

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@tomminieminen @afterdawn Missään nimessä ei saa parantaa työntekijöiden tuottavuutta junamatkojen ajalla.

Mokomatkin läppäreidensä kanssa plärääjät, luulevat olevansa parempia kuin tavalliset työmatkalaiset!

carto, to random Finnish
@carto@mastodon.online avatar

Koston ja kiusaamisen politiikka jatkuu. Mitään järkeä tässä ei ole ja yrityksiä tai työntekijöitä tää haittaa, mutta identiteetti, se on kova asia. Se, että Kokoomus sallii tämänkin, kertoo vaan siitä, että mitään talousosaamista niillä ei ole.


#politiikka #fipol #junat

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@carto ei missään nimessä lisätä työvoiman tuottavuutta!

Yhdellekään yritykselle ei missään nimessä voi sallia työntekijöiden junista tekemiä lisätunteja!

gimulnautti, to random
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

The conservative, far-right apologeptic #truefinns party has been in government for mere months, and already the country has changed.

We are now experiencing the result of moving the overton window of acceptable speech:

”No country ever has been succesfull at integrating refugees.” was today said live on national televison.

I cannot understate the falsity of that statement and the racist undertone supposed. An immigrant is simply never enough.

#narrative is the true source of power.

rbreich, to random
@rbreich@masto.ai avatar

Trump's most obvious lies (like pretending he never led chants of "lock her up) are perhaps the most disturbing.

Telling lies that everyone knows are lies is a classic tactic of dictators to force their followers to side with them over the truth itself.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@rbreich That’s what happens when you let liars into power: They use the power to create more & deeper lies to gather more power.

Once the critical mass is reached, you’ll blink and the world has changed. Now they control the narrative.

gimulnautti, to Ukraine
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Apparently Biden does not want to win. He will rather attend a fundraiser in California, than represent US in a meeting for achieving peace in Ukraine like a world leader.


w7voa, to random
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

Two years later, obvious misinformation is finally taken down. “2000 Mules” is a case study in how appealing, lucrative falsehoods endure, writes Phillip Bump. https://wapo.st/3yLui3I

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@w7voa The liar always carries the initial advantage.

This is the problem with social media -based information distribution.

The truthful don’t have a chance to come back and win. The algorithm-fed hype cycles have long gone by the time required to build a good counterargument.

gimulnautti, to random
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

I would like to remind everyone, that we’ve broken away from the dominance of religion in moral logic and reasoning only by transferring the authority from the church to the university.

Now, as ”woke” humanist university studies are increasingly cancelled in favour of monetiseable degrees, market logic is again replacing morals, and the people are feeling it.

But what the most suffering are grabbing for as the antidote is not humanism, it is the church. Again.

And it’s not their fault.

gimulnautti, to random Finnish
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

Osuvaa 😄

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

Laitan nyt selityksenkin tähän vielä että MIKSI tämä on hauska.

Mieskulttuurissa aggressiivisuuden kyseenalaistaminen on niin perkuleen vaikeeta.

Niin vaikeeta, että tälläisiä tilanteita tulee vastaan jatkuvasti ja miehet on vaan et: ”Mitä?”

Aggressiivisuus on mieskulttuurissa sisäänrakennettu defaultti ja ihannoinnin kohde. Siksi palvomme tunnekylmiä sosiopaatteja, ja kerta toisensa jälkeen haksahdamme suuriin poliittisiin johtajiin.

”Kova jätkä”… Sanomme sen vailla ymmärrystä tosi usein.

dominiksteiger, to random German
@dominiksteiger@swiss.social avatar
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

Microsoft Recall = Uskomaton tietoturvafailure

Täytyy taas todeta että nää markkinointi ”insinöörit” elää jossain pumpulissa missä ei oo yhtäkään troijalaista, ransomwarea tai pahantahtoista ihmistä. 🥵

noelreports, to random
@noelreports@mstdn.social avatar

10 Years - Azov Anniversary Fundraiser


Today I am announcing a special new fundraiser for the 12th Special Operations Brigade Azov. This brigade, which goes back to 2014 and by now everyone knows from heroically defending Mariupol against Russian invaders, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. In honor of this we want to raise money to finance 10 much-needed NAFO 2.0 trucks.

👉You can donate here: https://help99.co/patches/noel-reports-x-azov-x-69sb---10-years-of-azov-anniversary


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@bhaug @martin That is what people who look only for blame ignore about democracies: There’s always a few nazis there who abuse freedom of speech.

You can look at any free country with freedom of speech and find nazis. Sometimes even in parliament. I know my country has plenty of nazi symphatizers. Israel has their own jewish supremacists.

But. When Russia sneakily moved in 2014, the far right was the first to report and move on the unofficial invasion.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

Azov has a history of far right, but also it protected Ukraine first.

The difference between democracies and autocrats pointing fingers is the attention to the whole instead of the detail.

Yeah. You can single out Bandera and claim whole of Ukraine are banderites. But that would be wrong.

Yea. You can find neonazis & terrorists in the past of Azov battalion. But those people haven’t been calling the shots for ages.

”Azov is run by nazis” hasn’t been a credible claim since 2016.

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