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We enjoy creating compost and worm bins on a small scale to produce beautiful gardens.

We invite you to join other enthusiasts who share the same interest in composting at #Compostodon.

Composting is a simple way to take #climateaction that anyone can practice.

Please take note that in this community, we do not tolerate climate change deniers and appropriate measures will be taken if necessary.

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Fascism is like poison ivy it is toxic and invasive and once it is out of control you regret you did not act sooner.

Big 👍 for the European countries that sent the fascists home today.

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Several members of our community have shared their concerns about fighting Poison Ivy or Oak.

Please share your tips and tricks and your experience on how you deal with this issue.

We have an area that we are trying to rescue here and we know the struggle.

It is the one thing that should not go to the #compost pile.

#gardening #garden #plants

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Please go #vote for the #eu.

The enshitification of this election by the fascists in disguise is an attempt to take over democracy and destroy this institution.

It is a disgrace to vote for those who do not care by definition and they will fix nothing for you.

If you care about your freedom you have no other option but vote. And if you believe those people are not like those nazis of WWII you are being fooled.

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I can so relate to this documentary about

It has changed my life and healed me. It has improved my work in the gardens to the point that I am not concerned anymore about the pain I might get because yoga will fix it for me.

you are fabulous and I can't stress enough the community to have a look at this awesome tool.


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This video is a No-Dig Gardening Masterclass with Charles Dowding

Ever since we have tried no-dig even on a very heavy clay native soil, we just can't go back to normal.

You indeed need a lot of compost for a no-dig garden and this is why we wanted to master all of this.

credits - growveg on YouTube

#gardening #compostodon #growyourown #nodig #garden


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Being #trans has never meant that you become a woman. It means that you have to accept the reality that you are a woman born into a different body.

We do not choose any of this. It is a painful experience to realize and when you realize that a lot of the society will shun you for who you are it is not something we wish on others.

This is why we celebrate #Pridemonth because society does not see us as equals.

But the good news is because I have accepted who I am I can surround myself with people that care.

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French gardener Olivier explains in this video the results after 6 months in his gardens of different composts and mulches.

The video is in French of course but the content is worth it. French is my native language so if you have questions you can ask them.

#compostodon #gardening #growyourown


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The enshitification of politics is a strategy used by the fascists in disguise to discourage people from voting.

Why does it serve them? So that they can be elected of course and appear as the white savior.

Do not be fooled by this, it is better to have incompetent democrats than an incompetent fascist in charge.

Go #vote dear European friends.

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When I make bedding for our composting worms, I grab all the paper I can find and shred it into very little pieces.

When the worm bin is too dry I soak this in water and it fixes the humidity.
When the worm bin is too wet I just add the dry paper.

The really big pro of doing this is that you limit the risks of adding intruders to the bin that might be in the brown material. I have yet to find any cons for this method.

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When the conservatives want to send to the white house a candidate that had an affair with a porn star that wanted to go public.

This is one of the reasons we celebrate #PrideMonth, when those who like to fix moralistic rules can't apply those rules to themselves.

Clean your mess before talking shit about others. I don't need to be lectured by those who can't get their shit together.

Vote them out.

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The YouTube channel Primitive Technology is one of my favorites.

In this fascinating little video, they explain a very simple technique for making charcoal in a closed pot.

The applications of charcoal in the compost pile are very useful. You can simply add some to your worm bins, the goal of doing this will be to keep the moisture of your bin important in the summer months.

It will supercharge your worm compost in nutrients.

#gardening #compostodon #growyourown


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Our local and free is the best thing our local community has done for .

We can give the extra plants that love to volunteer in the and exchange a few , , plants, or garden tools that people want to share.

Here is the link to the FB group if you want to find some inspiration and start some for your community. It is my last reason to still use FB.

I sure wish had groups like this one.


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Oh, I absolutely detest FB this group allows me to check what people drop and sometimes you can find real treasures.

The day we can do that on the fediverse I am out.

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I pinch my nose when I use that group and just check the drops for the weekend when people are more active. It probably take me 5 minutes max.

Groups are existing on the fediverse but I don't find them as advanced as this.

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That is the other nice thing about this library, local gardeners know what grows well.

As a trans person, I just can't be myself on FB, and for me, it is a y'all can go to hell. Long live Mastodon let's make this thing fabulous 🌈

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@thepoliticalcat I live in a conservative neighborhood that has a few gardeners. If they know a trans person is working hard to make the local area a nicer place they would probably have a minute of what in the actual fuck.

It is my little revenge on them.

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80 years ago, Europe had to fight against those who denied its freedom. That is why we need the celebration of #dday to never forget what happened.

To prevent history from repeating itself, the only thing you can do is vote against those fascists in disguise who try to lie to you and pretend that they are not those Nazis.

All the signs are there, and that is why we are not standing for any candidate, we are standing against those who spend their days trying to deceive us all.

compost, to queer
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For a lot of lawmakers are trying to make the flag illegal 🌈

If you do not like our flag, all you have to do is close your eyes like you already do for or the the list is long so it should not be an effort.

Here we think there should be a lot more issues that you need to be concerned with.

We welcome the community and we think that the planet does not care who dares to be responsible for her. That job needs to be done and it will honor you.

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What is fantastic about composting worms is that not only they are able to process an insane amount of waste and help us limit greenhouse gasses from landfills, but we often forget that they produce one of the most powerful manure that can be made at home.

If you apply the worm castings in your garden, you will boost the biology in your soils and provide a lot of nutrients for your plants.

If you want to do something for the #climate a worm bin is a very good start.

#gardening #growyourown #climatecrisis #climatechange

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Controversial topic I would like to discuss.

Because I lived a lot of my life with vegan people who had to lecture me a lot about how the meat industry is evil I would like to remind a few things about growing veggies.

A lot of the veggies we buy at the store and eat are sadly produced with a lot of toxic products.

Veggies require pesticides so that they will look pristine in the store and the buyer will feel confident to buy them.

Veggies also requires fertilizers that can be just as toxic for the environment than for you.

Unless veggies are grown in a very organic fashion and on a soil that focus on biology only and not on chemistry, you are not being much different than the guy who buys his steak from the conventional meat industry.

This is why it is important to understand how our soils work and why we need to stop poisoning ourself with the food we eat.

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Vegan if you are not carefull with your diet will give you kidney stones, our kidneys are not meant to process all of that green.

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The reason why I did not become vegan and I could really have is because conventional agriculture when it comes to growing cereals and veggies have massively used chemicals after world war 2.

As a consequence those practices have depleted all the life in our top soil and created part of the climate change. So to me being vegan is just as bad as paying for animal being murdered.

The world we live in has become very complex and it is easy to over simplify things.

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Kindly remember to check the compost pile's moisture content.

The microbiology in your compost is fueled by moisture, which also ensures that the organic waste is being broken down quickly.

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This cool video by the YouTube channel No-Till Growers tells you everything about Developing a No-Till Garden From Scratch


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Amaury Guichon is proof that not all heroes wear capes.

#gardening #baking


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