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You do you, as long as nobody gets hurt.
"Yes, I am autistic. No really. This is not a joke." ~me

What am I doing on Mastodon?
I speak honestly, in a world where the primary language seems to be lies. I hope for acceptance of neurodifferent minds worldwide.

What I type about?
My thoughts. Usually whatever comes to my mind. I enjoy sharing and caring.

Somewhere in America (not my choice)

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timberwraith, to random
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I guess Biden's escaped humanitarian Gaza pier is now making him look like a blithering schmuck.

Which of course, isn't much of a change in status. 🤦‍♀️

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@timberwraith @Greenseer All that WASTED American dollars I could spend on real Lego.

Or food.
How dare I be so spoiled when there are starving kids in Gaza.

Wasting tax dollars on broken projects. What happened to the good architects in the world, surely they can make a pier that doesn't break apart.

simongerman600, to random
@simongerman600@mastodon.au avatar

Times weren’t better back then. You were just in your carefree youth and are missing that time now. We tend to claim that music, fashion, TV, and society peaked when you were in your teens. It’s not the world it’s you that you are melancholic about.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@thepoliticalcat Get soap in the mouth or a spanking if you said "crap" or "damn" (at least in my childhood). Mom abused me so hard because she wanted a "normal" child, and wanted me to be "normal" because what would the neighbors think, she worried too damned much that I wasnt a normal, dress wearing feminine little girl.

I hated barbies. Kept getting barbies and cabbage patch dolls. And Pink. I loathe wearing pink, and dresses, I HATE dresses with a PTSD passion.

msquebanh, to random
@msquebanh@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Just sent email to local gallery, that hosts workshops/events/lessons - about how many of us locals would really like to be able to attend their events & participate in their workshops/painting classes but are unable to because the indoor environment isn't . I asked if they're planning any safer outdoors events/classes so they're more . I hope they will.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@msquebanh Thank you. I want to feel safe out there too.

plaguepoems, to random
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When they ask you
(and they will ask you)
why you are wearing a mask
in this moment
when case numbers are low
respond by telling them
that case numbers are low
and you are doing your part
to keep them that way.

The 218th week of plague poem collected:

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

And I have answered,
"A cold could kill me"

So I continue on the task,
I will keep wearing a mask,
As long as the threat of death,
Can exist in every unfiltered breath.

cat_news, to Cats
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Picasso (Central Bohemian Region, Czechia) was found batting around a pair of tweezers she had somehow gotten hold of. For some reason her humans took it away. They are so picky about what is a toy and what isn’t. She is far too creative to be held back by their preconceptions.


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@cat_news Caaaaat 😸

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

I'd like to think our genetics don't define us, and then I'll meet a herding dog, and start thinking, "Well, maybe..."

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr I'd like to meet a Domesticated Fox. I heard, they do exist, and it only took a few generations of careful breeding.

effinbirds, to random
@effinbirds@mastodon.social avatar
@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@effinbirds wtf is 'reasonable' anyways 🤷‍♀️
Such an undefined term.

(I adore your art and sayings, thank you for tooting, hooting into mastodon)

18+ Frances_Larina, to random
@Frances_Larina@sfba.social avatar

Writer Daniel Villarreal was doing so good until, "While some people with autism are high-functioning and...". Similar phrasing is used throughout the piece.

This is why the old saying, "Nothing about us without us" was boosted by disability activists in the 1990's. Intentions are good but without direct input from the subject minority, it's really likely a writer is going to expose their ignorance.


@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Frances_Larina Oof.

As an autistic person who wants to help others be less stigmatized, this Daniel's phrasing makes me angry.

Do they provide an apology for misuse of languages in their own article?

"internet users with autism began communicating" Oof, ok I'm done reading.

I cant go on reading to find if they apologize for their humiliating phrases.

thepoliticalcat, to random
@thepoliticalcat@mastodon.social avatar

I like the idea of , bc there are days when I desperately NEED to rant. It's the perfect tag. Of course, I won't use it only on Fridays bc my brain is really a sieve these days and I don't always remember things on Fridays, or on other days, either.

Today's Fuck Off Friday topic is pain. Pain is a GREAT incentive to swear. Did you know swearing actually reduces pain levels? Yes, it does. I read it somewhere. Of course, I forget WHERE.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@thepoliticalcat I bought myself a coloring book named "Live, Laugh, Fuck Off" a coloring book for adults.

My fav page is one of a kitty cat peeking outside of a teapot with the words "Leave me the fuck alone".

Swearing helps me feel better, even if cussin is a placebo effect, I feel some relief by one loud screecy cussword screamed outloud.

I passed out trying to hold all that screamy pressure inside.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@thepoliticalcat I got mine off Amazon, several different fucking titles. I hope you find one badass coloring book to enjoy!


RickiTarr, (edited ) to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in a relationship?

Mine might sound kind of dark in relation to the question, but here goes:

People change, and they should, it's part of being a person. Some people are lucky, and they change in the same direction, but some don't, and that's okay too. There's no shame in leaving a relationship or changing the nature of a relationship that no longer serves you. We are all taught that every relationship, whether romantic or friendship, is supposed to last forever, but nothing is forever, and forcing something that no longer works, just ends in anger and bitterness. Knowing when to let go is as important as knowing when to hold on through a rough patch, and how to know either of those things is the most cliché advice of all, COMMUNICATE.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr Time changes all things. Some couples change together and keep going on the same path, sometimes the path divides. I hope you find/have your life-path partner too.

luckytran, to random
@luckytran@med-mastodon.com avatar

Republicans are trying to take away and criminalize the right to make decisions around our own health, whether that’s the right to wear a mask or the right to have an abortion. Unacceptable.


@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@luckytran I was hoping it would become illegal to NOT wear a mask (n95 or better).

What's next... They gonna ban wearing seatbelts and sober driving?! smh

msquebanh, to Birds
@msquebanh@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

People who complain about wild singing so hard in the morning - are not my friends. I'm DELIGHTED about early morning bird songs!

Their bird calls YellTell me - We are happy in our habitat here! It's another day we are alive!

Their early morning bird songs, remind me of the importance of feeling of being able to enjoy another morning, another day, to relish in the fact I'm still alive & able to receive many opportunities that the dead no longer have.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@msquebanh I looooove those songs.

I pleasure in the sounds of the California Towhee, and the coos of the Mourning Doves.

Sometimes the Towhee nests in bushes outside my bedroom window.

Happy sounds!

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

What is the thing(s) that attracts you to a person romantically or otherwise?

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr Just a feeling. I cant explain it.

msquebanh, to animals
@msquebanh@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Couple of photos of Asher, from earlier.

I'm having problems falling asleep & put some melatonin drops into chamomile tea to try to ease body into sleep. I was up later than usual because Mom's been having some more high blood pressure related medical issues recently.

A blurry reflection of me, in one of my cat's green eyes.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@msquebanh Caaaaat :patcat:

msquebanh, to random
@msquebanh@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@MatWright I have a heavy phone appointment with BC Health patient services complaints & I requested manager/supervisor attend meeting too. Is there any covid related concerns that you want me to mention, during my lengthy phone meeting? I'm still dealing with BC Emergency Comms screwing up on night my Dad died & me & family were extra traumatized by bully antimasker cop - who is president of Saanich Police Union. I found that out, after he traumatized us, in our own home, while Dad was dying.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@msquebanh @MatWright

the lack of masks at my personal choice of dentist is making me seek a new dentist. Mouths are open and I want all the rest of the mouths in the care center to be covered too.

I could die from a common cold, and if I'm unconscious, needing medical care, I cant readily keep my own mouth masked.

While I dont live in BC, health needs I have cannot be an isolated to only me. Who knows how many others are in my situation, or worse, unable to access safe medical/dental care.

GreenRoc, to random
@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

I want autism acceptance.

Sure, some might wanna "cure" for some traits... So then I think, I would like a cure for pooping. How's about a cure for breathing, while we're looking for cures for things we don't like... No breathing, so we can go into space without oxygen.

I want to get real.
Really Autistic with Acceptance.

effinbirds, to random
@effinbirds@mastodon.social avatar
@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@effinbirds I been following your social media for over a year, and this one might be my personal favorite.

Tim_McTuffty, to actuallyautistic
@Tim_McTuffty@beige.party avatar

Diary of an ASD Squirrel. Day 186 , Thursday 02/05/2024

So I’ve been feeling ruff as a bears bum for a few days now (again , you would think more regular exercise would take me the other way 🙄) so I planned to try and sleep thru to 8ish. I put in my ear plugs & set the alarm accordingly.

I was awake at 05:50 … a mix of my traitorous body responding to its Pavlovian training & the noise of herself romping round the house like baby elephant , in that considerate way she has.

So here I sit, my brain is moving at glacial speeds & my body feels like a train hit it.
At least she’s in the office today, so a day of peace & quiet!

I hate how little I am able to do at the moment , either thru illness or depression stealing my motivation.
Sometimes I wish I had a child , or a dog - they seem to be highly motivational from what I can see from the lives of others who have them.
I would be a terrible father or dog owner though , so probably best all round that I avoid both .

Oh while I’m on a roll I WISH my tinnitus would give me a break! It’s been screaming so loud in my ears for days now!

Where to go next on my ASD journey has been on my mind for a few days, the GPs completely negative reaction last time I went to see him has ripped me asunder. Where I had a set path now I flounder in indecision. I guess I have to decide if I need to be able to function better in society , or whether I just stick 2 fingers up at society & return to being a hermit.

Had a really epic FO4 session today after I finished my chores & then when Mrs S. got home we went & did our civic duty & voted - me being plagued by dizzy spells, nausea & exhaustion on the walk there and back & her being plagued by her dodgy knee ! We made a right pair, I think the thing that holds our marriage together at the moment is the need for mutual physical support , together we make a whole working person !

Caved & watched the first episode of Fallout - I’ve missed a couple of the games so I don’t know just how true it is to the earlier games, but I (& surprisingly Mrs S.) enjoyed it , so yeah, roll on ep 2 !

Final Thoughts.

Others write of monumental achievements , of beating challenges , or of coping with pain or personal circumstances that would reduce a normal person to jelly. I wish I were that strong.

I defo have EDFitis again , & it seems as though it’s gonna take its own sweet time to pass. Bummer !

Thank you to all those who are helping me on this journey, in a myriad different ways. I am thankful to each & every one of you! 🫂 🫶🐿️🖖


@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Tim_McTuffty @actuallyautistic

"I just stick 2 fingers up at society & return to being a hermit. " I made that decision in 2009, took me a while to get used to, I would not still be existing primarily inside my tiny little apartment unit, (as much as possible) if not for the internet giving me this precious human need for connection with other humans.

My body hurts constantly, I feel more energy taking nerve pain medicine regularly.

My mind never stops running even when my body sleeps.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Tim_McTuffty @actuallyautistic Hi there, I am waking up, sleep felt restful Thank you :BlobhajHeart:

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Tim_McTuffty @actuallyautistic Thank you so much! I hope you did too!

18+ Frances_Larina, to random
@Frances_Larina@sfba.social avatar

Really, is anyone surprised?

"After nearly 20 years of building Google Search, Gomes would be relegated to SVP of Education at Google, Zitron wrote. 'Gomes, who was a critical part of the original team that made Google Search work, who has been credited with establishing the culture of the world's largest and most important search engine, was chased out by growth-hungry managerial types led by Prabhakar Raghavan, a management consultant wearing an engineer costume.'"


@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Frances_Larina Not surprised. Argh I miss Ask Jeeves. Too much of google shows me popular results, with ads at the top, instead of relevance to what I typed.

GreenRoc, to random
@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

I complain so much.
I guess the important stuff gets lost in the noise?

Or maybe because it is all important or useful, somehow, some way, I may never know. I dont see the target.

I throw out my words like trying to throw darts at a target I cant see. Some darts might hit a bullseye, most miss.

Maybe my parable should be 'pinning the tail on the donkey' instead of darts.

Higher chance of success with more tails. If you dont wanna be poked, dont follow me, I might poke you on accident.

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Why would people not want to be comfortable? I do most of these things just for comfort. Also they look cute, so...

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr Everything but the colors (I wear cool colors, like blues and greens) nor do I wear jewelry, would be me if I was not criticized for almost every piece.

Shoes, I thought, we are supposed to have the same shoes everyday. Nobody has negatively commented on my shoes, sometimes I get compliments for them. I never wear my shoes indoors, they hurt/bother me too much.

I really liked wearing sunglasses indoors, but it took one person to ask if I was depressed to end that light suppression.

@GreenRoc@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr My grandma (on my dad's side) owned so many shoes, my mom complained about her collection, some word about obsession and unnecessary, or something.

I have one pair.
I can buy the exact same pair at the exact same store and it would have the exact same feel as these old ones. High-top work boots for men, at Big 5. My feet are width E, women's shoes (my birth gender) rarely fit my adult feet.

I had a second, but my flip flops broke sometime this year, in a rush to accommodate someone.

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