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I follow back everyone. Funny memes.

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Happy Tuesday, all half dozen or so of people who are still active here...

(This place just seems deader and deader...)

#meme #Tuesday #horror @horror #funny #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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My Mozart Monday's has picked back up and I've gained 30 followers since!! So excited. ❤️ Come see!

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Not all men. But mostly men because they won't ask for directions.

#LoTR #hiking #memes #funny

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I was never able to use the Wi-Fi at my farm until I moved my router to the barn.

Now I have a stable connection. #Funny #Comedy #Humor #Puns #DadJokes

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"Silent Sunday is all very well for some but others of us are being mobbed by fleas"- harassed Osprey

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Happy Sunday! You know what to do with those lemons!!! 🍋🍋🍋


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When I said I'd like to eat out, this is not what I meant.

#funny #memes

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Physician heal thyself.

#Humor #Funny #Lol #Fun #Humour #Irony

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Happy Saturday! Hope you watch, make, or read something Spooky today! 👻💀🖤

#meme #funny #spooky #horror @horror #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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