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🐱A collab that we did with some great artist 💖


RJB_Mallacore, to blender
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Some sci-fi crossovers to start your Monday.


What two shows would you love to see meet?


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Happy 80th birthday to the man with his hands up Miss Piggy and Yoda's bottoms, Frank Oz.

#ansi #ansiart #textmode #textmodeart #fanart #digitalart #demoscene #bbs #retrocomputing #retrographics #portrait #muppets #starwars

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One day, when I was in "damn, let's destroy this damned reality" mood I did this small #fanart, #InfinityGauntlet of #Thanos in "tattoo design" style. I am not even a fan of Marvel movies, rather fan of Thanos :blobcatjoy:

  • Quick, let's find that "Thanos was right" t-shirt which was lost somewhere in wardrobe! * :blobCat_happy:

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource

deckard977, to fanfiction Italian
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! Come dicevo ieri, avevo prodotto un po' di varianti dell'illu di ieri sera.
A ruota un terzo post con i wallpaper ;)


RJB_Mallacore, to 3dmodeling
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Some time ago I did this small #fanart of Poogie, little #piglet in #MosterHunterWorld. Poogie has many outfits, changing with holidays and seasons and I thought Halloween version was the best I saw. Whole pig's body disappeared, only empty #ghost #costume floating in the air.

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #pig #MonsterHunter

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Here's a lowpoly WinRAR icon compressing files.


deckard977, to fanfiction Italian
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#patlabor #fanart Era un sacco che non disegnavo per rilassarmi, e quindi dopo qualche sbirciata nei giorni scorsi, ecco questa prima versione di un set di varianti che ho finito oggi. Ne ho fatto anche dei wallpaper per desktop e mobile. Ve li link a breve :)

Clobbiteas, to art
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This is a gift for a party member (the same campaign as Opal) as she only had some AI art to use, and I loved the character a lot! So here's Diana! She's an Aasimar!

D&D © Wizards of the Coast
Diana is owned by Kiki

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People post made with to and get thousands of followers then thousands of supporters on . When I post my all I get is either hate or crickets. I dropped using Ai Art Generator experiments because of all the hate I'm getting and my Ai generated artworks were all based on my own 3D renderings and using my own database.

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Another year, another Shigure. I feel like I'm getting the hang of her, but I kinda cheated by not drawing her braid I guess, still cute.

RJB_Mallacore, to scifi
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I guess this is a chibi Tamama. Kinda wanted to experiment while doing this, not sure how I feel about it.

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Oui, je sais. En ce moment vous jouez toutes et tous à Hades 2. Mais moi j’ai craqué pour Rotwood et son univers à base de petits monstres mignons qui se frittent avec des légumes possédés à grands coups de balle géante. Et je ne regrette rien car mettre un smash de volley dans la tronche d’un homme-courge, c’est sans prix 😌

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#MastoArt #Fanart

Done a bit of fanart for #DeadBoyDetectives, this is Niko (played by Yuyu Kitamura). I used a pencil, fineliners and watercolours. I also added some colour digitally.
I plan to also draw/paint Crystal, Edwin and Charles.

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More for : Crystal Palace, played by Kassius Nelson.

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Last fan artwork (for now) for :
Charles Rowland (played by Jayden Revri) and Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew)

T3Z, to fanfiction German
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Bisschen Gekritzel am Abend. 🙂

Nartance, to art French
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One drawing per day - Day 135

Only a few hours to preorder Maliki Poison of the Past!

Plus que quelques heures pour précommander Maliki Poison of the Past!


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