MEGATHREAD for fully FOSS lemmy apps and tools without any ads, tracking or any other anti features.

If any app or tool ( regardless of the platform they are in ) you know of that is fully FOSS and doesn’t have any ads , tracking or any other anti features that didn’t make the list it is a mistake and you can dm me and i will add it. The same goes for apps or tools that are not really FOSS or have anti features , Even...

Seeking Client Suggestions

Hello lemmings, I’m hoping you can help me find the perfect app for Lemmy browsing. In the before times, I used Relay for years on the old subs. Since I migrating I primarily used Sync, which is fine, but I cannot create an alt account login in it on lemmynsfw. I also have used Thunder, which I like but account switching is...

My experience using Fedora Atomic (Budgie) for a month or two. (

I would just like to preface this. This is the first blog post I’ve ever written, so please please please give me feedback if you can. I also didn’t intend on it being here on Lemmy, but Hugo is quite a complex tool that’ll take some time for me to understand. Webdev is not my cup of tea....

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