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I mod the 40k, militaryporn, and military communities. Ask away if you have any questions on a community.

I also run the hobby and nerd interest website scratch-that.org.

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The 6th edition of Black’s Law was published in 1990 by the way.

As we all know, it was a time where trading beaver pelts and sawdust was common practice in the U.S.

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You wouldn’t download an anti-piracy message.

Finally deleted my reddit account after the AI news. What communities do you recommend on lemmy?

Ive been on reddit for more than a decade. Kinda bittersweet, but its not the first time I have moved on from an internet site. I just cant support reddit and sucking up all my posts for AI purposes. Feels terrible and spammy. Ive been a reddit premium holder for many many years....

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I think that hobby communities here can all benefit from having more members. If you have interest in starting out in any of these communities I am always around, and I know there is a small but dedicated base here.





The Star Wars community is a place I have a personal interest in making somewhere positive to talk about the parts of Star Wars people really enjoy. I’m happy to see that it has started to take off more over time.


Communities about history and oddities are also places where kids and core members have really done a lot to make the community a place with a foundation.



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These are great and such simple materials. I’m going to have to make some of my own.

The color choices are very 2e ‘nids to me.

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It’s an entirely arbitrary distinction with no formal guidelines.

“Suppressor” is primarily pushed online as a kind of softer term to rebrand “silencers” from sounding less scary. In the same way that “modern sporting rifle” has been (mostly unsuccessfully) pushed as a rebranding of more scary terms for semi-auto, detachable mag rifles.

It’s all word games.

As far as I’m concerned “silencer” is perfectly acceptable. It’s the term on numerous patents, term used in the nomenclature or even names of companies in the industry, and the term used in the stamp application. If somebody tries to “correct” you, realize that “silencer” is essentially an aspirational term for the device and always has been.

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This was just a random one off. I think it started as trying to do that famous Goya painting from memory and then morphed into military-cryptid stuff because of course it would.

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A number of years ago I had to go to a state prison where an inmate had been attacked with a bundle of fireworks thrown into his cell. The source was apparently visitors figuring out a spot before the security checkpoint where they could huck a grocery bag over the wall and have it land somewhere prisoners could get to in the yard.

That particular security hole has been closed, but criminals are like velociraptors and are constantly testing fences for holes.

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