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Wisconsin university regents reject deal with Republicans to reduce diversity positions (

Universities of Wisconsin regents narrowly rejected a deal Saturday reached with Republicans that would have given employees a pay raise and paid for construction of a new engineering building in exchange for reductions in staff positions focused on diversity, equity and inclusion....

Murder conviction of Chicago man who spent 12 years behind bars overturned because key eyewitness was legally blind (

The witness was allegedly suffering from advanced glaucoma at the time of the crime, severely limiting visibility. Surveillance video from the scene also revealed the eyewitness was much farther away than he initially claimed to be, according to the Exoneration Project....

Gazan men questioned by IDF over Hamas ties claim they were abused (

A day after Israel confirmed it was rounding up suspected Hamas members in Gaza for interrogation, some released Palestinian men tell The Associated Press they were treated badly, providing the first alleged accounts of the conditions under which they were detained.

UPenn president, board chairman resign after firestorm over answers to Congress about antisemitism on campus (

The two top leaders of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania resigned Saturday after several days of furious reaction to the school president’s testimony before a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism where she, and the heads of Harvard and MIT, offered equivocal responses to whether calls for genocide of Jews...

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