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Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

This is my lemmy account because I got sick of how unstable kbin dot social was.

Mastodon: @stopthatgirl7

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You seem to have specifically missed where it said GIRLS clothing. Girls’ clothing of very heavily regulated, with rules about skirt length, shoulder strap width, and shorts they can wear, with that excuse given that ours to stop them from distracting boys by having bodies. Girls can be sent home if a bra strap shows.

Tesla’s in its flop era (www.theverge.com)

When Tesla releases its first quarter earnings this afternoon, the company’s CEO Elon Musk will field the usual questions about new products, new factories, and progress toward its futuristic vision of self-driving cars and robot workers. But Musk will also face increasingly urgent questions about its current state of affairs...

Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps (www.404media.co)

Instagram is profiting from several ads that invite people to create nonconsensual nude images with AI image generation apps, once again showing that some of the most harmful applications of AI tools are not hidden on the dark corners of the internet, but are actively promoted to users by social media companies unable or...

Louisiana lawmakers vote to remove lunch breaks for child workers, cut unemployment benefits (www.nola.com)

A Louisiana House committee voted Thursday to repeal a law requiring employers to give child workers lunch breaks and to cut unemployment benefits — part of a push by Republicans to remove constraints on employers and reduce aid for injured and unemployed workers....

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I just put my current durge run on hold to finish off a different run, so hopefully when I come back, the patch will be live.

California won't prosecute LAPD officer who shot teenage girl in store's dressing room (calmatters.org)

The California Justice Department announced today that it has found no cause to file chargesagainst a Los Angeles police officer who, while aiming at a suspect, shot and killed a 14-year-old girl hiding in a department store fitting room....

The Attacks on HBCUs Extend Beyond Tennessee (www.themarysue.com)

We know Republicans hate diversity. We see attacks on everything from voting rights to DEI initiatives to teaching accurate American history in schools. Education is, of course, a favorite target for the GOP. In the state of Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee just dissolved the board at the state’s only HBCU, Tennessee State...

Search continues in Maine as officer is charged with lying about taking missing person to hospital (apnews.com)

Washburn Police Sgt. Chandler Cole resigned after being charged with aggravated forgery, tampering with public records or information, falsifying physical evidence, and unsworn falsification, according to court records. He was arrested on March 29....

After Dobbs, twice as many women sought tubal ligation than men turned to vasectomies (www.salon.com)

Published today in a JAMA Health Forum research letter, policy researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health and Boston University show how the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court ruling affected preferences for permanent contraception among males and females between the ages of 18 to 30. It’s the first study to...

Japanese indie dev tells randoms begging for keys and offering exposure to 'buy it, you piece of garbage' (www.pcgamer.com)

In a recent FAQ spotted by Automaton, Housenka responded to a hypothetical of “I’ll promote you, give me a Steam key” with a delightfully blunt: “Buy it, you piece of garbage.” Or, as Automaton translates it from the original Japanese, “Buy the game, you piece of sh*t.” I can’t decide which I like better,...

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I’d have played it day one had it come out on PC. They’re the ones deciding to cripple sales.

Since I’ve got to wait at least a year - possibly two if they decide to do a timed Epic exclusivity - there’s no way I’m paying full price and will wait for a sale once it’s on Steam.

Former Blizzard President Thinks Tipping Game Creators Is Great Idea (80.lv)

By now, everyone in the world knows that American tipping culture is getting out of hand. That doesn’t mean you can’t introduce another way of “supporting” creators. Mike Ybarra, the former president of Blizzard, shared his desire to tip developers of especially enjoyable games....

Adobe’s ‘Ethical’ Firefly AI Was Trained on Midjourney Images (www.bloomberg.com)

When Adobe Inc. released its Firefly image-generating software last year, the company said the artificial intelligence model was trained mainly on Adobe Stock, its database of hundreds of millions of licensed images. Firefly, Adobe said, was a “commercially safe” alternative to competitors like Midjourney, which learned by...

Original Fallout lead Tim Cain loves the new show, but remains baffled by how 'destructive' fans can act toward 'people who are trying to create things' (www.pcgamer.com)

Cain appreciated the performances and storytelling, but singled out how the show nailed the Fallout “vibe” as its biggest achievement. “I was just looking at all the props,” he said of one scene. “I realized after a few minutes went by that I had not followed the dialogue at all, because I was so engrossed by it...

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