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tokyo_0, to random
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I don't understand why the tech brotherhood is pushing AI so hard. I get that investors want to hear about it. But it's so resource hungry, and they have to know that. They also have to be smart enough to know it's a fad. Is it a desperate ploy to establish a sustainable revenue model for it before the music stops? Surely they have to know the music is going to stop. They have to know no one is going to keep paying for this.

It doesn't make sense. Something else has to be behind this.

tokyo_0, to ai
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JFC now you need to use a browser Microsoft approves of in your operating system to be able to disable its on-by-default continual surveillance of your every action while using it 👀


(Unsurprisingly, only the browsers that are part of the "surveil everything" club are mentioned)

#AI #artificialIntelligence #consent #CoPilot #makeItStop #Microsoft #Recall

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@adnan They're really taking things to a new level. Fortunately my machine is too old to run most of this stuff, and I'm still running Windows 10. It's frustrating that I'm going to have to switch (back) to Linux though. Setting everything up the way I want it is a PITA.

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@adnan I don't get how companies are expected to be fine with "Recall", either. Surely the information security ramifications are staggering in a corporate environment. Or maybe they're hoping firms will buy it for the opportunity to be able to retrospectively snoop on staff.

GossiTheDog, to random
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For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


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@GossiTheDog @rysiek "until they're ready" what the hell? what's it going to take for people to tell software companies where to stick their continual violation of users' autonomy?

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@GossiTheDog @rysiek Also, do Windows Home users have access to the policy editor needed to disable this?

h_tejas, to random
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Why there should be no place for a ‘Brahmin conference’ at Indian universities

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@h_tejas Interesting story. Wasn't there a time (or a set of scripture) that said caste could be determined by occupation or activity, rather than by birth? I know there's plenty of texts suggesting otherwise. The doctrine I'm thinking of regards caste being determined exclusively by birth as a distortion and dogmatisation of its original function.

tokyo_0, to mastodonindians
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@boop Hi there. Do you know who administers the @aajtak account? I was wondering if the language setting for the account could be switched to Hindi—that way the translate features would work for speakers of other languages🙏🧡

Right now, with the posting langauge set to English, the option to translate the post isn't displayed to users whose own language is set to English as well—it's assumed the poster and the user are both using English and that no translation is needed.

cc @mastodonindians

tokyo_0, to random
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Feeling overwhelmed by life. I really feel like there's a gap in the market for some kind of life concierge service that you can query and get good, reliable guidance on various things that need to be taken care of to live well... particularly for people living in foreign countries, but actually not just that. I think even if I was living in my own country it'd be useful. Like having some kind of advocate who helps you to live well by saving you the hours of research it takes to get answers.

ChrisMayLA6, to money
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Forced cashless society.

Our nearby small market town used to have 3 banks; they're all closed (taking their cash machines with them), and this week one of the two remaining cash machines was removed from the supermarket where it was located.

So, we're down to a single cash machine in an area with a radius (I'm guessing) of around 20 miles.

The cashless society doesn't represent consumer choice, its pace is being forced by financial institutions keen to charge fees on transactions!


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@ChrisMayLA6 Did you ever read about the town of Totnes that created its own currency to foster localisation? (I'm not suggesting that would solve the problem as it's definitely not a trivial solution and the problem is systemic and much bigger than one town, and the experiment did end after about a decade, but I thought it was an interesting idea and your post reminded me.)

pvonhellermannn, (edited ) to random
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Israel-Gaza war live: IDF orders evacuation of central Rafah as it prepares to expand its offensive

Clearly not at all a “limited operation”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2024/may/11/israel-gaza-war-rafah-offensive-idf-latest-news?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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@pvonhellermannn It paused one and made a lot of noise about it.

Theblueone, to random
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Interesting how Jack Dorsey calls the people who did not want to use Twitter under Musk and who were looking for alternatives like Bluesky or Mastodon “common” …. What a dickhead. These tech lord billionaires are fascist through and through…Amazing that having a moral compass and values that don’t align with bitcoin shilling tech bros is “common”

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@Theblueone Very odd comments. What's common about needing moderation tools? Superior people accept abuse?

tokyo_0, to random
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Reading the ActivityPub spec at 2am.

(Why am I like this?)

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Trying to work out the best way to distribute an update to a group of ActivityPub users directly (so, like it's being sent to their inbox — like they're followers) but separate from a follower relationship. Then those updates could be displayed for those users in a separate timeline from the main home timeline.


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Can you have multiple inboxes? The spec says something about allowing extensions — could you augment it to add your own extra inbox that anyone using your extended protocol would be able to access?

Best way I can think of right now is to deliver the updates to the recipients' inboxes, then have the recipients determine whether to show in the regular timeline or the extra one based on whether the sender is followed. But that would clutter the default timeline for other clients.

tokyo_0, to fediverse
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Coincidentally, this seems to expose a gap in security—since right now there's no way for me to continue posting to a hashtag I use frequently and avoid this user, who openly admits that they use .social to browse hashtags and then quote posts.


The only way I can use a hashtag on this federated network is to make my post publicly visible. Doesn't that make all hashtag-based communities here vulnerable to surveillance and potential abuse?

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@adnan I don't see them, but they still see me. If I block someone (by the most widely understood convention of what that means), not only should their posts be invisible to me but my posts should be invisible to them as well. Otherwise they can keep on interacting with my posts and I just don't know about it. That doesn't protect anyone from abuse.

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@adnan I didn't see their post, but I saw a reply someone sent to it later that used the same hashtag. It was clear a post wasn't visible to me. I didn't know it had anything to do with me, I was just interested in what had been written in relation to the hashtag/topic and what the reply was referring to (to make sense of that).

When I opened the thread in a private window, it showed they were "quote" posting my own post and adding their own unhelpful commentary about it.

@tokyo_0@mas.to avatar

@adnan The solution is genuinely difficult in this case. You can't stop people linking to things — I wouldn't really want to do that. But while I disagree with Gargron about quite a lot of things, I do think his concerns about quote posting are well founded, and I think ideally people should be able to opt in to being quoted, or have some control over when they are.

@tokyo_0@mas.to avatar

@adnan What this particular user wrote or did isn't as bad as it could be, either. But the idea of anyone being able to stalk a hashtag via the biggest, most open instance and then potentially direct a mob towards it presents a serious potential abuse vector for the .

I like hashtags. I like that it's possible to view them publicly. But having seen this situation it makes me think there need to be options for people to use them with posts that are only visible within the ecosystem.

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@adnan Maybe the would benefit from some kind of "listed and fediverse-public but not external-public" level of post visibility that would allow people to have their posts on hashtags propagated across the fediverse and visible internally within the federated timeline but not visible via pages like the non-authenticated external search on most instances to people who are not logged in 🤔

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@adnan Only the ones admins haven't realised are undesirable yet. If it's within the ecosystem, the mechanisms admins have for blocking instances should work. If it's web-public, nothing will work.

Personally I've been thinking recently about a conceptual social networking platform (perhaps based around AP and interoperable with this) that allows users to limit visibility of their content to within certain degrees of separation. But that's an incomplete idea I don't yet have time to implement.

tokyo_0, to meta
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A lot of people have insisted isn't getting involved with the to embrace, extend and extinguish it...

... but even before fully implementing Fediverse interoperability in they're already talking openly about changing its protocols to add features like monetization. 🤔


Text in a screenshot reads as follows: McCue riffed on the idea that fediverse users could become creators where some of their content became available to subscribers only, similar to how Patreon works. For instance, fediverse advocate and co-editor of ActivityPub Evan Prodromou created a paid Mastodon account (@evanplus) that users could subscribe to for $5 per month to gain access. If he’s on board with paid content, surely others would follow. Cottle agreed that the model could work with the fediverse, too. He additionally suggested there are ways the fediverse could monetize beyond donations, which is what often powers various efforts today, like Mastodon. Cottle said someone might even make a fediverse experience that consumers would pay for, the way some fediverse client apps are paid today.

@tokyo_0@mas.to avatar

And aware, no doubt, that quote posts are a divisive, hot-button issue, they're already building into not only quote post functionality but more refined controls for it than I know of anywhere in the — a feature bound to attract attention and make people consider choosing Threads in preference to other Fediverse software that doesn't offer the same functionality.


This is all absolutely classic embrace, extend and extinguish.

strypey, to random

I no longer assume that everyone online is familiar with old school net culture. One of its old sayings is; "don't feed the trolls". The point being that most people being flippant ass-hats online do it for the attention, so if they don't get any, it's no fun for them, and they go away.

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@strypey Excellent post/thread. I really struggle with this. The failure comes at the point of recognising that the exchange has shifted from good faith to bad. I've reached the point where I'm in the process of adding to my morning reminders a list of negative behaviours I will spot, so that every day I am reminded they exist and to try to recognise them quickly, but I suspect I will still miss some. Is there anything that has worked well for you on recognising these situations quickly?

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