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Founder and Managing Member Honeytree Technologies, LLC [ HoneyTreeTech.com ]

Exec. Chairman Fourth Estate PBC [ FourthEstate.org ]

Mutli-X Serial Entrepreneur | Graybeard Technologist | Angel Investor | Values Driven Mentor and Board Member


I code in dead languages (Perl)

Siterunner at https://Newsie.social and https://Journa.host

Follow me here too: https://bsky.app/profile/honeytree.social

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Early morning (dawn) is seriously my favorite time of day.

Even though when I step outside it's hot and steamy.... and the mockingbirds are protesting my very presence..

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my second favorite thing is bringing my wife coffee in the morning...

(no pictures)

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Wishing I was here right about now....

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The jury got it right in both the #Trump and Hunter #Biden trials.

Just saying....

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Today's thought:

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - (probably not) Lewis Sinclair but still true.

Oh and I can't help but look at the attached image and hear trump saying.. "I moved on her like a b*tch." "grab them by the *****"

Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Trump to Jesus Christ. / Trump casts his criminal conviction as messianic martyrdom.


#trump #Democracy #fascism

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Spam blocklist SORBS closed by its owner, Proofpoint

Spammers will probably bid to buy it, so community is trying to find a better home for decades-old service


#SORBS #SpamBlocklist #Proofpoint #EmailSecurity
#AntiSpam #SpamPrevention

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The power of journalism and the internet!

You don't want to be a shady buy-here pay here car dealership and have your story go viral.


#Car #Tennessee #crime #news #journalism

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Journalism and news, as we once knew them, are no more.

With their decline, our communities have lost their voice and the cornerstone of our democracy.

True accountability has waned, misinformation has surged, the corrupt have risen to power, and the connections within our communities have eroded.

While we can't restore what was lost, we can strive to build anew.

#news #journalism #America #Democracy #InnovateJournalism

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Today's semi-unpopular thought:

Creators and maintainers of federated platforms should focus on driving development, adoption, and growth of their ecosystems, rather than managing the largest instances. Let’s empower communities to thrive and decentralize the web! 🚀

Sub-thought: You can't champion decentralization while steering users to your branded instance.

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🗳️ Time for your input!

Is it the right moment to launch community #Pixelfed servers for #Cartoonists and #PhotoJournalists? 🤔

We dipped our toes a couple of years ago, but it was still too early, bit do you feel the timing is right now?

Share your thoughts by casting your vote..


Oh!!! please #share and #repost

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    @dansup @pixelfed

    Seems that we're thinking about PixelFed instances


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    @evan @dansup @pixelfed

    I haven't seen that multi-tenancy (or multi-homing) is currently possible in Pixelfed.

    However it would really make Pixelfed stand out.

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    Am I the only one that wishes that @dansup would just make #PixelFed a full blown social platform for text, images and video?

    Just repeatedly impressed with the build and code quality of the platform.

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    A small photo dump.

    The Jewish Museum.

    The Memory Void and Shalekhet (fallen leaves)

    More than 10,000 faces with open mouths, cut from heavy round iron plates, cover the floor of the ground floor void.

    The space is brutal, still and largely silent. Visitors are allowed to walk on them - the sound created tangles from single sharp clicks, to a painful chorus of shifting and moving metal.

    The echos briefly linger.


    #Berlin #JewishMuseum #Art #photography

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    So we crashed an Arab language group at the old German Parliament. Lucky for us they are giving it first in English and translating to Arabic

    #germany #berlin

    The conversations and questions from this group are fascinating.

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    "If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy." - Marquis de Lafayette.

    evan, (edited ) to random
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    Should the United States require Bytedance to sell its ownership stake in Tiktok, with a ban on the app if they do not comply?

    #EvanPoll #poll

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    Trying to work while I have a crew grinding on some damaged Saltillo tile is a *****!!!!!! 😠

    Thankfully the noise-cancelling on the AirPods is working well.

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    Content is fire
    Social media is gasoline

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    📢 As the journalism and media landscape faces a wave of shutdowns, I find myself pondering :

    What new opportunities are journalists uncovering in today's job market? Could #fedihired be a beacon of hope?

    Your insights and stories from navigating this evolving tool are crucial. They will my collaboration with a partner towards improving the situation.


    #JournalismJobs #MediaIndustry
    #news #journalism

    Boost and share please.

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    I've long been a proponent of news orgs being worker cooperatives or E-O C's.

    So much pushback from journos...

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    In a #tech landscape obsessed with the latest & shiniest, here is to my fellow graybeard technologists.

    We dive into the depths of legacy code, armed with wisdom, snark, and a coffee mug that boldly states "Legacy Code Warrior."

    Skill in reviving and navigating ancient systems is not just impressive—it's indispensable.

    Here's to the guardians of digital history, ensuring our digital present runs smoothly, one line of legacy code at a time.

    #GraybeardTechnologist #LegacyCode #TechWisdom

    An experienced technologist with gray hair stands confidently in front of a glowing computer screen displaying complex legacy code, holding a coffee mug labeled 'Legacy Code Warrior'. They wear business casual attire, emphasizing their seasoned expertise in a dimly lit room focused on the task.

    cliffwade, to email
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    After 20+ years, I made the switch from Gmail to @protonmail and you can read my blog post via the link below to find out what made me do it!


    Are you using a paid email service or have you switched from Gmail to something else? Let me know in the comments.

    Please BOOST for others to read as well!

    Blog Mastodon account:


    #ProtonMail #Proton #Gmail #Email #PaidEmail #Tech #AllThingsTech #Blog #Blogger #Blogging #Writer #Author

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    We run Axigen for us and a few hundred others.

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    Where do I start!

    It's a robust email and collaboration Solution with calendars, tasks, notes, contacts, etc

    We started using it to migrate clients off 360 and Zimbra

    The clients we move to it love the platform.


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