True Gaming

OC Dave the Diver isn't holding my attention.

So over the winter holiday or so Dave the Diver exploded onto the scene. I finally got to play it and I totally see the appeal! Super charming/chill atmosphere, great art and visual style that's super dynamic and playful, and a lot of fun mini-games comprising the core loop such as the Diner Dash experience of running the sushi...

OC What has everyone been playing?

Hello again! I finally wrapped up Bluey: The Video Game with my son, and I am proud to say we collected everything! He really enjoyed visiting all the classic locations from the show. Like I said in a previous post, it’s a little rough around the edges but it does what it sets out to do for the most part and the $40 price tag...

OC Does extensive post-release support - particularly for live-service games - lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointing realities in a game's sequels?

It's a common issue at this point: a game releases, gets years' worth of updates and DLCs, and then eventually the developers move on to developing a sequel. The sequel comes out and... the depth and amount of content is nowhere close to what players have just been experiencing in its predecessor. The sequel may have many of the...

OC Where is the line between "suggestion" and "hand holding"?

We had an interesting discussion on the discord about "hand holding" in video games. To describe a game as "hand holding" is 99% of the time a pejorative when I see it. So my question is 1) what constitutes "hand holding" and where would you say the line is? Is there "good" hand holding or is it always a bad thing akin to...

Super Mario Wonder's online multiplayer may be disappointing, but we have already witnessed that the alternative would be far worse.

For those that didn’t catch the last Direct, Super Mario Wonder has announced that it will feature two different kinds of online multiplayer, both very different to local multiplayer - one where you can see “ghosts” of other players currently online on a given level, which can’t interact with you directly but can give...

OC What unique mechanics have you seen lately that “made the game”?

I’ve been going out of my way lately to find unique mechanics, UI’s, etc. that fundamentally alter and improve a game, to the extent that their removal would severely hurt the game and make it less effective/impactful/etc. To be clear this is less “unplayable,” so not something silly like “removing the right thumb...

OC Arcade Paradise is the strongest case for a “metaverse” I’ve seen yet

Before I start let me be clear that I am NOT talking about Zuckerberg’s “Metaverse” with a capital “M.” I am speaking of the concept writ large - aka a 3D/AR/VR/etc. "virtual world" akin to Oasis in the world of Ready Player One. This is incredibly boilerplate so if you are unfamiliar with the concept or want to know...

OC Liara and Shepard and my new found love of romance in video games

Hello all! This is my first (non-test) post. I've wanted to chat about this subject for quite some time after I had a revelation while playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. I discovered that I am a sucker for romance in video games. Romantic love, sexual chemistry, what have you. I just really enjoy seeing budding...

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