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I’m a physicist who has fallen in love with #TheoreticalEcology and a junior research group leader @unihohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany). Toots about #EcologicalNetworks, #EcoEvo and #WomenInSTEM. You can find me via https://ecoevo.social/@KorinnaAllhoff here and elsewhere.

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KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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I've received another little present from my group to celebrate the start of my maternity leave. Let it sink in. It's brilliant!!! 🤣

(This is especially true for #AcademicParents interested in #AdaptiveDynamics. Yes, I do realise that the target group is probably quite small, but this is so damn funny that I had to post it anyways. I recommend to read "The hitchhiker's guide to adaptive dynamics" in case you want to enjoy an excellent ecoevo/maths paper - see https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/33901766.pdf)

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Thank you! 😊

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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That’s it! Today was my last day in the office for about 4 months. Just a few more days of home office and then I’m ready to relax in the pool, waiting for the little one to arrive…🤰

I have to admit that it feels very weird to lock the door. But all my fantastic colleagues made sure I had a very special day, including a delicious group lunch and even a baby quiz! (The winner will get another group lunch in their honour - you can probably guess that we are really good at group lunches… 😉)

A huge table with delicious food, mostly self made, seen from above

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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Time for a new group picture! This year we decided to do something calm and relaxing and went for an Alpaca trekking tour in Nürtingen. But then things kind of excalated. I think my group is the best.

the same group of people in a barn, throwing hay at each other

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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Oh, look who joined the mastodon community! Follow @YoMosEco for PhD positions, conferences, workshops, jobs and all sort of stuff relevant to Young Modellers in Ecology!


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Yes, please! 🤩

KorinnaAllhoff, to conservative German
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Abstract submitted for the @sfe2_2024 conference in Lyon 💪🏻
Who else will be there?

Info at 👉 https://sfe2-2024.fr/en/pages/sfe2-2024-abstracts-submission

#ecology #conference #evolution #science

jhpantel, to random

Hey out there, just to share - I'm fortunate to have been offered (and I accepted) a new position, as Full Professor (🎉) at Université de Franche-Comté, in Besançon (France). It's been a professional dream of mine to join the French academic squad, and I finally managed (this was not easy).

Hit me up if I can be of any use on collaborative projects in freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and statistical modelling in population and community ecology.

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Oh wow, congratulations!! 🎉

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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„Being a parent is a hidden scientific superpower“

Well, to be honest, I feel more like a whale than a super hero at the moment, but still, a lot of this resonates. I also think that being a parent makes me a better scientist - and vice versa!


KorinnaAllhoff, to ecoevojobs German
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🚨 We are hiring! 🚨

The first of two job postings for a in is now online. It will be part of a larger, interdisciplinary DFG project that investigates fitness consequences of biotic interactions in various systems. Please boost!



KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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I’m expecting a new coworker in summer. Office upgrade already completed. 😊

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Thank you! I got the bed yesterday, by surprise, from a colleague who happened to have her car packed with children's things for the next flea market. Perfect timing! 😊

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Oh, yes, good point. 🤣

BerLinguistin, to academia
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When reflecting on my PhD work, I miss the focus on ONE project. Post PhD life often feels scattered, with lots of (side) projects, supervision of very different topics, data from here and there, etc. I certainly do not miss the uncertainty & I am grateful to work on new things!

But I do feel that we would benefit from doing less. It's a weird thing—as you advance your career, it feels like the job never really gets easier but only fuller. Thoughts, anyone?

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I can totally relate to this. For me, sometimes it works to select just one of the many projects as focus project for the week. Then I try to work only on this specific project in the mornings and do all the supervision and scattered other things in the afternoon. This helps to achieve a good balance between focus time and maintaining an overview. But in other weeks I just feel overwhelmed, trying my best to stay sane, so I’m very much looking forward to other replies!

KorinnaAllhoff, to HappyThings German
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Recently, my team started growing, so all of a sudden it makes sense to organise regular team meetings, just like a grown-up PI. Our most recent meeting took place today and I felt so proud. What a nice bunch of people. And so many interesting research projects! 🤩
How did this happen?


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...amongst other things, we did some conference planning today. This year, we will attend:

  1. the #YoMos workshop in Bad Buchau in May

  2. the #MMEE2024 in Vieanna in July

  3. and the annual meeting of the sfe2 in Lyon in October
    (https://sfe2-2024.fr/en, @sfe2_2024 )

Abstract submission for all three meetings is still/already open. We hope to meet you there! 😊

Louzula, to random German

Today was a good day: In the morning, I saw a in the park 😱 and in the afternoon, I submitted the first manuscript for my PhD 🐦 a lot of recent days felt less successful than this one, but for now, I am at rest 🪶

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@Louzula Congratulations! Big milestone!! What a nice way to start the weekend.

AudreyBras, to Women
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Dear Mastodon community,

I have attended a keynote talk about inclusive fitness in . The work presented during the talk was only from men and it made me wonder:

Where are in theoretical evolutionary biology? 👩‍🔬

If you come to think of the work of a woman on this field, please leave her name that we celebrate everyone's work 💪

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I use different mathematical and simulation-based approaches to study the interplay between ecology and evolution, aka as eco-evo feedback. Does that count? If yes, then please also check out Lynn Govaert, @jhpantel , Fernanda Valdovinos, Avril Weinbach, @Louzula, …

lor_gi, to random German

@amreibahr @DrKEichhorn habt ihr Zahlen und Fakten (Berichte) zu psychischen Erkrankungen bei wissenschaftlichem Personal? würde mir sehr helfen! vielen Dank vorab 🙏 😊

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@DrKEichhorn @lor_gi @amreibahr

Außerdem fällt mir das hier noch ein: Evans er al. (2018). Evidence for a mental health crisis in graduate education. Nature biotechnology, 36(3), 282-284


KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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🚨 conference altert 🚨

Are you a BSc/MSc/PhD student interested in and/or ?

Then the workshop is just right for you! Come join us at the Federsee station in May! 😊

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Update: 3 of my team members have aleady submitted their abstracts for the workshop in Bad Buchau in May 💪🏻

The deadline for abstract submission is in 2 days. Who wants to join?

More info 👉🏻 https://www.yomos.org/next-workshop

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Big shoutout to the organisers of the #YoMos workshop. I had a wonderful week full of inspiring talks and discussions. If you ever get the chance to attend this meeting, don’t think twice, you won’t regret it!!

Louzula, to random German

Since #YoMos is not on Mastodon, you will get the advertisement from me :D if you are a #Bachelor/ # Master/ #PhD level student of #ecological #modelling or you supervise any, this is perfect! You get to present your project in a conference-like setting, but your audience are your peers! Big bonus for #mathematical modelling this year: The awesome @KorinnaAllhoff will give a keynote, and I will probably give a workshop on #pattern #formation in #networks! Sign up here -> https://www.yomos.org

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Ahhh, thanks! I'm very much looking forward to the #Yomos meeting and I might bring some of my team members as well! 😊

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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Felix Jäger (PhD student in my team) made a meme to advertise our group and our courses on campus. I can't stop laughing. This made my day. 🤣

KorinnaAllhoff, to random German
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Today I was completely unable to get something done. I suspect it's because of the rejection letter that we received this morning. It hurts a bit more than I'd like to admit....


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