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Ex Texan, New Mexican, Democrat, Redhead, GenX, Fuck maga. Fuck TERFs. Former high level engineering recruiter, serial entrepreneur. I grow fucking great weed in the southern Sacramento Mountains, remodel my cabin in the woods, fiber arts, fine art. Shroom hobbyist. Salty. Sarcastic.

Conquering #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety

Have a question? I am happy to share. #AMA #NewMexico #Cannabis #Psilocybin #Sewing #Crochet #Art #Thrifting #Upcycling


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JenWojcik, to random
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I have decided that instead of referring to the overall political tenor of a state as "red" or "blue,"

I will refer to them as

"Free states" and
"Fascist states"

Because that's what they are, and I believe in precision in language.

JenWojcik, to random
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Brain drain is already happening in Austin, TX, where we lived and worked in tech for 20 years.

We left 8 years ago. Never looked back even though we are all native Texans.

Tech companies are leaving there in droves. Who wants to work in a fascist fucking state?

Guess what? NOBODY.

Most of my friends left not long after we did. Saw the writing on the wall.

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But yeah, all that will be left is Musk's bullshit, Dell's bullshit, and Samsung. Oh and Apple. They have a huge facility in North Austin.

JenWojcik, to random
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Saw someone call Casey DeSantis "Walmart Melania" and I died.

JenWojcik, to random
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Just discovered my son does not know about the Donner party.

Flipped on the Ric Burns documentary about it.

This situation shall not stand.

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Okay...I just...there's just so much happening here...what the heck is going on?!

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr Jesus fought the great pumpkin to save us from our sins.

Gourds, 5:11

thiswomanswerk, to random
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Pantone said the color of the year is white people skin and I am once again BEGGING the aliens to please come pick me up

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@KatM @thiswomanswerk

But it's...magenta. I don't understand.


JenWojcik, to random
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According to the last post I boosted, the Church of latter day saints takes offense at being called "mormons".

Well ya know what? Those fuckers actively try to have people they don't like killed by supporting oppressive and abusive legislation...

So Imma go ahead and deadname those motherfuckers and they can die mad about it.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

Pretty pissed about the ACLU defending the NRA.

I was a paid card carrying member. Not anymore.

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@nuncio look it up

Mrfunkedude, to random
@Mrfunkedude@mastodon.social avatar

As we approach the end of the year, wouldn't now be a good time to FINALLY DUMP THAT BOX OF OLD CABLES AND CHARGERS THAT YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING ON TO FOR TEN YEARS "JUST IN CASE" ?!?!?

It's ok. You can let them go now. You're going to be fine.

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@Mrfunkedude until a week later when I need one of them.

You'll pry my spaghetti cable box out of my cold, dead hands. Lol.

JenWojcik, to random
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Dear Nords:

Thank you for telling musk where, how, and exactly how much to go fuck himself.

Teri_Kanefield, to random
@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar

This is a thank you to someone.

Someone here said this in my comments:

"Anything is boring if you leave out the story and include only the facts." (Something like that)

I've been thinking about that comment as I've been writing a book for 9th graders on the Bill of Rights: I've been making sure to include enough of the story to keep it interesting.

I also just dropped the comment into a note to my editor.

I tried to find the person who said it, but I couldn't.

Thank you, whoever you are.

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield I said something similar in a conversation yesterday, but I don't think you were in it. We were discussing this exact thing.

What I said: The way history is taught, names and dates only, is DRY. History is the story of us. If you read it for the stories, it is better than any fiction.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

US blocks UN ceasefire vote.

We have met the enemy, and it is us.

Daojoan, to random
@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

I burned out on tech.

I was running a marketing business, where all I did was help add to the noise. Add to the spam. Add to the bullshit.

I paid out every one of my freelancers for 3 months on top of the end of their contracts. Refunded clients. And walked away with next to nothing.

I feel bloody good about it.

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@Daojoan I did something similar. Walked away. Best thing I ever did.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

If you are the type of person who dive bombs into another person's post -- ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER INTERACTED WITH THEM BEFORE AND HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP -- and dispenses UNWANTED MEDICAL ADVICE,

You have shit for brains. Seriously. Go sit in a corner and rethink your life choices.

@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

@HonestlyMom I think this calls for some essential oils.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

Testing out a shipping forwarder called Planet Express to get items to my brother in Ukraine.

Package has arrived at their warehouse in California and I have authorized the forwarding to Ukraine Post.

Let's see how this goes / if I managed to translate the destination address properly.

This is a test to see how well this all works.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Norman Lear did a great deal of educating about social issues, justice, fairness, and did it all with humor. His work shaped me in ways I didn't understand until much, much later.

This little girl from 1970's west Texas thanks you, sir. You showed me a better way.

JenWojcik, to random
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If ever there were a time in history for people to actually be listening to historians about the patterns we're seeing and the results therefrom, it is now.

But we will never, ever learn.

JenWojcik, to random
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Look folks, just because Liz Cheney is right on this one issue (trump) doesn't mean she won't gleefully lock up your trans kids, take Medicare and social security away, and carry out EXACTLY what the GOP wants her to do.

Look at her RECORD.


JenWojcik, to random
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There is no way that Mike Johnson does not know what the establishment clause is.

He's just hoping YOU don't.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

Finally, finally enrolled in a "healthcare" plan for 2024. That was WAY more difficult than it should be.

Can we just do Medicare for everyone now?

Because that was a huge waste of time.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

You know what sucks? Even the whole damned concept of Santa reinforces the whole wealth=goodness capitalist bullshit we have been force fed our whole lives.

"Good" kids get presents.
"Bad" kids do not.

"Good"= family able to afford gifts

That's fucked up.

JenWojcik, to random
@JenWojcik@mastodon.social avatar

Some of y'all desperately need to read this book even if you're not religious.


The same shit that causes you to believe in religion also works for conspiracy theories and other insidious bullshit.

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