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Most magical negro ever.

Rustler of Goats and Jimmies.
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Gigi, to random
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Phone Zap:
❝Carrying out a hunger strike for nearly eight weeks is either an act of insanity or extreme desperation. A Virginia court has already ruled that Rashid is competent to make his own decisions. This must mean that he believes he is already facing a life-or-death situation by not receiving necessary medical care.❞

Please contact Director Dotson. It may save a courageous man’s life.

Chadwick Dotson
Director, Virginia Department of Corrections
Email: Chadwick.Dotson@vadoc.virginia.gov
Phone: 804-674-3000
(Not his direct line. Call this number and ask to be connected with his office.)


For the first month of the hunger strike, Rashid was kept in a cell with no running water. He was denied bottled water, along with soap, toothpaste and other hygiene items. The only water he had to drink was from the toilet, which he was not able to clean.



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One more time for those in the back:

➡️ Capitalism doesn't create wealth.

➡️ Landlords don't create housing.

➡️ Police don't create safefy.

In fact, it's the EXACT OPPOSITE in each and every one of these cases.

Gigi, to random
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Getting ready to explain what the Movement Defence Committee is at a Jews Say No to Genocide/Palestinian Youth Movement town hall.

Personing the table. Sharing it with the Community Justice Collective.

Gigi, to random
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It took me 32 years to build my reputation, and less than 2 hours to destroy it.

Did you MEAN to phrase that that way?

NBC News segment with crocodile tear shedding whites.

StillIRise1963, to random
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It's not radical to want all citizens to pay their fair share of taxes.

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@philip_cardella @StillIRise1963

Not just racism, the human need to feel ✌🏾"better"✌🏾 than someone else, of which racism is just one, and probably the laziest, manifestation.

Our shitty need to value things based solely on the idea that someone else can't have it. And it seems to have come down to even food at this point.

We as a species turn everything into a zero-sum game, including things that there is no fucking need for it.

We are, frankly, overdue for an asteroid.

Gigi, to Toronto
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Switching to Saturday really boosted numbers, it seems.
And brought out the media.

At Bay and Front about to get going.


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And now it's snowing.

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Not only will we be subjected to the same leapfrogging nonsense as the last few weeks, the cops are threatening organizers with a $10,000 fine for being on the truck; to arrest anyone who climbs at today's action; and the crowd is full of plain clothes cops.

A large crowd chants "we keep us safe"

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How did I miss my most-used hashtag in that post?

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And now the sun is back out.

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These mother fuckers are clearly trying to justify their gigantic budget increase.

You know, that increase they're getting despite 43% of Torontonians wanting to cap or reduce their budget and put it toward better services.

Riot cops disembarking from one of the vehicles

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An average of 40 cops per intersection × 3, 5 trailing vehicles, 5 bike cops at the rear, another 12+ vehicles doing the leapfrogging, plus multiples teams blocking side streets.

This is what over policing looks like.

A different set of officers, this time right cops, blocking another intersection
Three of five vehicles trailing the March

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Well that's new.
A Zionist is throwing stuff off the balcony. (Assumption made by the Israeli flags.)

Clearly not paying attention to the sheer number of cops accompanying the march, or banking on being the right skin tone.

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Mostly it was eggs and water, and not anything that would take somebody out, but still.

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And that's a wrap.
Now to go inside and get warm.

Gigi, to random
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Up now:
Vigil for Journalists killed in Palestine as part of the ongoing genocide.

Cops gathering across the street.

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Oh look who's here!

Doing her best Edith Prickly impression and her stankhubby

This vigil was not restricted to journalist networks, and her buddy may have tipped them off.

Creepy spouse being creepy

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Gigi, to random
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Today it is snowing, and I'm inside. In fact, as I dictate this, I'm sitting in a hot bath with epsom salts soothing my aches and pains.

The night before last I was sleeping (well, sitting actually, as I did/could not sleep) outside, my choice, as part of a protest about houselessness in the City of Toronto.
⛺️ ⛺️ ⛺️ ⛺️

It's not the first time I have "slept rough" with unhoused people, but it has been because I have been requested to fulfill a role as a Legal Observer from the Movement Defence Committee, in case of interactions with police.

As a Black woman, when I have privilege in certain contexts, it is extremely apparent to me. And no, it's not ❝Black privilege❞ as certain like to complain about when white privilege is commented on.

🫠 🫠 🫠 🫠 🫠
First of all, and it annoys me to have to cover this ground repeatedly, the PRIVILEGE in question is "privilege" vis-à-vis rights, not "privilege" as in wealth.
🫠 🫠 🫠 🫠 🫠

1️⃣ The first privilege, and this will probably confuse those of you who insist upon hearing privilege as in wealth, is that I have dedicated camping gear (and it is camping gear, as opposed to what I'm relying upon to save my God damn life every night) designed for winter camping, AND I've had the luxury to learn how to use it properly in non-emergency situations.

Even then, not being able to use a wood stove or start a fire, made things deeply unpleasant. It reached -13°C at one point, and the cold coming up from the cement was brutal, even through the reflectix. I gave one roll of reflectix to someone who was sleeping directly on the ground.

It was windy, and even with my hammock sock over top of my entire setup, I could feel convection happening. The fact that I EVEN KNOW the difference between convective cooling (the wind pulling the warmed air away from your immediate space) versus conductive cooling (the cement sucking the heat from your body) and how to compensate for it, is part of that privilege.

Hmmm I'm going to make this into a thread instead of a one post novel.

Toronto City Hall on a cold but clear day, yesterday, chosen for the budget debates that were to take place inside. In front of the building, you can see, at a distance, two groups of protesters, including some tents on the cement.
A wrestling match between City of Toronto employees and representatives trying to steal things from a homeless encampment, and the people trying to stop that from happening.
Encampment at St Stephen-in-the-Fields, where the city of Toronto put giant cement blocks so that no one could put a tent there.

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2/🧵 on ⛺️🏘🏠⛺️

2️⃣ The City, and particularly that flaming asshole John Burnside, wasn't going to steal my chair.

That's not a joke, even though we made lots of memes out of it when it happened last.


The City regularly takes everything unhoused individuals can amass and throws it in the garbage.

The same City put MASSIVE cement blocks on the base of a tree, to stop unhoused people from "harming" the tree. See attached video.

I, on the other hand, can say the words "Movement Defence Committee, Law Union of Ontario" and immediately stop shit in its tracks. I'm not even a lawyer, and I have absolutely stopped even playing respectability politics lately. And these are still magic words that I very rarely use. I didn't use them when that asshole threw paint on me, because I WANT to navigate the system that I've been talking shit about as just a regular Black person. Oh my god am I right.

Some cops, not all cops, mind, make a beeline for the orange hat. It happened during that protest, when I was also wearing my big, lumpy-ass, kangaroo pouch hoodie that I love so much even though I know it makes me look like shit when I stuff that pouch full of everything I need and want. The lead cop who came when the City complained about the tents and the party, came right up to me and I had to tell him that we're a third party and I don't control the protest. And I know it was the orange hat because when Streets to Homes(🙄) got there a couple of hours later, they assumed I was homeless. It was cold as fucking ass and I was wearing camping gear.

Which is probably privilege #3
3️⃣ I have winter camping CLOTHING.

When I was getting ready to head down there, I put on, undergarments, fleece leggings, a Merino wool t-shirt, pants, a fleece mid layer, my favourite green kangaroo pouch hoodie, and a goat. Hmm. Screw it, I'm going to leave that voice-text error and see who's actually still reading.

I joked recently about buying multiples of the same clothing item and showed a picture of my collection of fleece midlayer shirts. I don't like being cold. I also like camping in the winter. Therefore, I am prepared.

And it's not even about having a lot of money, because I only buy things on sale. But I have time to do the research, and I have time to wait for something to go on sale and get the right item for the job.

I have hammock camping gear for the same reason. I could use my underquilt on the chair. Which wasn't 100% but it now makes me want to make a dedicated chair under quilt. Which is spoiled as fuck even if it only ends up costing me 20 bucks to make.

I also could give away my tent at that action because I plan on never sleeping on the ground again unless there is some sort of horrible thing happening and there are no trees left and I cannot jury rig a way to hang my hammock.

Also, I grew up up north. I forage, I grow things, I can teach you how to get potable water out of a grapevine. If there's one person you want to be with when the shit hits the fan, it's not the giant, bearded, Marine-looking white guy teaching you Bushcraft tricks. It's me.

⛺️ ⛺️ ⛺️ ⛺️

Bottom line:
It's only camping if you have a home to return to when you're done.

Large City equipment bringing in giant cement blocks to place at the base of a tree so that unhoused people cannot lie on it or place their tents there.

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(Yes, I have long since exited the tub.)

I learned some lessons that night. Chief among them was just how shitty people are in the middle of the night. Especially to the poor.


Also, while they may THINK they've locked the bathrooms, if you, like me, avoid touching bathroom door handles like the plague and use the accessibility button because it is much less often touched, that door may well still open.

And I don't know why people have to be such assholes about letting people use the bathroom after midnight. Me and my tiny bottle of Lysol are undoubtedly rendering your piss hole cleaner than it was when I walked in.


I also learned that even though I bought boots a half size larger so I could wear big wooly socks in them, I cannot walk around wearing my camping sleep socks because they will cause me enough pain to render me almost immobile within four blocks.

(Also, I understand that I'm very lucky to have sleeping socks, but it is a bog standard backpacking practice.)

Among the things I absolutely did not learn this time is just how awful people are to unhoused people.

I've spent my whole life marveling at the level of eccentricity that people are totally fine with me exhibiting because I'm a "genius"¹. I could walk around the office without my shoes on, I could sing nonsense songs at my desk, no one cared that my top filing drawer was full of bras that I kept taking off at 5:00 because I hate them, people were just like, "Oh, okay."

I've written in the past but the idea of giving yourself a "genius licence" — meaning the leeway to go against social norms.

But more than that, I think people need to extend that same leeway to others.

I don't know, it's a half formed thought.

I just don't understand why people can't be more, "Oh, okay," with a wider group of people.

Meh, I'm going to go back to bed because I'm coordinating for multiple actions in the next couple of days. Though mercifully not another marathon like Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anyway, be good to each other. And remember there are so many little things that you can do to make someone's life a tiny bit easier and a little bit brighter. And when we're talking about people who have been displaced from their shelter, that bar is so low, how can you not?

A pair of mitts, a hat, a 20 hour body warmer, hell, a little tube of lotion. Dry skin is fragile as fuck especially in the cold. It's so easy to give something that will make their lives just a little bit better. Lip balm!

As a society we really need to discuss some of the upside down shit more often. Why do we applaud and reward people whose sole mission seems to be to make the world just a little bit uglier?


¹ I mean, as long as I didn't actually say the words "I'm a genius" because people really like to figure that out for themselves for some bizarre-ass reason 🤷🏾‍♀️ and somehow you're not actually supposed to notice that you're smart.

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I think we should have a monthly clothing and supplies drive in Nathan Phillips Square.

And I'm going to stand there and shame people for not washing and mending stuff they drop off.

Gigi, to random
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Kicking off a Legal Observing Marathon with a Defund the Police Party at Nathan Phillips Square.

Loaded down with stuff to give away: warm clothing (gently-used and freshly washed); tent and accompanying camping gear that I no longer use now that I am a tree-sleeper; then a dash over to Street Knit to pickup warm knitted gear to bring back.

#LOLife #HousingForAll #HousingIsAHumanRight #HousingNow #TorontoActions #TOpoli #FuckThePolice

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Man, I don't want to be in the background of media interviews even after I have this.

It's still frigging cold.
Packed up the underquilt and sock, but now wearing the top quilt as a, uh, whatever the hell this is.

Hour 14.

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Just going to repost this, because:

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