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Where are custom keyboard command sets stored? I deleted FCP as I the SFX folder isn't anywhere on my Mac, but forgot to export my command set before deleting the app. Luckily I have a time machine backup, so if I would know where the command sets are stored I could find them! 😅

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I got myself a new mouse as a birthday present. The strain on my hand & arm from got so bad I had to stop for a few days. I know bunch of keyboard shortcuts for (CC 2018), but still do a lot of mousing.
I read some reviews, like this: @xdadevelopers
So got the Logitech Master MX 3s. It integrates with Premiere Pro, has a horizontal thumb scroll wheel & I can create custom macros but there's little info on what & HOW to make them. Help.

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WHY is #FCPX Smart collection showing multicams and synced clips with this query??

EDIT: oh, it's not filtering at all. Neat!

#bugmagnet #videoediting

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Kdenfun on Fridays - some timeline joy before diving into serious work.


Stream deck interface controlling Kdenlive.

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While working on a video, I found a way to do background noise filtering with ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -af arnndn=lq.rnnn output.mkv

I found the information and link to download the rnnn filter file at

#videoediting #ffmpeg #linux

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Shotcut 24.04 free cross-platform video editor released with Ambisonic Encoder audio filer, improved audio/video scopes, and more.

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using only free and open source software!!!

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PSA: Resolve Studio requires the USB drive to remain plugged in and will check every few seconds for its presence.

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Nope, not analyzing. #FCPX #bugmagnet #videoediting

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The second maintenance release of the 24.02 series is out with performance optimizations when moving clips in the timeline and across multiple project bins, packaging improvements to macOS and Windows versions and fixes to copy/paste of effects, rotoscoping, Nvidia encoding among others.

#kdenlive #opensource #videoediting #floss


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Such a pleasure to use Kdenlive's nested sequences.

#kdenlive #videoediting

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Today I learned:

OBS, NVENC HEVC (h.265) @ CQP-18 will get you video files with basically 0 compression artifacts

At the expense of saving an hour and a half of footage at some 60 Mbit/s, when it seems that re-encoding with my usual pre-upload standard (NVENC HEVC CRF-26) is more like... 12 Mbit/s.

I love carrying around 450MB/min files!

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Mal was anderes: Welchen Video-Editor könnt Ihr unter Linux (Ubuntu) aktuell wirklich empfehlen? Also einigermaßen ergonomisch nutzbar, keine spontanen Abstürze.. (weder beim Start, noch erst ab einer fortgeschrittenen Projektgröße , und auch nicht erst beim exportieren !!!)

#floss #opensource #opensourcesoftware #videoediting

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This year is participating in Season of KDE with two projects. Check out the progress of the students:

Implementing Multi-format Rendering:

Enabling editing of keyframe curves and advanced keyframe types:


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God, I need to find a better app on . Vivacut has so many problems, least of which is how it bizarrely cuts off words, no matter how small I make the "text size" (no I'm not using "zoom" I'm using the actual "text size" slider 🙃) you also can't take screenshots from the videos, or save halfway through editing--so better pray the app doesn't crash before you're ready to export! 🤪

gfkdsgn, to photoshop German avatar

This is so much better than our first , and more what I had in mind when it comes to our in the framework of Inkscape .

Hopefully, & followers are more interested in , this time. Of course that's among our main reasons to make videos in the first place, not just selfish promotion. Every time one of our videos will turn an user into an @inkscape artist, we are promoting successfully.

It's amazing that a video over a minute long, comes in with audio and a file-size under 7 megabytes, isn't it? While was made with @OBSProject , was realized with

If we missed anything in Your opinion, please don't be shy and drop your brutal comments below...

Video tutorial about vector art and design application Inkscape showing gfkDSGN artwork of Sultana with arabic oud running in the background.

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Kdenlive 24.02 Debuts with Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6

#opensource #videoediting #kdenlive

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Anyone know what is the best program to use on to edit a video. I need to chop it up into smaller ones.

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Hello Everyone, we are a video editing company located in Southampton, UK.

We started using the #Fediverse for personal use almost a year ago but wanted to start sharing our services through a company account.

We are still a start up and getting everything laid out. Hope you all are doing well.

#VideoEditing #Podcasts #StartUp #SmallBusiness #Southampton

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Tremendously useful suite of tools for , many free.

kdenlive, to random avatar

23.08.5 has been released, featuring a multitude of bug fixes, including many issues related to nested sequences and same-track transitions.

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As I’m finalizing my second video, I wonder: has someone used both Davinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro and could tell me whether for my explain-type videos the latter is less janky and more approachable than the former?

I understand that Resolve has the best color correction in the industry and amazing sound features but the jank is driving me crazy and from what I’ve seen about FCP, it seems like it could mesh with my brain that dreams in Keynote better.

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OMG guitar tutorial videos are SO MUCH WORK!! 😭
and its not even the recording of the tutorial bits, its all the video editing afterwards!
Kill me!!
😩 💀 ☠️

The only saving grace is that I'm doing a full 6 guitar and 1 bass tutorial of my own debut single with full free guitar tab


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