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Brain in a box. Half Human Half Vulcan. Just want a Piece of the Action. Blogger at Digby's Hullabaloo http://digbysblog.net, Crooks & Liars https://crooksandliars.com https://spockosbrain.com
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Right now Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel is talking about #CIPA, #nationalsecurity, #geofence Walt #Nauta, TFG's hairspray & his upcoming trials & machinations to derail them.
Plus the latest on #JudgeCannon filings vs #Jacksmith.
Finally, the civil war era laws to hurt women in AZ.
Listen live at http://nicolesandler.com, or https://youtu.be/0llHlfsd-Us @nicolesandler http://emptywheel.net
@GottaLaff #LawyersofMastodon #USpol #Trump #Cannon

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Look at this retro robot!

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I'm seeing "I am totally a real person Democrat American but things are really terrible and it's Biden's fault" with single digit followers, no picture, and new account.

Mastodon hits the big time.

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@billyjoebowers I got a "sea lion" the other day. Some who "Just wanted to have a rational conversation"

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Here is a photo of Jonathan Stone

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Back when being a multimillionaire playboy was cool.

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What happened to the investigation of Jared Kushner's corrupt managing of supplies during #COVID crisis?
In April 28, 2020 I wrote:
Who Makes Life-Or-Death Supply Decisions For Your State? Jared Kushner?https://crooksandliars.com/2020/04/who-makes-life-or-death-supply-decisions
Then @nicolesandler talked to John Nichols 1-24-2022 during his book tour for "Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers: Accountability for Those Who Caused the Crisis" It's cued up to #JaredKushner Project Airbridge #Corruption

John Nichols during his book tour for "Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers: Accountability for Those Who Caused the Crisis" ON #JaredKushner Project Airbridge #Corruption More at the NICOLE Sandler show 1-24-2022 https://www.youtube.com/live/9GGR_D4usfQ?si=qmIwbHATjq_dsJt1&t=3741

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Allen Weisselberg handcuffed in court before being sent to Rikers Island for 5 months.

WE NEED to see more photos of convicted criminals being handcuffed & sent to prison.
The entire country needs to see more of these.



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3 years ago today I got vaccinated. J&J vaccine.
Thank you science and scientists. Thank you people who distributed it. Thank you taxpayers who paid for it.
You all turned a possible death sentence into something that can be managed.

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We can't stop MBS's blood money & payback to Jared, but we CAN bust him & his cronies for screwing up the supply chain & profiteering during the pandemic.
2 years ago John Nichols explained Jared's disastrous Project Airbridge in his book Pandemic Profiteers. I asked him about it during his book tour. He said that the Corona Virus Crisis Task Force, headed by Clyburn, could investigate him. Now would be a good time to find out the status of any investigation https://twitter.com/spockosbrain/status/1513944789200236548/video/1.

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4 years ago was making life-or-death supply decisions for states. Congress didn't know where critical pandemic supplies were going, what the criteria were for sending them or what got sent to which states.
John Nichols wrote about it in his book Pandemic Profiteers.

I wrote about the failures of Congressional oversight of Jared & his hedge fund cronies on April 28, 2020.


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#Kindness Headline:
Intelligence and kindness are the most valued traits in romantic partners, study finds
“The main takeaway of this study is that intelligence & kindness are the most desired traits of a partner, even in comparison to beauty, money or health...This is true for both men and women and across the sexual orientation spectrum – although heterosexual men do place a premium on their partner’s physical attractiveness.”
Self reported study, but still good to see.

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Trump and Republicans get the blame for this. This ruling would have been unconstitutional under Roe, but Trump is proud that he stacked SCOTUS with anti-abortion justices who overturned it. There are many effects of losing those protections, and this is one of them.

As always, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. #AbortionRights

Arizona abortion law: State Supreme Court upholds near-total ban:

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Yep. Biden pointed that out. Here is his Tweet this morning.
"Trump did this."
Photo of Trump next to text:
"Arizona Supreme Court rules a near total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable "

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You are welcome. You will note that I didn't embed the link from that place either. It's good to see when Biden calls out Trump. I also don't post Trump's lies from TS unmodified, because that spreads his message.

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So I just went for my physical, and it's wrapping up, I'm waiting for my dr. to come back. Suddenly, he comes in all excited, grabs my arm says, come here! We go out to the patio outside his office, he hands me the Special Eclipse 3-D Glasses Thingies, and says, put these on, it'll be black til you look up!

And it was, til I looked up and saw my very first eclipse.

Yes, I have a very cool dr. who I've gone to for decades.

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Cool. Reminds me of a joke from stand up comedian Mike Gandolfini (not the son of James)

"I bet my brother $100 dollars that he couldn't look at the sun for a hour.

He won, but I only gave him a dollar."

Dark, but it made me laugh, because it was a JOKE! He didn't REALLY do that!
(I feel I have to say that these days.)

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I made sure to credit the joke writer too. He had a lot of dark jokes that I liked.

#Eclipse joke.

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In 2017 @georgetakei narrated a video about the #Eclipse. Here's a version localized for @Barbinnebraska & her 3rd grade class in Omaha Nebraska that was in the path then.

Exporatorium's PhD Paul Doherty discussed safe eclipse Viewing techniques. https://youtu.be/Lc5KWX0it3c?si=xoVy7vH1DZQHwWUh

In 2017 @GeorgeTakei narrated a video about the #Eclipse. Here's a version localized for @Barbinnebraska & her 3rd grade class in Omaha Nebraska that was in the path then. Mrs. Gilman's Room 113 Safe Eclipse Viewing Techniques https://youtu.be/Lc5KWX0it3c?si=xoVy7vH1DZQHwWUh

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It's almost like I can hear Kruschchev banging his shoe right now...

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Good point.
"white eurocentric Christian, violence and hierarchy worshipping hate monger."
NOT "allowing crap about genders and pronouns & crap." is hate mongering, it's not Christian.

She doesn't question HOW Putin "doesn't allow crap about genders & pronouns"
But that's where the violence comes in.
People speaking "crap" must be punished..
But when their people commit crimes with what they say (like this man's threats against judges) they claim it's political persecution!

John Mandia was arrested Feb 28, 2024 for his posts on Facebook, one saying "Let's go kill some judges & prosecutors in Palm Beach." He's being detained pretrial on a $450K bond. That's what the law provides to protect the community. https://www.wptv.com/news/palm-beach-county/region-s-palm-beach-county/palm-beach-co-man-accused-of-threatening-to-kill-judges-claims-what-happened-to-trump-happened-to-me-first

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I heard a This American Life show on undocumented immigrants who got arrested. A woman who lived there said "When I heard crack down on illegal immigration, I interpreted it as a crackdown on illegal immigrants that were criminals. If there was a drug situation, violent criminals, pedophile, any kind of situation of that nature. That's what I expected." But when she saw it was parents of kids she knew, she got it. "It just really, just shook my soul."

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"That is, fascists intentionally reject rule of law in favor of rule by law, "
Interesting phrase.
It stopped me to think for a second.
Then I thought, but it's only the laws THEY like against people THEY DON'T like DOING things THEY don't want them to do.
If they don't like the laws, and it is against them, they don't believe in the "rule by law." either.
During 2020's pandemic some people did not want to obey laws about masking. And some cops wouldn't enforce them.

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Thanks for the clarification.
"parallel law enforcement techniques to exert their will to NOT wear masks"
AKA, Threats of violence from vigilantes.
I wrote about those threats & talked to the people in the Public Health field subject to those threats. It was terrible & made worse in states where the law enforcement didn't go after the people making the threats. Then this happened:
County With 2nd Most COVID Deaths In CA Rescinds Pandemic Orders!


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Ugh. Awful. I did a whole series on how terrible cops with guns in the schools are.
They don't keep people safe from shooters and they increase the school to prison pipeline.

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Here are 3
Why Are School Boards Putting More Guns In Schools?
"The analysis shows that SROs have been ineffective in the mass shootings that make the headlines. The analysis also shows SROs were ineffective in the other incidents where guns are used in a school shootings, targeted shootings."
Lawmakers Determined To Get Guns In Schools https://crooksandliars.com/2018/04/lawmakers-determined-get-guns-schools
Let's Stop The Armed Teachers Plans In Florida And Other States

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Here are 5 more
Does Your Governor Want To Arm Teachers?

How To Cut Off The Slaughter Lobby's Money Stream

Dear Students: Did Armed Jerks Protest Your Walkout? Ban Their Open Carry

Who Pays For Armed Teachers' Gun Accidents?

Kid Shot In Gut. Pro-gun Sheriff Charges Gun Owner With Misdemeanor

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@unnameduser @photos_floues @philip_cardella
One of the things that I'm interested in are current methods used to game the social media system to spread MAGA fascism.

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