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#immigrant from 🇩🇴 to
🇪🇸 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁡󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶󠁿 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇪🇺 #settled ? Former Scientist. Currently into learning #FullStackDev #Assets, #Premises and #Technology. #Hackspace #Makerspace #FabLab wannabe #SolarPunk
More about me on c4ad.eu.

I like #archery #rpg #participatorycites and #FLOSS #punkrock

Picture in a avatar and banner is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob%27s_Dream the avatar is a low poly version done by @matthewconroy
I am told I look like Jacob. Or am I the model posing as Jacob in the XVI? Or am I Jacob?

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amunizp, to random
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She said: I think I remember the film?
I said: Well then, that's one thing we've got!

End Pre-Crime | Open Rights Group


> Data and content is being weaponised to criminalise people without cause.

amunizp, to Signal
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Mer__edith, to random
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Signal strongly opposes the newest proposal in Europe.

Let there be no doubt: we will leave the EU market rather than undermine our privacy guarantees.

This proposal--if passed and enforced against us--would require us to make this choice.

It's surveillance wine in safety bottles.

See more: https://www.patrick-breyer.de/en/majority-for-chat-control-possible-users-who-refuse-scanning-to-be-prevented-from-sharing-photos-and-links/ @echo_pbreyer

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@echo_pbreyer @mcepl @eob @Mer__edith Seems to me that the green party is the way to go!

amunizp, to random
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Thank you for it has allowed me to fill out documents and forms that normally do not allow editing! Great for my horrible hand writing!

smochi, to linux
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Looking for recommendations on beginner-friendly #Linux distributions.

I don't need any novice help, this is for a friend who wants to move away from Windows.

They need the usual productivity software, web browser, mail, Word, Excel, etc. which will probably be easy to replace. I advised them to start working with #LibreOffice now, to see if they feel comfortable with it. They also need some more exotic software, but I'm confident it will work fine with Wine. We'll test that out soon.
They're also very privacy-sensitive, so I'm currently discounting #Ubuntu.

What would you suggest and why?

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If there is concern for privacy, didn't mint install proprietary software by default?

@arraybolt3 @smochi

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Why not stick to ? That way you can reproduce their issues quicker.

donwatkins, to opensource
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Getting started with GnuCash for financial management #gnucash #OpenSource #Finance


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I really like it as well! Great for logging and doing reports.
But I could not get my head around doing budgets.
Plus I could not find an easy way to check it on the go (Phone) Resorting to g-sheets at the moment.

mbeddedDev, to random
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Still no fan of NPM. It costs me sooo many hours which are wasted just because the tooling is bad and does not work as intended..
I mean: Why does the update of a minor dependency causes typescript to fail for a random issue in node_modules? Thats's not my project, not my folder, not my content.. I don't even use the classes or methods which are criticized.

I guess the inventor is paid by "hours of other people wasted"

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I have noticed similar problems. I thought it was a system version conflicting with the modules.

amunizp, to random
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So you want to reform democracy. Hello. You probably just wrote me an… | by Joshua Tauberer | Civic Tech Thoughts from JoshData | Medium


> Hello. You probably just wrote me an email that went something like this…

etrigan63, to photography
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Luarca, Spain
#photography #travel

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Amazing 😍 I am not completely biased. I swear. ;)

amunizp, to windows
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Hi all, I saved this drum kit from the skip but while the USB is detected by both Ubuntu and windows 11 I am a a loss as to how to get sound out of it. It seems that I need to match it to a DAW but i can't seem to get #audacity or #ardour to detect it as an audio import source.

#Windows does say it is a game #controller PDX DX-100



For: Drumxtreme dx-100.

rafadc, to random
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And to celebrate another night fixing my infra another blog post https://joy.pm/an-intuitive-grasp-over-fourier-transform/

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Ohhh nice! Might make a follow up blog post explaining how these things are done on the fly to acquire semiconductor information at the nanoscale. With a technique called Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy used with an #AFM with an electrically conductive tip and a lock-in amplifier.

I wonder if #LLM or other #AI use #FPGA lock-in amplifiers for their Fourier transforms. Coding must be really slow.

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@rafadc OK. I think I get it. I thought it was continuos stream of info getting into AI. if it is a one off it deffo does not make sense. Lock-in are used to remove the noise but also to measure it. Say for example you want to measure the amplitude of a signal. you create another signal that will counter the signal you want to measure, you add it to the wave and adjust the amplitude until that frequency disappears.

shippychaos, to spanish
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is this a common idiom?

“tenía que estallar el globo de colores”

but not in the literal sense of popping a balloon - more like the English idiom “the dam had to break” when referring to something that was held back is now unleashed

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Never heard that Spanish idiom, sorry.

Never heard the English one either.

lil5, to random
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React Invoice Generator

I've added mobile support to React Invoice Generator, give it a go!


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This is amazing great work!

amunizp, to uk
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Hey #hackspace RichmondMakerlabs.uk will be at the Ham Fair this year!

Please come and say hello!

Ham Fair
Saturday 8th of June 2024
Ham Common 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

#uk #Richmond near #richmondpark #RichmondUponThames

johnny_reilly, to random
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Actually looking at your profile maybe https://www.richmondmakerlabs.uk/

Is better than coffee?

shippychaos, (edited ) to spanish
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#Spanish #FediHelp

The context: a conversation about how someone feels they will never be able to show the love that their partner deserves, then they ask, with everything that’s going on, “te tengo que pedir una cosa… es que no me falles.”

In this case could ‘no me falles’ be translated as “don’t give up on me” rather than “don’t fail me” or “don’t let me down” ?

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…no me falles

"...don't fail on me" (as in don't disappoint me would be my understanding)

No lo he hecho nunca ni lo voy a hacer.

"I never have, never will"

¿Y tú lo vas a hacer?

"Will you?"

No, no te voy a fallar.

"No, I will not fail you"

…que no nos vamos a fallar.

"We will not fail each other."

…si caemos, tú y yo caemos juntas.

" If we fall, you and I fall together."

rafadc, to cyberpunk
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Instead of the current world I'd love to have one where you can buy coffee through ssh terminal.shop. #cyberpunk

That is the future we were promised.

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@rafadc Sorry. that future was there, you missed it. The new future is punk ground your own coffee beans and then use the used up grounds to grow mushrooms and scare away snails. Eat Mushrooms || Eat Snails

celesteh, to random
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#N900 fan club meeting

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Hey! Hopefully one can can help.i just took my #n900 out of a drawer where it was for 10 years. Boots But asks for a pin I have now forgotten. All online guides I find seem to suggest reflashing as a solution (connecting to a computer) do you have good guidance?

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That does not seem to go where I was expecting. But I will keep looking

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Almost! Thank you!

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OK I think I will try this:


I guess freemantle is the existing OS I have.

fell, to linuxphones
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There it is. My #Nokia #N900 #eBay purchase has been blessed with #postmarketOS. This is going to be my new #MobileLinux #SSH #Terminal device.

#Linux #LinuxMobile

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This is great! Does it still as a phone? Can you make calls and send SMS?

soldan, to linuxphones Spanish
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Varios me preguntaron sobre experiencia con celulares , como instalar otros sistemas operativos y cosas así.

Acá en este post del foro de @cybercirujas está lo único que probé en materia de instalar ROMs custom, ya sea android, #postmarketos o #maemoleste


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@soldan @cybercirujas Thank you for this! Do you think this will work for a phone blocked by pin? Muchas gracias por la guia! Crees que funcionará para un telefono bloqueado por pi? #n900

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