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Some of you want challenges, so let's do an

What's an overrated/overdone discourse about a fictional work and what's an underrated/underexamined one?

(for an example, I mean like "Batman is a rich person who beats up poor people" or "Lara Croft is actually a villain" or etc...)

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The most popular TV show you've never heard of is called "The Chosen." It tells the story of Jesus and his disciples and there are seven seasons planned (the fourth season starts streaming June 2). Around 200 million people around the world have watched at least an episode, and the show also sold $63 million in theatrical ticket sales. The Hollywood Reporter talked to director Dallas Jenkins, who set out to make an elevated Christian TV series, and now has his sights on the Jesus Cinematic Universe.

#Television #Christianity #Entertainment #TV #TuneIn

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Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly, who will star in the upcoming Paramount+ series "NCIS: Tony and Ziva", will host a new podcast for Spotify titled "Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch", joined by a special guest each week as they rewatch an episode of the series. The podcast debuts June 4.
#CoteDePablo #MichaelWeatherly #NCIS #Rewatch #Spotify #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming #Podcast

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"Reading Rainbow," which ran on PBS from 1983 until 2006, is remembered with love in a new documentary, "Butterfly in the Sky." Kevin Makin reviews it for @csmonitor. "Ultimately, the documentary is more of a triumph than a requiem. Aside from its praise of programming that advocates for literacy and of [LeVar] Burton himself, there’s a sense of humanity that perseveres and goes beyond the warmness of nostalgia. Maybe it’s watching the smiling kids who became loving adults. Or it could be watching the series’ founders speak about familial ties that went beyond educational rhetoric," he writes.


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What are you watching tonight?
1982 Rascals and Robbers Movie


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MAX has cancelled "The Girls On The Bus" after a single season. The series was produced by and starred Melissa Benoist. Season 1 did end with a cliffhanger that will now go unresolved.

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The Bear Season 3 | Official Trailer | Hulu | June 27
FX’s The Bear returns 6.27. Stream all episodes, only on Hulu.
#TheBear #FX #Hulu #OfficialTrailer #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable events bring together leading figures in entertainment for frank conversations. This time, it's the turn of comedy actresses and the lineup is stellar: Quinta Brunson, Kristen Wiig, Michelle Buteau, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Ego Nwodim and Maya Rudolph. They met at The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica to talk about the strangest feedback they've received, the roles that transformed their careers, and what happens when someone — in this case, Netflix — finally believes in you. "Oh, I’ve been tap-dancing for the patriarchy for a good while," says Buteau. "My knees are tired, but fish oil helps."

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50 years ago tonight, television (in their original lineup with richard hell) tape an appearance on the underground tonight show at cafe wha?, alongside & david peel & jackie curtis & others, aired on public access sometime later that year, surfaced incredibly in 2022: [1/2]

Underground Tonight Show logo, the mouth of a cave

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5/22/74 cafe wha?: amazing 3 minutes of television on #television, playing verlaine’s HARD ON LOVE & making excellent rock faces (as is one of the hippies on the side of the stage, also doing some great gesticulating, visible behind hell). apparently john lennon saw it when it aired. as punk as they ever sounded. #tvfreaksunite #tv052274 [2/2]

Television onstage - Richard Hell, Richard Lloyd, Tom Verlaine
Tom Verlaine sings
Richard Hell and Richard Lloyd onstage

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What are you watching tonight?
Thursday 1984 Automan and Masquerade Commercial


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After lengthy negotiations and two cast contract extensions, Amazon Freevee has cancelled "Primo" after one season. It's unknown if the production companies will try to find a new home for the series.
#Primo #AmazonFreevee #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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Oscar winner Holly Hunter has been cast as the captain and chancellor of Starfleet Academy in Paramount+'s next "Star Trek" series, "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy", which will begin production this Summer. No premiere date has been announced.

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I feel like in this day and age where it seems like everything I stand for and believe in irl is failing, being rolled back, and losing fight after fight, I am drawn to stories where the characters whose values align with mine actually win

#politics #media #stories #movies #television

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What are you watching tonight?
Monday CBS 1982 Mr Merlin and Private Benjamin
#MrMerlin #PrivateBenjamin #TVShow #Television #Retro #BarnardHughes #JonathanPrince #EileenBrennan #RobertMandan


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"With the release of the new Shogun series, a lot of people want to know two things: (1) is it good television, and (2) is it good history? As an academic historian in Japan, I say you can enjoy both the story and the real history behind it. You just have to separate them."

#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #tv #television #entertainment

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MoviePass, MovieCrash | Official Trailer | HBO | May 29
MoviePass, MovieCrash goes behind the scenes to reveal the meteoric rise and stranger-than-fiction implosion of the theatrical movie subscription app.

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Valls et Sarah Knafo invités sur RTL dans Le Grand Jury demain. La compagne de Zemmour et candidate aux Européennes puis l'ex-conseiller de Barcelone redevenu simple citoyen depuis son naufrage aux législatives (ne me demandez pas pourquoi il est invité, c'est un mystère pour moi, le bon réseau sûrement). Bon dimanche en perspective!

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💜 On I've been writing (in ꜰʀ) about television from all over the planet, for over a decade and a half ! I believe in being curious about the world through its TV shows.
Reviews, history, fun facts... so far 6700+ publications have been made available for free, ad-free.

But I'm a disabled person living under the poverty line, so I have a Ko-fi where people can support me :

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🇳🇬 Am I fair when I discuss shows with you, or is my enthusiasm for discovery sometimes getting the best of me ? Well, this wasn't really a dilemma in the case of Nigerian comedy , for once.

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🇨🇦 With arte airing the entire miniseries tonight (make sure not to miss it !), I wanted to discuss the Canadian drama , a touching exploration of what it meant for thousands of Indigenous children to have been abducted from their families.

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🇨🇦 And as a companion article, you can also read my review of the first episode of French Canadian series , which specifically depicts the experience of the children sent to residential schools, and discusses their trauma decades later.

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🇮🇪 This review has been 10 years in the making. I've always wanted to tell you about Irish thriller , but never found the time. After rewatching the miniseries earlier this month, I finally put words on it. I hope you like chaos !

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🇩🇪🇫🇷🇯🇵🇦🇪 This is quite an interesting assortment of four broadcasters from three different continents, that have decided to coproduce . In this sci-fi thriller set in a city where everyone is recorded, your private data is supposed to be safer than anywhere else in the world. Not so safe, however, when a murder takes place...

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🇹🇭 The women of Thai series (or ) didn't choose sex work. As the youngest is almost of age to be auctioned off, the three sisters decide to buy their independence, which will come at a cost...

ladyteruki, avatar

🇮🇳 Set during the first half of the 20th century in an opulent entertainment neighborhood of Lahore, Indian series is a sublime but tragic tale about the fate of courtesans in a troubled time. Freedom will not come to them, or to their country, easily.

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