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Those About To Die | Official Teaser | Peacock Original (

Synopsis: Those About To Die is an epic drama set in the corrupt world of the spectacle-driven gladiatorial competition, exploring a side of ancient Rome never before told — the dirty business of entertaining the masses, giving the mob what they want most…blood and sport. The series introduces an ensemble of characters from...

An Oral History of Madonna’s Infamous 1994 David Letterman Appearance - LateNighter (

It’s difficult to put into context for those who weren’t there just how big of a star David Letterman was in March of 1994. He had just left NBC nine months earlier—where he’d reigned tall at 12:30 AM for 11 years—to move up to 11:30 PM at CBS as host of The Late Show. This was a franchise created especially for him,...

Late-to-the-party appreciation post for Ted Lasso (spoiler warning goes here)

I absolutely adored the first 2 seasons as they came out and wasn’t confident in how the third season would follow up. And tbh, the first half was somewhat underwhelming. The Zava stuff seemed pointless and it kinda felt like it was running on auto-pilot. But man, starting with the Amsterdam episode it was just banger after...

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