JITC Returns To Sundance To Discuss Blood Libels With Noa Tishby (jewinthecity.com)

Jewish power and blood libels are millennia old tropes. Ashakenazi Jews as “white Europeans” is a neo-Nazi canard, called the Khazar theory, that has shockingly been bolstered in Hollywood. Jew in the City, which launched the first and only Hollywood Bureau for Jewish representation in 2021 returned to Sundance for the...

Brave Brother Saves His Sister From Jaws Of 9-Foot Bull Shark - Newzasa (newzasa.com)

While swimming at a Florida beach, a young girl was pulled under by one of the world’s most aggressive sharks. Without hesitation, her big brother dove into the water, ready to give his life to fight the predator with his bare hands. A big brother has been hailed a hero for risking his life to […]

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