JorisBohnsonPM, to uk avatar

“Under Ofcom rules, Conservative MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Esther McVey, as well as former Tory deputy chairman-turned Reform MP Lee Anderson, are unable to continue in their presenting roles while they seek re-election”

…Since when did gb news ever follow Ofcom rules ?

mjgardner, to tv avatar

August 11, 1967 marked the first of three appearances by and on The with .

(Other guests that night were actress Florence Henderson and Motown hitmakers the Temptations—quite an eclectic lineup!)

Here’s a clip of Rand answering Johnny about the and unearned from accepting the wrong moral standards:

HeyItsJamie, to IT avatar

Hey, it's Jamie! New account means a new introduction! 👋

I'm an IT engineer from the United Kingdom. I'm married and have a 4-year-old boy who absolutely runs rings around myself and my wife!

My interests include Tech, TV and Film, Music and Football. I'm a big Liverpool FC fan!

I also have a big interest in gaming, so much so that I have a dedicated account for it here: @EighthLayer.

#Introduction #IT #Tech #TV #Film #Movies #Music #Football #LFC #Gaming #Parenting

FlockOfCats, to tv avatar

For TV series finales, it’s hard for shows to “stick the landing”.

I really liked Lost, but it had its flaws, one of which was the finale.

Breaking Bad peaked in its second to last episode, so the finale was fine but a step down.

Mad Men’s end was good but ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Two shows that nailed it were Bojack Horseman and The Good Place. I watch both those finales for first time on the same weekend

I was emotional devastated for days later

tness16, to aquarium French avatar

: dans les coulisses du plus grand d' - Un Monde à part

François Mazure vous fait découvrir le plus grand aquarium d'Europe : le Nausicaa. Au rayon des métiers surprenants, découvrez une soigneuse de ! Une séquence pour Une Monde à part.

tness, to tv French

Le contrôle des télés connectées : on vous présente notre enquête

Le modèle de la télévision a complètement changé depuis l’arrivée des téléviseurs connectés. On a enquêté sur la collecte de données des fabricants et sur ce que ça peut engendrer pour la programmation culturelle à l’écran.

La journaliste et animatrice de l'émission #Enquête, Marie-Maude Denis, présente son #investigation sur la collecte de #données des #télévisions connectées.

#reportage #tv
Le contrôle des télés connectées : on vous présente notre enquête

paulfoerster, to tv German avatar

“Fast jeder dritte Werbespot ist klimaschädlich”?


Ich würde eher sagen, jeder Werbespot ist per definitionem klimaschädlich.

br00t4c, to tv avatar

WB's Green Lantern Show Has Enlisted Damon Lindelof to Write It


jimmyb, to plex avatar

I just watched Jujutsu Kaisen (2023) - Idle Transfiguration (S01E10)!

#JujutsuKaisen2023 #Plex #media #TV #anime #FilterToHide

Hotchka, to MelissaBenoist avatar

MAX has cancelled "The Girls On The Bus" after a single season. The series was produced by and starred Melissa Benoist. Season 1 did end with a cliffhanger that will now go unresolved.

DavidBHimself, to Japan

Japanese TV is crap with more crap and an extra layer of crap. However, once a day, for a minute, pure magic.

A few examples:

Hotchka, to television avatar

The Bear Season 3 | Official Trailer | Hulu | June 27
FX’s The Bear returns 6.27. Stream all episodes, only on Hulu.
#TheBear #FX #Hulu #OfficialTrailer #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

br00t4c, to television avatar

Will Daniel Radcliffe be in the new Harry Potter TV series? The answer probably won't surprise you

jimmyb, to OnPatrolLive avatar

I just watched On Patrol: Live - - Multiple Pursuits (S02E74)!

br00t4c, to tv avatar

Should You Buy a Samsung Frame TV or a Laser Projector?

jimmyb, to plex avatar

I just watched Hoarders - Where are they now? Carl/Eric (S15E99)!

#Hoarders #Plex #media #TV #TVShow #FilterToHide

br00t4c, to tv avatar

Samsung S95D QD-OLED Review: A Matte Screen for Reflective Rooms


jimmyb, to plex avatar

I just watched Hoarders - Where are they now? Destiny/Terri (S15E98)!

#Hoarders #Plex #media #TV #TVShow #FilterToHide

br00t4c, to tv avatar
br00t4c, to tv avatar

Starmer agrees to TV election debates with Sunak

#conservatives #tv

br00t4c, to chinese avatar
br00t4c, to tv avatar

Sean Kingston's home raided after singer accused of not paying for huge TV

#arrested #tv

br00t4c, to tv avatar
br00t4c, to tv avatar
Sousse, to Artificial French avatar

#VivaTech 2024: #Artificial #intelligence takes centre stage at annual #French #tech #show

The latest artificially intelligent innovations have been unveiled at the VivaTech show in Paris starting this Wednesday and running through Saturday.

#News #tv

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