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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton might have done us a favour, makes Labor's case that tax breaks for landlords ought to be restricted to those who build homes.

As part of his budget reply speech on Thursday night he promised to stop foreigners buying existing Australian homes.

He didn't only want to stop foreigners buying existing homes to live in, something they are able to do while here temporarily, as long as they they sell within three months of moving out.

He also wanted to stop them buying existing Australian homes to let to renters. He wanted to stop them being landlords. Not because landlords deprive us of homes to live in (they don't) but because they deprive us of homes to own.

Every existing home that is owned by a landlord is a home that isn't owned by an owner-occupier. It's maths. #housingcrisis #rentalcrisis #auspol #aus4sale

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#Auspol #HousingCrisis #LNP #Immigration

So Peter Dutton wants to have a housing election, and his housing policy is to cut immigration to 140,000 a year and cap foreign student visas.

That’s not a housing policy, it’s just a cut in immigration.

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This American, Evan Edinger, does a far superior job than British news orgs of explaining everything the Tory party has done to make the UK housing situation even worse than it was 14 years ago

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How To Start Strengthening Your Town With Incremental Development
Will Gardner May 6, 2024

"...And incremental doesn’t have to mean slow. Incremental growth is potentially the fastest way to grow housing stock, revitalize downtown areas and fill town coffers. Large greenfield projects, despite their promise of hundreds or thousands of housing units, take years of work to come to fruition — usually with large political fights along the way. These are large, often long-shot bets that may not come through... Conversely, small infill projects can be initiated in a matter of weeks and months. As these projects happen, they attract further attention and resources to the town and create momentum for growth..."

Small infill includes accessory dwelling units, too - so called "granny flats" and remodeled garages or outbuildings. These could easily create a lot of new affordable housing.

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“Providing housing would be the best way possible and this is the cheapest way that we can afford to build one,” said Lacasse, a group member of United Front to End Homelessness.

The structures are entirely made out of sand bags.

“The sand bag houses that are being built are fire resistant, properly ventilated and easy to heat,” said Wren Wombwell, a member of Fight Back KW.

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Just how badly does Canada need to increase its home building pace, vs the early 2000s?

“When CIBC economist Benjamin Tal updated the CMHC estimate earlier this year, to account for recent unprecedented population growth because of immigration, he pegged the shortfall at closer to seven million homes.

If that’s true, then getting to housing affordability doesn’t just mean a doubling of the pace of home building. It would take a quadrupling.”


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The idea that you can have transit extend the range of walking distance without embracing bikes as a transportation utility, in the sprawling american suburbs, is just delusional. But it's the delusion that most of our city budgets and plans are built on. Biking in Portland is faster than walking+transit for most values of A to B but I can nearly guarantee you need to elbow your way through car traffic somewhere on that trip. Land use and transit need bikes for glue.

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@pleaseclap there's actually a lot of good reasons beyond #ClimateChange and #CarbonEmissions for cities to invest in bikes as #transportation, geometrically the #HousingCrisis needs more density because multi-level streets for cars are extraordinarily expensive and we've maxed out the drive-and-park model that much of the US grew and developed under. #GeometryHatesCars so the only way out of traffic #congestion, also solves #AirPollution, #VisionZero is viable alternatives to driving, is bikes

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From time to time, I think about Ted.

And this article from 2018, where this pensioner died, homeless and alone, in a Tim Hortons.

#cdnpoli #HousingCrisis

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The latest by @dariaphoebe and I for #Providence Journal about why building infrastructure for safe, efficient non-car transportation is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have for building the density we need to combat the #housingcrisis.

Also critical to combat the #climatecrisis, BTW.

FYI @alexkgellis

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Although there are now no simple solutions, the #housingcrisis in #Australia can be traced back to a handful of catastrophic policy choices made by #JohnHoward and recommended by his friends.

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I was disappointed to find out that the new rental housing being built here - won't actually be affordable enough for former tenants of the demolished homes that used to sit on this lot. Several low income, multi-suites rental homes were demolished last year & this year. We are in desperate need of truly affordable housing for low income & marginalized families in #Saanich & #VictoriaBC.

#YYJpoli #HousingCrisis #PoorFolksNeedHomes #LowIncomeRentalCrisis #RentersCrisis #BChousing #BCpoli

Fenced off development lot - excavator inside fence. Few more houses set to be demolished soon.

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Landlord Association’s comment on ‘Squatting’ is probably the dumbest and least insightful of them all

‘That’s the livelihood of someone.’

It isn’t ’the livelihood’ of the landowner if they aren’t making active use of it.
#HousingCrisis #AusPol

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Has anyone come across a Google doc/list of all the firms that are buying single family homes in the US and ruining the current and future market for literally everyone? Asking for a friend...

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Calgary Rezoning 🧵

Once again a critically important vote is upon city council and once again the Hub is stepping up to let you know WHY the April 22 is important for in Calgary and how YOU can help YOUR CITY do the right thing.

Bentley, avatar

YYC Rezoning 🧵/2

We'll get into the nitty gritty on all this but we want to stack our asks up front to get you on your path to advocacy on this important issue as soon as we can. 1st up, here's a SUPER EASY way to reach out to your councillor & tell them to vote YES! #yyc #yyccc #HousingCrisis #Climate

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YYC Rezoning 🧵/3

We're also holding another of our popular #SpeakToCityCouncil training sessions. Your voice matters & they need to hear it. Meet some cool Calgarians that also care about the right things and learn together how to speak Truth to Power! #yyc #yyccc #HousingCrisis #Climate

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YYC Rezoning🧵 /4

If you haven't given a listen to our latest podcast episode yet, dig in! Rezoning champion Councillor Walcott makes the case for taking steps on both the #HousingCrisis AND #ClimateEmergency with the fast approaching Apr 22nd vote!


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YYC Rezoning🧵 /5

Watch for our upcoming YouTube webcast for Housing Night In Calgary, in depth analysis on our Housing Crisis & the April 22nd Rezoning Vote. Featuring local luminaries from More Neighbours Calgary, Sustainable Calgary, Strong Towns Calgary & more! #yyc #yyccc #HousingCrisis #Climate

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YYC Rezoning🧵 /6

So why is a Climate org like the Hub putting all this work in on Housing? The reason is simple: what we build & where we build it is a CRITICAL chunk of a city's overall emissions. We'd explain how but the Walrus's Arno Kopecky already nailed it #yyc #yyccc #HousingCrisis #Climate

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YYC Rezoning🧵 /8

It's not just all those cars travelling increasingly greater distances twice a day to get everybody to work that makes a problem, it's also the damage we keep doing to what few remain. These are "nature's sponges." We more of NEED more of them, not less

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Every Scottish council with the exception of Glasgow, Falkirk & North Ayrshire will be using their new powers to double the council tax of 2nd homes. It’s estimated there are over 24,000 of these in #Scotland.

Does make me wonder why those 3 Councils chose to be in the minority during a #housingcrisis? Extremely disappointing, especially for the country’s largest city. #scotpol #uk #ukpolitics #ukpol #glasgow #falkirk #housing #northayrshire

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