‎Personal account (he|him). Calgary, 🇨🇦. Giant nerd. Hangs out on #MastodonWorld :mw:. See pinned post for longer introduction.

⚠️ : May tweet about politics from time to time. Formerly @vsp.

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vsp, to random


It's a pager.

#Humane #HumaneAIpin #Pager


Like, it's a beeper.


It's mobile, limited feature set, and has connectivity.

vsp, to random

From time to time, I think about Ted.

And this article from 2018, where this pensioner died, homeless and alone, in a Tim Hortons.


vsp, to random

So every 3 months I redo my resume. I've been doing it for close to 15 years (I have copies of my resumes from high school).

And, well...

I just realized my resume hadn't landed me a single job.


Papa John's? Paper form. Working for politicians? Referral. Non-profits? Referral. Current gig? I was recruited!

Do... do resumes work? Like, I've been giving advice to folks on careers (once in a while), but, well, do resumes actually get folks jobs? #Careers #Resumes


Do cover letters work? Do folks actually read them?

#HumanResources, do you exist on the fediverse? Hiring managers, are you out there?


@krafty You can do it, Krafty! I believe in you.


@krafty on my end, I have a less than 0.5% chance of getting past the phone screen or initial interview for gigs.

I broke it out on each application for the last four years in a series of spreadsheets.

I think I got to three or so second round interviews?

It's the pits.


@TheWillofAvis like... who am I making this piece of paper for?

Anyways, what a world we live in.

sjvn, to random
@sjvn@mastodon.social avatar

Boy, their network has really gone down the toilet!


@sjvn at least... it's raised off the floor, in case of sewage back up and flooding? :blobcatfearful:

vsp, to random

Oh, look, I'm uninstalling Microsoft Teams for the twelfth time this month.


And what do you mean I can't uninstall Copilot?

vsp, to random

Oh no.

My sense of smell has returned.


Good for the food, terrible for the other smells. Goddamn. The world smells weird.


@todwest it's ... the body odour on public transit that has been wiggin' out. 😳 But those trees sound amazing, and probably smelled pretty good, too.

... I think I'll buy a scented candle... I assume there's a dogwood flavour...

h, to random
@h@post.lurk.org avatar

is there a list of open signup instances anywhere? it looks so cute!


@h I've been doing research.

Here's a list from fedidb: https://fedidb.org/software/sharkey


@h also, from the join Sharkey section of the repository: https://activitypub.software/TransFem-org/Sharkey#findaninstance

vsp, (edited ) to random

Alright, .

What're you about?

I see:

  • a big ace community. (Did you know that some sharks asexually reproduce? Google automictic parthenogenesis, it's wild.) Also, . A lot of it.
  • a deep love of Blahaj and IKEA. :BlobHajMlem:

What else is there? Looking for items for the inspiration board for developing sharkey.world's character/logo/banner/brand.


Friendly, too. A lot of enforced moderation, so it's a good community for marginalized peeps.

vsp, to random

#vspQuits 🚭


@TheWillofAvis Thanks, WoA.


@TheWillofAvis I do, and I did!

I baked some chicken breasts and made a caesar salad.

It was delicious, and I tasted every mouthful. Turns out, cigarettes kill the taste buds... and I'm finally getting my sense of taste and smell back!

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