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‘Whoever controls the media, controls the mind’ Gadigal Land, Eora Nation (Oz)

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A farmer from New South Wales recently visited Japan and discovered that Australian was being sold in Tokyo for less than it costs in major Australian supermarkets. Analysts argue that direct comparisons can be "misleading" without accounting for factors such as global import competition, differences in meat cuts, and exchange rate fluctuations. Although and have denied allegations of price gouging, the is set to release an interim report on its inquiry into supermarkets by August.


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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton might have done us a favour, makes Labor's case that tax breaks for landlords ought to be restricted to those who build homes.

As part of his budget reply speech on Thursday night he promised to stop foreigners buying existing Australian homes.

He didn't only want to stop foreigners buying existing homes to live in, something they are able to do while here temporarily, as long as they they sell within three months of moving out.

He also wanted to stop them buying existing Australian homes to let to renters. He wanted to stop them being landlords. Not because landlords deprive us of homes to live in (they don't) but because they deprive us of homes to own.

Every existing home that is owned by a landlord is a home that isn't owned by an owner-occupier. It's maths.


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#DavidmcBride jailing reported better by Independent & foreign journos than Australia’s old media #auspol #whistleblower


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Federal budgets are often centered on discussions of "inflation," the "economy," and "economic growth," but amidst these conversations, the deeper truth about our reliance on #nature often gets sidelined. Economists argue that without valuing the #environment, human activity on earth is unsustainable. While concepts like " #ecosystem services" have gained traction, they still fall short of acknowledging humans as part of a larger system that sustains all life. With climate change and #biodiversity loss worsening, a radical shift in #humanity 's relationship with ecosystems is needed. As we await the budget speech, it's crucial to remember the reality of climate change and its implications for our planet's future. #ClimateChange #EnvironmentalAwareness #BudgetPriorities #auspol


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#Norway taxes its #fossilfuel industry and offers free #university degrees to students, while #Australia subsidises fossil fuel expansion and imposes high costs on university education for its youth. Budget allocations reflect choices and priorities, revealing significant differences between the two nations.
Is the government taking more from students through #HECS than it collects from the #Petroleum #Resources Rent Tax? #prrt #auspol


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#NASA 's #JamesWebb Telescope has captured the most detailed infrared images ever taken of the #Horsehead #Nebula, one of the most majestic and recognisable objects in the night sky


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YIMBYs, politicians, think tanks, the media, and developers are urging Australia to relax planning restrictions so that hundreds of thousands of apartments can be erected in the ”missing middle’ of our cities. Their arguments ignore overwhelming empirical evidence that the last decade’s high-rise apartment boom was a disaster. #auspol #BetterNotBigger #sustainability


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Although there are now no simple solutions, the in can be traced back to a handful of catastrophic policy choices made by and recommended by his friends.


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New #climate modelling suggests Australians should be preparing for the possibility of #megadroughts lasting more than 20 years.
#climatechange #globalwarming

LeftistLawyer, (edited ) to climate

Can someone please explain why, on a planet with 5 billion too many people and , declining birthrates are a problem?

I'm at a loss.

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🚗 Roads in #sydney have taken a hit since the Rozelle Interchange opened. 🛣️ The increase in local street traffic is a safety concern and disrupting morning commutes. Sydney is the most tolled city on earth, and it's no wonder drivers are seeking alternatives. Time for solutions! #TrafficTroubles #SydneyTolls #mostTolledCityOnEarth #privitisation


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"I’m not going to beat around the bush here. The housing market in Australia is an absolute disaster...

.... The federal government is growing the population massively at the same time as construction – the supply side – is collapsing.

And I think the question everybody needs to ask the Albanese government is: why have they brought in record numbers of people into Australia without a plan to house them and also to provide infrastructure for them.

Because this is a disaster... "
#auspol #housingcrisis #rentalcrisis #property #propertylobby


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Australians are missing out on a fair share of revenue while #fossilfuel companies are making record profits and worsening the #climatecrisis.

The fact is the Australian government collects more money from students paying #HECS than it does from #gas companies paying the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT).

The Petroleum Resource Rent Tax is broken. #auspol

Sign our petition to increase the PRRT here:


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The organisation representing new-car makers in Australia has come under fire for "now discredited" claims some models could become up to $13,000 more expensive next year under the government's new #vehicle #emissions standards. #auspol


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‘Enough is enough’: #Australian PM denounces #US, #UK legal pursuit of #Assange

#AnthonyAlbanese takes stand against attempts to extradite Australian to US ahead of court ruling next week. #julianassange #FreeAssangeNOW #freeassange


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is unlikely to fall into in 2024 but for most families it will feel like one, according to a leading economist who’s predicting years of financial pain for households.


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Fifty years ago, #Australian equality was roughly on a par with that of #Finland. Now, we could hardly be more different. After Finland banned #privateschools in the 1970s, its wealth and educational excellence soared while its equality levels have remained steady. In #Australia, by contrast, #inequality has soared. #Wealth, too, has grown but sits in ever-fewer hands. Inexorably, our education system reflects and exacerbates this imbalance, further widening the gap. #education #publicschools #privateschools #EducationForAll


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the doesn't seem to be influenced by , on the other hand, well we ain't the sharpest tools in the shed


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The Great #Emu War: how it started and who won. #australia


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'It only takes one to be real and it changes for ever’: what if we’ve been lied to about UFOs?
The continuing lack of transparency about in the US is causing concern not only about the existence of but about the psychological fallout of uncovering a


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@Lizette603_23 yes, particularly North Korea and China....

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