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Brazil teenager Guilherme set to have West Ham medical

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9 June 1597: d. St José de Anchieta of , - missionary in , linguist, writer, ‘father of Brazilian literature’

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🎋 Artist: #Cadumen / #ClaudioMendonça in City: #VilaMadalena /536, Rua Alfredo Piragibe/ #SãoPaulo #Brazil 🇧🇷03/2024 - Title: "Sloth" - #Art #Streetart #Mural #UrbanArt #Artist #Sloth #Relax #Weekend #GoodMorning !☕🥐

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~ Economic impact of Brazil’s extreme precipitation event on regional and national economy:

“Rio Grande do Sul’s economy — about as big as Uruguay and Paraguay combined — had been growing at 3.5% this year through April, but could end 2024 falling by 2%. That would mean a 0.4% dent in Brazil’s GDP which would mean zero growth this year.”

⚠️ Projected global GDP loss at heating of 2°C = -16%

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Time-to-inevitable-credit-card-block: 10 days and two ATMs!

#Brazil fares much better than we-pretend-it’s-1980-and-keep-swiping US!

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I have sometimes dipped into some psychedelic space rock from Brazil. I've recently found another pretty wild band from there. Raw, fairly left field, all good.

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A firefighter looks on during the efforts to control fire in a rainforest located in the municipality of Canta, Roraima state, Brazil, February 29, 2024. REUTERS/Bruno Kelly


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Teenagers in a remote Brazilian tribe have become hooked on pornography months after they were given high-speed internet access via Elon Musk’s .

The indigenous Marubo people, who for hundreds of years have existed in small huts along the Itui River in the , were connected to the billionaire’s satellite network in September.

Remote tribe gets hooked on internet porn

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NB: Brazil flood warnings were available for a week in advance:

“but the warning may not have reached all of those at risk, and the public may not have understood the severity of the impacts or known what actions to take in response to the forecasts.”

We are generally woefully unprepared for a world close to a permanent +1.5°C of heating.

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Indigenous forest guardian and defender of isolated peoples Beto Marubo sends a powerful message to elite academic community during recent conference at Yale University. Shown here with journalist Scott Wallace and yrs truly.

@anthropology #amazonia #brazil #indigenousrights

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"A study from the University of São Paulo indicates the [’s savanna biome] is experiencing its most severe in centuries due to rising temperatures and disrupted rainfall patterns, confirmed through geological and weather data analysis.

This alarming finding is largely attributed to the effects of global warming, which have been particularly severe in Brazil’s central region."

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A Spix’s perches in a tree in a breeding facility in Curaçá, eastern . The species is clinging to life: declared in the wild, it now mainly persists in protected habitats, although Brazil hopes to re-establish a wild population before long.

Photograph: André Penner/AP


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Bloomberg: Brazil Floods Displace 600,000 in World’s Latest Mass Climate Migration

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Everything you need to know about #CarnavalHeist, a new banking #trojan we've discovered targeting users in #Brazil


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Southern Brazil faces humanitarian crisis after historic flooding

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NY Times: Catastrophic Floods in Brazil Set Off Another Crisis: Homeless Pets

Officials in the southern part of the country have rescued more than 12,500 animals in recent weeks since catastrophic floods inundated cities and towns. #flooding #Brazil #climatedisaster #disasters #pets

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