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You Can Now Share Passwords With Your Google Family Group

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«...for every repair, an independent repair shop must send your name, address, telephone number, your phone’s unique serial number and IMEI, your “customer complaint,” and all the details of your repair. »

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at today with 8 updated and 3 added apps:

  • Material Photo Widget: display photos on your home screen
  • Material Notes: simple, local, material design notes
  • APatch: patching Android kernel and Android system

Enjoy your (1.133) with the repo :awesome:

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A 'lil preview of the new decorations that will be available with our next big update :D

#indiedev #indiegame #ios #android


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on is still a mess. This is not available for any of the devices I have. I own a Samsung Note phone (with a Qualcomm), a Samsung Tab (with Qualcomm), several Android devices which are 10+, like Motorola, some Anbernic devices that use a Rockchip and Unisoc... and none is supported?!???

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I tried on the . The experience is not bad, especially using a Bluetooth controller. But still prefer how this works on ; much easier to deal with ROM files, and the screen on my Samsung (OLED) looks better.

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About 10 years ago, before fitness trackers and smartwatches were a thing, there were apps that simply plotted the path that you traveled on a map (e.g. ).

If you want to track an activity that involves moving around, such as walking, jogging, running or cycling there is an app on F-Droid called . It tracks the distance, elevation and time for each activity. It can show the traveled path on an app like and also plot graphs.

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Got this message from :
> Our records indicate that your mobile device uses a mobile OS version that Slack will stop supporting after September. For the best experience and to continue receiving regular updates [..], we strongly recommend updating your mobile OS as soon as possible.

Yes, like I have a choice to upgrade from the vendor of my smartphone? (Thanks BTW)
Or is it like forcing people to replace a working smartphone?

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Taka myśl:
Kupuję samochód marki A.
Producent zaznacza że do tego samochodu rekomendowane są opony marki B, w ramach "bezpieczeństwa" wyposażone w czujnik grubości bieżnika, jeśli nie kupię tych opon a wybiorę opony marki F, niewyposażonych w ten czujnik lub niekompatybilny z samochodem to nie będę mógł osiągnąć prędkości większej niż 70 km/h. Zaznaczam że opony marki B są takiej samej jakości (albo i gorszej) oraz droższe niż opony marki F.

Co czujesz?

Dlaczego więc ludzie kupują telefony i komputery marki na A i w ramach "bezpieczeństwa" i "możliwości" są zobowiązani do korzystania tylko i wyłącznie z ich sklepu lub mają utrudnione korzystanie z akcesoriów które nie są produktem tej marki lub nie są przez nią "podpisane"?

Dlatego od ponad roku jabłka mam wyłącznie w lodówce a nie na biurku 😀

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Tipp: Hinterlegt bei eurem Androiden unter »Einstellungen -> Notfälle & Sicherheit -> Notfallinformationen« eure medizinischen Daten, wie Blutgruppe, Allergien, Medikamente und ob ihr bspw. Organspender seid. Im Notfall kann das hilfreich sein und direkt im gesperrten Zugang abgerufen werden. 🆘 🏥 💊

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If you've been thinking of switching browsers or contemplating whether you should set the Vivaldi browser as default, find out what @xdadevelopers has to say about what makes our browser stand out in the crowd. 👇🏻

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Testuję sobie rozmaite klienty Mastodona dla Androida i pomyślałem, że zapytam na fedi, co jest ważne przy wyborze takiej apki.

Szukacie czegoś obsługującego kilka platform (Mastodon, Pixelfed, *key, *oma), czy jedną, a dobrze?

Jakie features są dla was kluczowe (poza takimi oczywistościami jak wysyłanie wpisów i przeglądanie osi czasu) i muszą być w kliencie, żebyście dali mu szansę? Może filtry albo listy? Albo przypominanie o alt text?

Na ile ważny jest wygląd aplikacji? A to, czy jest FOSS?

Proszę o podbicia dla większego zasięgu.

#FediPyta #DrogieFedi #DrogiBlipie #KlientyFediwersum #fediwersum #apka #Android #FOSS

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/e/OS Review: This Operating System Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It

#android #privacy

Sabir TV APK MOD 2.0 تحميل مجاني أحدث إصدار Arabic

مع تطبيق Sabir TV APK، ستستمتع بمساحة إخبارية فريدة حيث يمكنك الوصول على الفور إلى أحدث المعلومات من باكستان والهند والصين والعالم كله. صابر شاكر، أحد الصحفيين البارزين، سيأخذك عبر كل...

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just gave me the push I needed to wipe that partition that I almost never boot into anyway. Being an user that wants to get into app development, I am considering . What do you think fedi, any thoughts on the best option for me?

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at today with 8 updated and 1 added apps:

  • Password Monitor: ensure your password safety by scanning for potential breaches

Notification Recovery got rid of its proprietary dependency (GMS), some other apps of their signing blobs.

Enjoy your with the repo :awesome:

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New app added to the Accessible Android apps directory: Lookout – Assisted vision Accessible with no TalkBack actions

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Preordered a #Jolla Community Phone.

I've wanted to try non-#Android #Linux on mobile for ages and this looks like the best way to do it.

The cost is reasonable, but there's a subscription necessary after a year — which I'll pay if I still love the device and want to support Jolla still, or I'll abandon the device and use as a toy if not.

It apparently supports Android apps to some degree, but I won't mind if stuff doesn't work and prompts me toward digital hygiene.

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So fellow folks. I'm not as impressed with my Google Pixel Watch as I thought I would be, and am contemplating switching to a Samsung one. How are they with ? I have a phone, in case that matters. Thanks in advance!

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🚀 Introducing the Project: A Revolution in Ethical hashtag#Mobile Software 🌍💡

The Mobifree Project marks the beginning of a new era in mobile software, driven by the collaboration of twelve organizations committed to ethical, human-centred development.

Join us in shaping a future where technology prioritizes People & Planet!

➡️ visit our website:
➡️ Follow @mobifree

@gael @murena

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GitNex 5.5.0 is now OUT with a new comment UI, the ability to update your profile avatar, the option to insert notes to issues/PRs/releases, and many other improvements.

We have also reached 400 stars on . Thanks to all for supporting GitNex all the way.

With the upcoming 6.0.0 release, GitNex will have different version numbers, such as 6.0.0, 7.0.0, and so on.

I hope you enjoy the new release and find it even more productive.

New comment UI

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