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A 'lil preview of the new decorations that will be available with our next big update :D

#indiedev #indiegame #ios #android


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I finally fixed my Daily Calm shortcut. I needed to add a 'wait 600 seconds' step 🤣🤓

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Tip of the day: If you use a Mac and an iPad at the same time, Universal Control allows you to control both devices from a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad. You can use both devices perfectly together while retaining their individual capabilities. Here we’ll show you this feature. https://www.devontechnologies.com/blog/20231128-use-universal-control

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Where is that „update all“ button? Missing it also on #iOS 🤦🏼‍♂️

SergKoren, to swift
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How did you surprise yourself? I just launched this on my new iPadPro. It’s the first Swft version of my writing app. The text was written sometime later…

#swift #ios #writing

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Hi there im back with Day 49 of 🙋‍♂️ Today I used a really cool blog article written by my friend @JagCesar to change how my App Intents are displayed in the Shortcuts app and in spotlight search 😍 I also refined the favorites and history lists with some smooth animations 🤤

If you want to make your App intents look stylish too, here you go:


JTostitos, to iOS
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Guys, its 2024 and you cannot play an MP3 file sent through iMessage or downloaded to the Files app…

jknlsn, to iOS
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Does anyone use parity pricing for their app or apps on the App Store?

I'd like to, but have no idea where to start!

I just looked up the Big Mac Index but I'd really prefer not to implement something myself haha

#indiedev #iosdev #ios #app #swift

Zenek73, to iOS Polish
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gerd, to android German
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Muss schon sagen, coden für ist so viel angenehmer, als für .

Die Entwicklungsumgebung basierend auf ist so viel besser als .

Für die fertige App einfach ein APK erstellen und auf meinem Smartphone installieren. Fertig!

Keine knapp €100 teure Gebühr pro Jahr für ne poplige Entwicklerlizenz bezahlen müssen.

Hab den Umstieg von auf nicht bereut. Ganz im Gegenteil. Will nie wieder dieses einschränkende . 👍

ianonymous3000, to privacy
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🚨 Attention iOS & iPadOS users! 🚨

I've just updated my ultimate hardening guide, and I need your help to make it even better! 🙏

Check it out here: https://github.com/iAnonymous3000/iOS-Hardening-Guide

Please let me know:
✅ Is it easy to follow?
✅ Any areas need more detail?
✅ Suggestions for improvement?
✅ Most helpful tips?

Show your support by starring the repo! ⭐️

tml, to random
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Happiness. I can now reveal that I was stupid and left my iPad in the bus from Toledo to Madrid two weeks ago (on a Saturday). I followed it in Find My and saw that it returned to Toledo and stayed there. I went there the following day, but of course the ticket office wasn’t open on Sundays and even if I saw it was some metres away I couldn’t get it... I eventually got a reply from that they do have it there and I can fetch it on a weekday so here I am now and yes I got it back. Whew.

@tml@urbanists.social avatar

If was really clever, it would notice that you are in bus/train/etc and ping your nearby devices/ items frequently once you stop, to be able to tell you right away “dude, you left your iPad/hat/bag in the bus, go back now and fetch it”.

Hey , feel free to implement this.

It did tell me now that I left the iPad, but too late. We were already hundreds of metres away, in the metro station, and it took like five minutes to go back and by that time the bus had already left.

yuliyan, to mastodon
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Needed some time to get used to it but I really like @MonaApp 's approach to discovery. A single tab gets you to a certain instance where you then can switch between all its feeds on a second layer. Thus the tree icon. 🌳💚

The only thing I am missing is seeing the hashtag results of the chosen instance. Right now choosing a trending hashtag from a remote instance shows me the hashtag feed of my home instance. Which always leads to the same results.

kariboka, to iOS
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Any good #Akkoma app for #iOS?

Asking for a friend.

kevbob, to iOS
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stefanzweifel, to 11ty
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Now that I've switched my blog to use , it makes much more fun to update it again.

Finally updated my /uses page. Updated some screenshots and apps. (The biggest change is that I've replaced Feedbin with Reeder.app)


pixel, to iOS
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Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest news and resources available in the mobile accessibility space https://buff.ly/3wt1Kex

phranck, to iOS German
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Kann mir jemand aus der #Fahrrad Bubble eine Navi-App (#iOS) speziell fuers #Radfahren empfehlen? Sie darf ruhig was kosten, aber nicht als Subscription!

Ideal waere Kartenmaterial aus der DACH Region (oder auch ganz Europa). Sie sollte Fahrten tracken koennen, Statistiken erstellen und nach Moeglichkeit keinen Account/keine Registrierung irgendwo verlangen.

Gibt es da was?
Koennt ihr aus eigener Erfahrung was empfehlen?


KatM, to iOS
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has gotten even worse! How is this possible, ?

Fix your shitty autocorrect! There’s no such thing at “there’re” so quit putting it into my content.

And how come I get a word suggestion as I type, I click on it, and an entirely different word is inserted that wasn’t even one of the options offered - sometimes not even an English word?!


trixter, to iOS
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Apparently the iOS keyboard is never going to stop assuming I love to talk about abs, so what other iPhone keyboard options are people having good luck with? I'm about ready to just accept that the cost of a good keyboard is the sum total of my private personal data.

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He estado probando esto con nuestro amigo TioPiramide (buscando juegos para su PC, que es más modesto) y, oye... Sorpresa grata!
A quienes os interesen que puedan mezclar jugabilidad de disparos en tercera persona como , acción y jefes en niveles como y una historia con soldados como , recomiendo alegremente / , con juego cruzado y progreso compartido entre , e .
Es , eso sí. 🫠

owa, to random
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Apple essentially demanding that browser vendors relocate their iOS browser development teams to the EU.

The next episode of malicious compliance:

@niutech@fosstodon.org avatar

@meduz @owa Or just use one of online testing services like , , or Device Farm?

majorlinux, to Amazon
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