Jeze3D, avatar

I'm in my 40s and still waiting for this "conservative phase" to kick in.

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

@Jeze3D 51. More radical than ever.

Tho part of that is the entire society moving to the right: the Social Democrats here in Sweden are since the mid aughts at least firmly a center liberal party. In fact the "left wing" party is now further to the right than the social democrats were when I got to vote the first time.

I guess just by remaining politically in 2024 where I was 1994 makes me a radical instead of a Social Democrat?

shekinahcancook, avatar


I'm in my 50s and my "conservative phase" is long gone and never coming back,

18+ Frances_Larina, avatar


Yeah, I think that was just them trying to justify what they've done.

nosherwan, avatar

@Jeze3D I am the same I am in my 40s and I am actually becoming more liberal.
Something is wrong with me, lol 😆

Brendan, avatar

@Jeze3D @grrrr_shark … I just turned 50 … still got no desire to force my opinions on to the reproductive health of millions of strangers…

grrrr_shark, avatar

@Brendan @Jeze3D yuuuuup, exactly

grrrr_shark, avatar

@Jeze3D I'm 52 and have never been further left.

jake4480, avatar

@Jeze3D same. It ain't happening. I go more left every year hahaha

hbons, avatar
cstross, avatar

@Jeze3D I turn 60 this year and I reckon if I haven't turned Tory already it's not going to happen.

(Hypothesis: marginalized/poor people are more likely to die young, and less likely to be conservative. So survival bias suggests that while the old will look more conservative, it's just that the left/radical elements of their cohort died young.)

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