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@CoffeeAddict with MTG throwing in another speaker recall, and the majority down to only 217 now, I wonder if we're going to see the third Speaker fight this term.

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At this point, nothing would surprise me with them.

Even if the dems were to somehow get Jeffries as speaker (through more republican defections) I don’t think there would be enough time to clean up the GOPs giant mess.

Might just be better for the dems to cut a deal with Johnson - save him from the Freedom Caucus in exchange for Ukraine Aid.

Neblib, avatar

@CoffeeAddict yeah I agree its in Dems best interest to get a deal with Johnson assuming the GOP doesn't implode further. Ukraine Aid, allowing the Biden inquiry to end, some bipartisan border bill, a return to higher count needed to recall rule, and some sort of rest of year bipartisan budget keep the lights on bill would be great for everyone.

halcyoncmdr, avatar

There’s definitely not enough time to even begin to fix anything and Jeffries as Speaker would just give the GOP ammunition to blame everything on the Dems. Their base doesn’t actually check anything they say, and modern “centrists” just glance at things but don’t look beyond the surface, so having a Dem in charge of the house leading into the election would just give them ammunition for those people.

Let them wallow in their complete inability to accomplish anything leading into the election.

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And the GOP majority shrinks once again.

My guess is they are jumping ship early to escape the clownshow and hurt Johnson and the GOP on their way out.

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