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At first I was like what is this shit doing in my playlist, then I was like hold on just a minute, then I was grinning like an idiot for the rest of the track. Little bit of country drum & bass for your Friday.

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Apple Music has released its inaugural list of the 100 best albums of all time. Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"came in at No. 1, sparking some debate by music fans who thought Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was a more worthy winner. Here's a story from the Independent about the list. We want to know, which of these DIDN'T make the top 10?

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🎧 Mood.

First time in a while I've met new music and thought, "Genius!"

"Church of Nashville"
from COMPASSION (6/21).

📷 Marisa Chafetz


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@DemocracySpot Lovely, thanks for sharing this.

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Ticketmaster is frequently blamed for high concert prices and let's be clear, it's awful. But Vox's Whizy Kim says it's not the only culprit. She looks at the other reasons going to gigs got so pricey, and one surprising way things could be improved.

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@CultureDesk One big problem vis a vis ticket prices is that income from recordings has all but dried up, thanks to Spotify royalty rates that are vanishingly small - especially for artists with small/moderate audiences. They only way recording artists can really make money is by touring. Just look at Taylor Swift - she made a butt-load of money over the last year and a half, but it wasn't from selling records, or from streaming revenue - it was from Eras tour ticket and merch sales.

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@jeffmarkel Absolutely! Must be exhausting.

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I enjoyed participating in this interview with Thommy Delaney from @BlowUpRadio !

His questions indicated me how deeply he experienced my album "Digital Carnival," preparing us to have a meaningful and entertaining conversation about it.

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@jasondidner @BlowUpRadio great job! very cool!

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@stefan @BlowUpRadio

Thank you! I'm delighted with how BlowUpRadio connects musicians with listeners - in NJ and beyond!

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I was cuddling with my cat Tennessee, giving him tummy rubs, and found myself singing to him “Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy, and I feel like loving you.”

Where did that memory come from? (And can it please disappear?) Does this qualify as a post?

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Now I have that song in my head. 😺

I think it has been used a lot in ads and other entertainment.

I looked it up and saw that The Beatles also used the opening of "Yummy Yummy" in "Back in the USSR."

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@KrissyKat Wow, I never noticed that about "Back in the USSR." I guess I didn't pay much attention to the opening of "Yummy Yummy Yummy" because listening now it's obvious.

Sorry for the earworm.

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Hell in a Bucket (Live at Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 12/31/87)

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@verdantsquare good one

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“Gossamer song textures, reinforced with steel, that’s what Brooklyn songwriter Jackie West brings on Close to the Mystery, her first full-length album,” writes Jennifer Kelly.

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Now playing on LABR: Banging in Brighton 10 DJ Liam Wabbit! Tune in now at #labr #radio #fediradio #live #music #dj #mixes #house #hiphop #rnb #rock #dnb #nowPlaying #np

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#Music #np #PouetRadio #FediRadio 🎶

Foreigner - "Stranger in my own house"

🔉 YouTube / Atlantic Records via Invidious

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Pre-party #music! For my dried flowers & foliage photos mini show! Happening here! In just a few moments!

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My & - Set 3.

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Oasis have dropped a hint that they may be getting back together after their split 15 years ago. The iconic Britpop band, fronted by battling brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, posted a cryptic video on X, with no explanation. Some fans believe it means new live gigs or music. Others are convinced it's aerial footage of Sawmill Studio in Cornwall, where Oasis recorded their debut, "Definitely Maybe," and that the video teases a 30th anniversary reissue. Here's the NME with more details.

As we await clarification, here's a fun question: It's now 25 years since Blur's "Country House" and Oasis's "Roll With It" went head to head for the U.K. No. 1 spot. Most folk agree that the tunes themselves weren't the best examples of the bands' work, but a quarter-of-a-century on, which do you think is the iconic Britpop act?

cat_news, avatar

@CultureDesk Pulp all the way

CultureDesk, avatar

Still no word on whether or not Oasis is coming back, but most voters in this poll couldn't care less. 42% voted for Blur as the iconic Britpop act, while 23% voted for "another band" (not the name of a Britpop group, though it sounds like it could be). Sleeper and Luke Haines/The Auteurs came up in the comments, but by far the most popular choice was Pulp, the Sheffield band fronted by Jarvis Cocker. We completely agree, and to celebrate, here's a blast of our personal favorite, "Mis-Shapes" from the band's 1995 "Different Class" album.

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